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ACandyRose Forum thread titled, “DYN-O-MITE BUT WHERE'S THE BEEF?”


From: Aunt_Blabbie 11/9/2000 7:36 am

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Found this on the LHF:

28 . "DYN-O-MITE"

Posted by Afton on Oct-19-00 at 08:00 PM (EST)

"My beef with Midnite is that she came into our forum playing innocent. I knew better, and it was confirmed by an email sent to me that Midnite sent to one of the Queens."

Aunt_Blabbie wants to know if this is the same concept as Afton playing under the "Cecie" hat and "WatchDog" hat and "playing innocent" on the Boulder News Forum and the WebbSleuths forum?

Can we say HIP-O-CRIT ???

ACandyRose Forum thread titled, “Beware of Darby's Rangers”


From: Aunt_Blabbie 11/9/2000 5:53 am

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Beware of Darby's Rangers

I guess Darby discovered that the internet really is bigger than a bread box?

Yes folks, soon Google and Yahoo will be history and the new search engine will be so becareful where you are posting and on what forum and what universe or you may just loose your membership at your favorite forum

ACandyRose Forum thread titled, “E-Mail from "What_Nut"


From: Aunt_Blabbie 11/10/2000 7:54 pm

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From: <>


Subject: A "GUEST" to the Lynch Mob

Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 08:17:21 MST

Dear Aunt Blabbie,

I love your new column on the ACandyrose forum. Here are a few things I have gathered that you might want to use on your postings. If that Kim Ballard woman is real, I can't believe how jameson's forum has treated her. Anyway here are some quotes about the "GUEST":

5 . "Kim"

Posted by jams on Nov-09-00 at 01:52 PM (EST)

"PLEASE - - no matter what you think of her or the situation, she is a POSTER here at the moment and is to be given the respect we give all posters. She is a public figure - - has to expect to be a focus and knows she will be asked some difficult questions, but PLEASE - - no claws, no flames. We haven't walked in her shoes and likely will not. She has been offered a place to clear things up - - let it happen!"


From Ashley: "Legitimate question: Have you ever or are you now spending time in a mental institution?"

From Maikai: "It makes me wonder if you are who you say you are, or a troll? (in other words, a BORG trying to cause trouble)"

From Jams: "I am sorry you don't approve of her being allowed to post - but you can't fight lies or liars without opening their words to the light of day"

From Sweebie: "Rested yet? Well, here we are. Waiting on Ms.Ballard to enlighten the forum about the "mass confusion" she said she would clear up for us. Helooooo? Anyone home?"

From Jams: "If you thought to rewrite history - you lose - if you really are telling the truth - - you have some 'splaining to do."

From Foster: "This is such a crock!"

From DonBradley: "She was lying then and she is lying now"

From Sweebie: " I think the term is P-A-T-H-O-L-O-G-I-C-A-L L-I-A-R."

From SpiritRain: "Kinberley, cat got your tongue?"

From Ashley: "Kim, please stop LYING. I know this thing goes much deeper than any of us will ever know. You had to have been in cohoots with some sleezy tab reporter from the get-go, weren't you?"

From Seal: "Me thinks Kimberly....has bitten off more then she can chew"

From Jams: "Well, if she wasn't a bimbo, didn't sleep with John and just got caught up in a lie for reason... I think her some will accept the fact she lied a lot better than he will thinking her story about an ad in USA today and a tawdry affair was true. JMO but I think Kim has to pick the lesser of two evils here. Is she going to look like a slut or a liar? She can't dodge both"

From Lilac: "She didn't really get "flamed". Maybe a little "roasted", but I think the problem was that she was too slow coming out of the starting gate."

From Jams: "Clearly Kimberly has told some lies. Many lies. And clearly she was used and manipulated as well - the tabloid media just doing their job. She now has a chance to tell her side, unedited, and she isn't here, I have to wonder why. I think she knows that she did some bad things and is embarassed."

From Winnie: "What do you expect, Kim, a ticker tape parade?"

From Jams: "You are between a rock and a hard place - - I know that and am not envious of your position. You are going to be part of the Ramsey saga as a bimbo or a liar. I think people who care about you will forgive the lie much quicker than a choice to be a bimbo."



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ACandyRose Forum thread titled, “Who's Hir Trying to Confuse?”


From: Aunt_Blabbie 11/24/2000 1:51 pm

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Aunt_Blabbie is confused, does Jameson think hir Kimberly Ballard threads were so full of information that this would persuade Steve Thomas to finally talk case with hir?

Nevermind, Aunt_Blabbie isn't the confused one after all, that would be Jammy, once again.


“Steve, I am going to make you the same offer I made Kimberly Ballard. If you would like to join the forum as a guest, I will give you a place to post YOUR side, unedited, undeleted.”






ACandyRose Forum thread titled, “Heard the Latest?”


From: Aunt_Blabbie 2/13/2001 8:27 pm

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From my email


From: <>


Subject: Websleuths Owner

Dear Aunt Blabbie,

The cyber grapevine is buzzing with the latest news about Websleuths and I thought you should hear the latest tidbit.

Rumor has it that a certain New York Lawyer paid Murphy for the "Websleuths" domain with a rubber check. That ol' check bounced more than once, so the story goes.

Boing Boing Boing

The next person standing in line to buy Websleuths was a certain Bunjijumper and hopefully her check won't bounce.





ACandyRose Forum thread titled, “Shower visions: Olivia vs Bennett”


From: ACandyRose 10/30/2003 9:27 am

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Copying this over from another thread because I don't want this to get lost in the thread shuffles. 5.35

From: ACandyRose Jul-14 10:46 am

To: Bailey38 (BAILEYONROX) unread (32 of 37)

1625.32 in reply to 1625.31

Hmmm, I wonder how Gary Olivia's vision of JonBenet is so different that Jameson's shower vision of JonBenet?

They both had visions. Olivia said JonBenet revealed herself to im in a dream. Jameson claims she was in a shower with visions of JonBent.

They both collected pictures of JonBenet. Olivia kept his in his backpack and Jameson kept hers on the top of her computer desk.

They both were obsessed with JonBenet. Olivia went to the first anniversary vigil and Jameson visits the grave all the time.

They both have weapons. Olivia is reported as owning a stun gun. Jameson posted at one time on the forums that she had a real gun.

They both have duct tape. Olivia was shown in a photo take a year after JonBenet was murdered with black duct tape stuck to a file folder. Jameson posted she purchased duct tape.

I bet if we could compare the two that Jameson would have more in her personal possession relating to JonBenet than that of Gary Olivia within the first year of JonBenet's murder and certainly more now.