Jameson on the Dave Lucas Show (WROW)

in Albany, New York on January 1, 1999:

01-01-1999 (R) Dave Lucas Show (Internet forum posters on the air)

01-01-1999 (A) Audio File of Interview with Jameson

Transcript of Jameson is below from this realaudio file

Question Asked Was: How did you get started on the Internet

Jameson’s Answer:

"I heard on the news very early about this and went on the Internet to learn about it and I wanted to see what people were saying and my local paper wasn't going to carry much of it.

So I went on the Internet and first I went on AOL. And they had some newsrooms but they were not totally Ramsey. I kept looking and eventually I also found the Boulder News forum which as far as I am concerned is the "Forum of Record." Boulder News is still there and we all go back to it, it's home. Boulder News is a zoo, it is totally green jello. It has it's good points and it has it's bad points. I think for myself I don't like to wade through all the extraneous material to get to the case stuff but that's Boulder news and that is what you get when you go there.

I post on WebbSleuth's which I also moderate and I also post on Boulder News. Most of the posters there are Pro-Ramsey. We do not tell anybody what they have to post and we do

welcome all views and I do not allow flaming and name calling. I am one of the ones who goes in there and will ask them to edit their posts if they call somebody a name or if it is rude or

I will delete it and eventually they will get tired of doing that so they post very civilly on that forum and they stick to case ninety percent of the time.

It is a Pro-Ramsey forum, I mean, for the most part that is what it is and Justice Watch is Anti-Ramsey and Boulder news is jello. In our forum anybody can come in and read. You do

have to register to read to add anything to the discussion but that is so nobody can borrow your screen name or your hat. The other forum you can't go in and read unless you have

registers and unless you've be accepted. I think that is the big difference between the forums, one is private and one is public.

I personally started out with my Timeline and found myself getting a lot of e-mail and making connections with people that actually active on the case as reporters or even investigators. And I found myself kind of drawn into it.

Murphy, who is another poster came to me and said that she wanted to set up, help me learn HTML and help me set up a chat area to go with my Timeline. Murphy is the one who owns

WebbSleuth's actually and I only moderate the one forum on that site.

Jameson's Timeline is a very detail timeline that starts before, actually starts on the day that John and Patsy got married and goes through today. I update it every couple of days and

whenever there is news I put it in. I also, I found myself that it helped me understand things to put things in order. Things that didn't make sense when they happened, I would put in the timeline and a month later we would find out something happened four days before that incident. And when I went back in the timeline and put it in it started to make sense to me. The timeline now is well over 2000 pages. I don't, it's not like a book with an editor, I don't have to edit it for length. I just keep adding to it and adding to it and I try to put all the documents to the site for people doing research.

When asked why I stick around, I stick around for a couple reasons. Number one I feel very appreciated, I get requests from reporters, journalist, screenwriters, screen playwrights.

They will e-mail me and they will say, " I am looking for this, can you help me?" and I will e-mail it back to them or I will talk to them on the phone. I have been in a good position where

people, some people have learned to trust me and they send me information and they ask me to pass it on to investigators because they are afraid to and I have done that. I've also managed to spend some time in Boulder and meet some of these people, go to the house so I stay because I kept getting drawn more into it. I am learning more all the time.

Yes, I have been called the historian and the archivist of the case because I have this timeline that is there all the time. And as far as being an expert, yeah, I will because when I was in Boulder last who are working on television shows for main networks and we would sit down and we would talk about the case and they would bring up one facet of the case, I could go off

on a tangent for an hour on just that one facet of the case and they were very impressed so if asked if I am an Internet expert, yeah I am.

I think there is such a cross section of people here, there are lawyers, there are reporters, there are a couple of nuns, there's business people, there are shut-ins and there are some people I think really probably should belong on the Internet on any forum because they are crazy. But you get a really wide of cross section. I don't think there is really one type of prison. Everybody comes on. Some people you bond and become friends and others are vicious. There is no one time, no.”