A “RECAP” (Or the short version) of an incident on the Internet (On the JonBenet Ramsey Discussion Forums, specifically the Boulder News Forum and WebbSleuths Community Forums) that became known as “The Tyzano Rape Hoax” in January 1999.

This “Short Version” was copied from the ACandyRose Forum:

From:   ACandyRose Sep-10-2001 11:43 am

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My Tyzano documentation is offline at the moment. But Tyzano was suppose to be in Indiana or

Michigan, wherever the famous electronic company is located.

The Tyzano rape hoax (January 1999) amounted to this:

1. Somebody named "Penny" posted on Murphy's original WebbSleuths (before Jameson stole the

name) forum (using the Tyzano account logon and password) and posted that Tyzano (a poster on WS) was a friend of this "Penny" and had been raped in front of her minor child and was in the


2. Several WebbSleuths posters ganged together to blame the BNF posters (three were blamed

specifically....G2 and 2 others, I think Denver was one that was also blamed) saying they had posted Tyzano's personal information on the BNF and because of that, the rapist (who was reported to be a former boyfriend of Tyzano) discovered the whereabouts of Tyzano.

3. "Penny's" posting was then copied to the BNF forum. All hell broke loose and the BNF posters

(myself being one of them) demanded that Murphy provide the ISP of the "Penny" poster who

conveniently was using Tyzano's logon and password. Murphy refused.

4. Somebody was reported to have contacted the child services since it was reported the rape

happened in front of Tyzano’s minor child.

5. Several posters, specifically Jameson and Goethe2 (who is Seal on Jameson's forum now) and

Lance Matthews (who has since left the forums) claimed to be in e-mail correspondence during this period with Tyzano's husband who they claim verified that Tyzano had been raped and was in the hospital.

6. As the chit got deeper and the flames got hotter (since the BNF posters were not going to back off without a fight, again, myself being one of them), those who claimed they were in e-mail

correspondence with Tyzano’s husband changed the story saying that Tyzano had not been raped and instead claimed that a disgruntle employee who worked for or with Tyzano sneaked into the

 company where Tyzano worked and on a Saturday used Tyzano’s work computer to log onto WebbSleuths Forum and post as Penny. Of course this created a *major* security problem for the

electronics company to think somebody could just hack into another employees computer on a Saturday afternoon while security guards manned the main gate of the company.


7. In the meantime Lance Matthews (who was playing guest host on the Dave Lucas Radio Show) went on the air in Albany NY saying prayers for Tyzano and announcing the horrible rape to the whole world.


8. Matthews also claimed he got *several* e-mails from Tyzano’s husband but he refused to produce any of the e-mails or what account they came from (Tyzano had at least 3 accounts at the time). He claimed he lost them all in his computer. After the story changed that Tyzano was not raped then Matthews went back on the air to tell the world the story was a hoax.





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From:  ACandyRose Sep-10 11:44 am

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 Tyzano story continued......


9. Jameson claimed she had nothing to do with any of it.


10. Since the BNF posters were not going to take the blame for any of the crap, they put up the fight of their life on the forum and in the process the Boulder News Forum closed for a whole week but everybody thought it was for good.


11. So a group of about 20plus members of the BNF went to an e-mail group and the e-mail was flying at a rapid rate and I mean rapid. I was added to the group as were many others whether we liked it or not. It was during this time that I started documenting the whole rape hoax and I put it on a web site. The members of the e-mail group were basically trying to figure out what the hell really happened. I was the one who reported to this e-mail group that I became aware that the electronics company was in fact reading my web page since their ISP was logged on my counter so they were well aware of everything that was going on.


Although I was not one of the individuals who contacted this electronics company (or the social services) I was aware that correspondence was going on or at least told it was going on. The electronics company was in full security alert I was told. They visited my web site several times.


12. In the meantime the Ramsey "Missing Bear Story" hit the news so the BNF opened again and although many were busy searching for the bear, others were posting again on the BNF about the rape hoax.


13. To this day, Jameson, Goethe2 and Matthews and Murphy’s lips were *sealed* (pun intended). Tyzano either disappeared or is posting under another hat somewhere.





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Tyzano was in Illinois, outside of Chicago, where Motorola has a plant or something. The 3 posters blamed for posting her personal info and thus causing her rape were Gsquared, Ted and Denver of the BNF. None of those posters were known to have actually posted Tyzano's real name or location on any forum. The whole thing was bullshit.



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From: MEANOLDHAG Sep-10 12:13 pm

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I bet there is some evidence, but no one will hand it over. I really wish Murphy would tell the whole story. Tyzano emailed Gsquared and maybe the others with a personal apology for dragging their names through the mud. Personally, I always suspected the poster known as Seal.



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From: ACandyRose Sep-10 1:07 pm

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The whole thing was just covered up completely. Nobody could link Jameson to the hoax.


Nobody could prove anything because Murphy refused to provide the IP of who the Penny poster was. Because of that the BNF posters believed that Murphy was covering for somebody.


Since Jameson, Murphy, Seal and Matthews all jumped on the "I got e-mail fron Tyzano" song and dance then most felt that those four knew more about what was going on that anybody but as I said none of them refused to talk.


Back then, Jameson and Matthews were thick as thieves so whether they could cover for each other, I don't know.


Seal has always followed Jameson around with her nose up Jameson's butt parroting everything that Jameson says or does so if Seal was involved it was hard to say. If Jameson posted that the sky was green, Seal was right behind her within seconds agreeing with her. Pretty much like she does now. And Seal claimed she/he was out of town when the Penny posting happened yet she seemed to know everything that was going on the minute she returned. The timeline I put up shows that Seal posted on WS at 08:10:58 am on 1-16 and the Penny posting was done at 11:33:55 am on WS 1-16 so Seal was not out of town. Let's just say there was not much doubt that Seal was in constant communication with Jameson during this whole time.


Maybe Murphy got caught in the middle and *probably* was covering her own a$$. Murphy never did verify anything before, during or long afterwards on what really happened to Tyzano.


But the bottom line was that Murphy and Jameson had proved back in October 1998 that they could get the IP address of anybody who went to their forum when they fingered Pelican for spamming their forum back then but all of a sudden during the "Penny" posting, Murphy just kept saying she refused to talk about security issues on her forum.


So in my opinion Murphy knew exactly who it was (Penny) who logged on that day under the Tyzano hat and posted the rape message. And Penny didn't just log on once but logged in several times with messages so this was not a one time shot.


And they (Murphy, Seal, Jameson, Afton) were all thick with Tyzano so who knows, Tyzano herself could have done the Penny posting and they were covering for her or better yet one of them could have been the Tyzano poster. Afton admited many months later that Murphy had asked Afton, Seal and Jameson to create multiple hats on the old Webbsleuths so the forum looked like it had more members than it did soooooooo when one goes back and looks at all the members then one finds Tyzano who Afton did not include on the list of those who were suppose to make the extra faux hats. Just an observaton. Maybe Afton could come here and clear that up.


I also had a posting by Tyzano on Deja News the day *before* the Penny postings and that posting looks exactly like Jameson's style in writing, but then I am not Donald Foster, right? LOL




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