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Hissy Fits on the Internet

Occasionally an Internet poster has what this webmaster calls a "Hissy Fit," that is to have somewhat of a tantrum but more in an adult manner. This web page is an example for historical purposes of a poster under the hat name of "Jameson" who had a hissy fit on the Boulder News Forum because "MrsBrady" of Mrs. Brady's URL's left Jameson's real life name off of the personal Frank Coffman index to Lawrence Schiller's book, Perfect Town, Perfect Murder.

Now why "MrsBrady" left "Jameson's" hat name or even her real life name off the index is only known to Mrs. Brady. So "Jameson" not only made an individual thread posting on the Boulder News Forum to accuse Mrs.Brady of altering the index but she also posted Mrs.Brady's real life name, something that Jameson has quoted over and over again on the forums that personal information about posters should not be allowed. So why did Jameson post Mrs. Brady's real name?

Jameson has on several occasions in the past called Mrs. Brady names, made fun of her picture on the Internet and posted multiple postings on the WebbSleuth's forum that Jameson moderated at the time stating that Mrs. Brady was what Jameson called a "Media Whore" because Mrs. Brady went on the airwaves to talk about the JonBenet case as well as being a guest on the "Leeza" Show out of California.

Jameson has also called Mrs. Brady the "Lynch Mob" on at least two occasions on the international airwaves on the Dave Lucas Radio Show out of Albany, New York." In addition, Jameson was also the one responsible for closing the Justice Watch Forum back in October 1998 when she sent a letter to the Justice Watch service provider complaining she said that her real name was printed on the forum.

Now "MrsBrady" was a member of that same forum and had her own website under the same server as was Justice Watch at the time. So if Terranet would close and cancel the Justice Watch Forum, how does Mrs.Brady know Jameson wouldn't contact her service provider that her real name was on Mrs.Brady's website?


Below is the posting Jameson put on the Boulder News Forum March 12, 1999 along with a variety of comments and opinions posted by other members of the Boulder News Forum as well as the Webbsleuth's Forum where Jameson was the Moderator. All of the postings below are original and unedited with the exception of removing Mrs. Brady's real life name from the Jameson posting. All postings below are included for historical documented purposes only.


Mrs. Brady alters documents she posts

jameson_ - 01:21pm Mar 12, 1999 MST

XXXXXXX XXXXXXX, aka Mrs. Brady, recently posted a link from her page to an index of the Schiller book that was given to her by Frank Coffman. It was certainly a welcome page many of us will print out.

I sent Coffman the following e-mail with a few additions.

off the top of my head, I can see a few omissions...
You are mentioned on pages 3forty2 and 3fifty2.
You need to add page 4hundred to Donald Foster's list
and how could you forget "jameson"? LOL pages 3seventy3, 4sixty9-4seventy, 5sixty9

Methinks working so close with Mrs. Brady might be limiting your field of vision.


I want to publicly apologize to Frank Coffman for thinking he would purposely eliminate me from the index. It wasn't Frank at all. Coffman e-mailed me back that he had included me in the index under "Jameson," but Mrs. Brady apparently deleted the name from the index. He said he had not been told that she intended to do that.

Now, we all know that Mrs. Brady is part of the "lynch mob", we all know that all of her links are ONLY to "anti-Ramsey" sites. That is something we all accept and understand.

But to ALTER someone's work without noting that - I think that speaks to the credibility of Mrs. Brady.

Feel free to say she is a saint, but the evidence is there - Mrs. Brady would alter a document and not say a word.

jeff - 01:28pm Mar 12, 1999 MST (#2 of 12)

LOL! Jameson attacks one of the most consistant and credible posters, and mainly because she didn't serve h/ir ego sufficiently. A pity you've decimated your own crediblity so thoroughly and render ANY word or opinion from yourself as suspect in the extreme, Still think a history of lies don't matter, Jams? Because of them YOU don't matter. (Would you like some cheese with your whine?)

merlcat - 01:28pm Mar 12, 1999 MST (#3 of 12)

Will Rogers obviously never met murphy/jammy.
and what possible justification do you have for posting personal information about anyone? You are a liar and a hypocrite, what a combo.

willa - 02:00pm Mar 12, 1999 MST (#4 of 12)
Life is like a box of chocolates

LOL when she isn't complaining that she is talked about too much, jameson complains that she is talked about too little. I don't know Mrs. Brady, but it seems to me that I remember jameson throwing a fit before when her real name was mentioned and so it was probably deleted just so jameson wouldn't complain to the provider again. I know you think you are funny jameson, and I do too, but I doubt we are both using the same definition from the dictionary as to the meaning of "funny."

rockford - 02:50pm Mar 12, 1999 MST (#13 of 17)
The Grand Jury knows...have faith...

jameson, as a rule I try to keep quiet when you make one of your vicious posts. Usually it's in response to a post made to you, so I just read and go on. But this time you have gone beyond your usual style. Aren't you the one who has always said that personal information doesn't belong in a forum? Have you not blasted the "lynch mob" many times for posting personal information? Have you not tried to give the impression you wear a halo when it comes to posting personal info?

You are a real piece of work. You know, I think you deliberately encourage flames. Ruthee said the other day she wasn't interested in you anymore. That really frosted you, didn't it? I bet you've been racking your brain ever since trying to figure out some way to get the attention back on you. "You", who only posts on case. Yeah, right. You've been digressing from the case quite a bit lately. Instead, you've been making incendiary posts. You seem to have forgotten the case. In fact, I've posted several on case posts over the past while, some directed towards you, with nary a reply. You seem to be having more fun inciting flames, than you would have replying to boring "on case" posts.

That indictment is getting closer, isn't it? Maybe they're trying to plea bargain. Maybe one is turning on the other. And that pi$$es you off, doesn't it.

Oh, and just so you know - I'm taking Ruthee's lead. I'm not interested in you anymore either.

jameson_ - 02:54pm Mar 12, 1999 MST (#14 of 17)

Cool - maybe the forum can return to the discussion of the Ramsey investigation.

auntiebj - 03:04pm Mar 12, 1999 MST (#16 of 17)
If you wanna dance, you have to pay the fiddler.

I guess some people are anxious to get their name in lights. It says on Mrs. Brady's website that it is "work in progress."

jameson_ - 03:29pm Mar 12, 1999 MST (#20 of 24)

Coffman included me in the listing he sent to Mrs. Brady. She removed it. Pretty easy to understand - the listing wasn't missing - it was removed.

harmony - 03:38pm Mar 12, 1999 MST (#23 of 24)
Run, run, fast as you can, can't catch me I'm the gingerbread man.

Please, please, please, EVERYONE!

Look at what ignoring Sue for ONE DAY has done. She obviously is in dire need of attention. Mrs. Brady not only includes pro-ram articles, she does so almost daily. This whole thread is another ridiculous attempt by Sue to thrust hirself into the spotlight yet again. Note the way she says, "How could you forget "jameson"," as if she is an ent*ty. Who here refers to themselves in the third person? Ruthee was SO SO SO right. This will be my last post on this thread or any other started by Sue. I can't wait to see what will come from ignoring Sue forever. She is bound to explode. Or implode.

jeff - 03:38pm Mar 12, 1999 MST (#24 of 24)

THAT'S certainly "case related". Yawn. Stop beating off on the bus and complaining because people stare at you. Actually, I can't imagine a single individual who cares about this, or your number of imaginary foster children, or your incest fantasies, or your sick and vicarious dissections of the depravity poor JonBenet suffered in her final hours. (You remember HER don't you? Your temporary ticket from obscurity.)

rodney - 09:30pm Mar 12, 1999 MST (#43 of 48)
Dances With Wolves

Not that she's required to give one, but has anyone asked Maw for her reponse to the accusation? Perhaps there is a simple explanation. Or not. It's her site, though.

auntiebj - 09:37pm Mar 12, 1999 MST (#44 of 48)
If you wanna dance, you have to pay the fiddler.

Rodney, I have no idea. I would have thought that Jameson would have e-mailed Mrs. Brady first to ask her before she started her posting here. Mrs. Brady's site says the list is not finished and I would think that Jameson would have at least waited till it was finished to point her finger.

texass1 - 09:48pm Mar 12, 1999 MST (#45 of 48)
Courage is what it takes to stand up and spit; Courage is also what it takes to sit down and snooze...not Winston Churchill

Exactly, it's her site. Jameson does not let anyone tell her how to run her site or what opinions to offer. Why should Mrs. Brady be treated any other way?

zigbot - 10:33pm Mar 12, 1999 MST (#47 of 48)
scroll scroll scroll your mouse

it's true. the site belongs to mrs Brady and she is the one who can post as she wishes. She did ask for anybody to send any index material they had or wanted to add. She also said it was a work in progress. I don't understand jammy's point. I still think the posting was made by someone else. Jammy always wanted to stay annoymous. Has she become a media Wh0re to the nth degree? If you're the 'real jammy', all you have to do is make the part to be inserted and email her with it and it will be added. Didn't you read the site?

texas1 - 10:47pm Mar 12, 1999 MST (#48 of 48)
Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen...Winston Churchill

Damn...my clone, Texass1 and I agree on ONE post...

Exactly, it's her site. Jameson does not let anyone tell her how to run her site or what opinions to offer. Why should Mrs. Brady be treated any other way? Sheesh, am I really Texass1? NOPE.....but I think my clone got this one right!

auntiebj - 10:59pm Mar 12, 1999 MST (#49 of 49)
If you wanna dance, you have to pay the fiddler.

That's right, Mrs. B didn't even have to list the index of anybody if she didn't want to just because Frank sent it to her. Jameson is just so quick to yell wolf or in this case "Lynch Mob." Well the way I look at it is if Jameson doesn't like the way Mrs. Brady runs her web page then don't go to it. It is as simple as that.

scanner - 11:01pm Mar 12, 1999 MST (#50 of 60)

Gee, I wonder if John and Patsy have whined to Mrs. Brady that their names have been left off the incomplete index? And the Pugh's aren't on there, either. Poor Sue, always the neglected, overlooked little wallflower. (Ya think maybe she's the type that the other kids made fun of?)

_janedoh - 01:51am Mar 13, 1999 MST (#51 of 60)
To know me is to love me.

I've studied this type of aberrant psychology in depth as regards SouixBee. It's commonly referred to as LFBP Meltdown in the "in the know" circles. I'll translate for you lesser mortals." Little Fish, Big Pond"Syndrome. Really quite common. Much ado about nothing. And then they take antipsychotics for the remainder of their lives and the rest of us go shopping. Really quite simple.

jameson_ - 03:22am Mar 14, 1999 MST (#62 of 62)

I did not e-mail Mrs. Brady about the index. I e-mailed Frank Coffman. That was my choice.

Coffman included my name in the index. I found it interesting and rather revealing that Mrs. Brady would remove my name before posting the index. She has the right to run her page as she sees fit. And I have the right to point out what she does.

I was simply commenting on Mrs. Brady's actions and saying that that one didn't add to her credibility. She altered Coffman's work and posted it without noting same. Not the right thing to do, IMO.

Tonight on the WROW radio show, Mrs. Brady tried to present herself as a bit of a fence sitter - I just can't make up my mind who did this thing, I change my mind all the time so don't want to say. LOL

Her true attitude about this crime comes out through her actions, her web page with "the attitude", the links ONLY to BORG (anti-Ramsey) sites. Her posts - when she wears that hat to post - are revealing. Her description of her visit to JonBenét's grave (non-emotional), her description of the "Snoop Sister Convention (GREAT PARTY) and her comments in the WROW chat tonight tell a story.

Tonight... John did it in the kitchen with the telphone receiver Alex Hunter did it in the Rumpus room with a turkey leg

Is she here for justice for JonBenét? I really do not think so. Flame on....

who_dr - 07:10am Mar 15, 1999 MST (#65 of 67)
poster formerly known as "Dr. WHØ?"

ò¿ójameson...after all of the flaming and other problems you have received/endured I can't believe you would let a *small* item such as this bother you. I've read PMPT and saw you AND Mrs.Brady both mentioned... Why don't you offer the original Coffman Index on your website and perhaps start a *informational* thread(here) w/hyperlink -or- offer to eMail the info to interested parties that email you. You and Mrs.B, along with many others, have been doing your respective *things* for quite a while...geez, *vent* on something important.

flamingo - 07:22am Mar 15, 1999 MST (#66 of 67)
I am Watching you

Actually, Sue, I am ever so sorry for you that that awful Mrs. Brady ignored your stupid self. However could she have done such a terrible thing to such an upstanding and moral person? Surely she should beat her breast and beg forgiveness for (inadvertantly, I'm sure) leaving your esteemed name off her list. Why, she's probably lying prostate upon her floor, devastated that she (mistakenly, I'm sure) omitted the omnipotent one's name.

Get over yourself, Sue. You are embarrassing.

auntiebj - 10:23am Mar 16, 1999 MST (#70 of 70)
If you wanna dance, you have to pay the fiddler.

I find it rather revealing that Jameson would state within the main posting of this thread the following:

JAMESON'S STATEMENT: "Now, we all know that Mrs. Brady is part of the "lynch mob", we all know that all of her links are ONLY to "anti-Ramsey" sites. That is something we all accept and understand."

Part of Mrs. Brady's "ONLY links" as Jameson puts it, clearly advertises the Dave Lucas Radio Show WROW out of Albany, New York on her website for shows to be aired and Jameson, herself has appeared on that radio show at least a half a dozen times as an "ON THE AIR GUEST." One of Jameson's registered members of the WebbSleuth's forum she moderates is Lance Matthews who is the Internet host for that Radio Show. Does Jameson's statement above mean that she thinks the link to the Dave Lucas Show on Mrs. Brady's website is part of the "Anti-Ram Lynch Mob?

auntiebj - 04:03pm Mar 16, 1999 MST (#75 of 83)
If you wanna dance, you have to pay the fiddler.

Prior to Jameson's claim to fame in Schiller's book, she didn't want anybody to put reference to her name anywhere and often posted her famous words, "GET OVER ME." Well, maybe Mrs. Brady is listening to her and trying to "GET OVER HER." Mrs. Brady has never altered any documents and all this thread represents is a "hissy fit" from somebody who apparently has an ego problem.

jameson_ - 06:58pm Mar 16, 1999 MST (#79 of 83)

BJ - You said, "Mrs. Brady has never altered any documents" e-mail Coffman and ask him if your statement is correct.

wilton_ - 07:24pm Mar 16, 1999 MST (#81 of 83)
Guess what?

Sue, your mention in the book is nothing to be proud of. If anything, you should thank Mrs. Brady for omiting your name from the index she posted.

Get over yourself.

auntiebj - 09:19pm Mar 16, 1999 MST (#83 of 83)
If you wanna dance, you have to pay the fiddler.

Jameson posted:
"jameson_ - 06:58pm Mar 16, 1999 MST (#79 of 82) http://members.tripod.com/~jamesonTimeLine BJ - You said, "Mrs. Brady has never altered any documents" e-mail Coffman and ask him if your statement is correct."

MY COMMENTS: Jameson, I understand you wrote to Coffman and that he said your name was on the list. I don't have to write to Coffman myself to prove your right. I believe you. I can also understand why you would be upset but not that I would have choose your method to strike back.

Mrs. Brady doesn't work for Coffman. If he gave her an index list out of the kindness of his heart to share with the world, then that is just what it was. The list that Coffman sent to Mrs. Brady was not a "published document" and it was not even complete or she wouldn't be asking for more names for the index. Her site is clearly marked that it is a work in progress. Now if Mrs. Brady choose to leave your name off the list (and I do not know that is what she did), that was her choice. Mrs. Brady and I are not in communication over this. This is just my opinion. If you want to know why then I would suggest you write to Mrs. Brady and ask her. I am not saying she is right "if" that is what she choose to do.

Now if it was the "official" index from Schiller himself from his publisher and if you were left off that index then I think you would have a legitamate grip. For whatever reason you were left off the list on Mrs. Brady site is something you need to take up directly with Mrs. Brady.

flamingo - 07:41am Mar 17, 1999 MST (#89 of 90)
I am Watching you

Mrs. Brady has no obligation to jameson to promote her in any way on her site, and for jameson to sulk because she was (inadvertently, I'm sure, because jameson is such a ethical and important person, why would Mrs. Brady intentionally leave her name off?) left off is childish.

Jameson probably did accomplish one thing, though. All her pouting most likely resulted in Mrs. Brady's site being visited even more than the usual huge number of hits she gets every day. Way to go, jams.

jeff - 09:30am Mar 17, 1999 MST (#90 of 90)

I guess to you 'Back to Case' means 'Back to You'. Get over yourself Sue/Jams, everybody else has. Your sick sycophancy to kid killers is almost as disgusting as the murder itself. Whatever 'motive' the Ratsey's had in killing their kid is different then whatever motive you have in making this case a showcase for your ego driven fantasies.

johnand - 04:32pm Mar 19, 1999 MST (#91 of 94)

An intruder could have left the note, caused molestation and left without notice
There has yet to be a denial from Mrs. Brady regarding her alteration of the documents Frank Coffman provided her. If there was ever stronger evidence of her intense and bitter jealousy towards Jameson I would be hard pressed to find it.

Mrs. Brady uses this case to further a network of women who decided long ago to undermine any attempts to prove who the real predator in this situation is.

From the very beginning her attacks have been unwarranted and dastardly. If I were to make a personal summation I would suggest she is doing this to create a spot permanently for herself on Peter Boyles radio program. It's not for one to try and second guess duplicity such as this but it makes one shake their head in disgust.

spencer - 11:19am Mar 20, 1999 MST (#98 of 99)

But I have lived, and have not lived in vain: My mind may lose its force, my blood its fire, And my frame perish even in conquering pain, But there is that within me which shall tire Torture and Time, and breathe when I expire... Lord Byron (in loving memory of Kate)

Let's see if I can follow your line of thinking Jameson.

Harmony posted your real name (even though you are a public figure and she is not), so you just returned the favor by posing her real name.

Mrs. Brady totally omitted your name, so you returned the favor by posting her real name?

Is this that "damned if you do, damned if you don't" thinking I've heard about? The old rock and a hard place? Keep up the good work, Jameson. Your colors are showing brighter and more vividly than ever before.

_mapek_ - 07:18pm Mar 20, 1999 MST (#100 of 132)

Why doesn't Jameson publish the index on hir site and not leave anyone out :)

suebead - 07:25pm Mar 20, 1999 MST (#102 of 132)

"it's all true" ...well, most of it's true. The rest is a bunch of hooha.
You can see sue/jams is eating her little (and I do mean little) green heart out with jealousy towards Mrs. Brady. It's so obvious, and it's so pathetic.

What a loser.

niteshad - 07:11am Mar 21, 1999 MST (#103 of 132)

This is so priceless! Here we have a woman who has threads deleted because they contain her name, who has had forums closed down because they contain her name, who has theatened lawsuits against anyone who dares to state her real name, now grousing because her real name was left out of a public document. This is freaking hilarious!!! After all the mountains of trouble she has caused, if I were Mrs. Brady, there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that I would have eliminated her real name from a document posted on my website. Who freaking needs that kind of aggravation!?!?! This woman (Ms. Bennet) is unquestionably beyond insane. Why should Mrs. Brady be asked to respond to these accusations when the reasoning is so perfectly clear?

birdy - 10:18am Mar 21, 1999 MST (#109 of 132)

twanda-where have you been ? jameson has not only had entire threads deleted because they contained hir name, she has shut down four forums (at least temporarily) for the same reason. Would you take a chance and post her name? You must not know jameson.

pearlsim - 09:28am Mar 22, 1999 MST (#136 of 148)

Here's Pearlsim's take on this:

I think Patricia Paugh Ramsey killed her little girl in a fit of anger, fueled and heightened by stress, anxiety and lack of sleep. While many may disagree, I also believe she is truly remorseful and grieves the loss of her child, deeply. In other words, she did a terrible thing (and should pay the legal consequences) but she is not an amoral, feelingless monster.

Now, as to someone who would be proud of being a suspect in the murder investigation of a six year old baby girl and who would think themselves so important that they need to be continually at the center of attention in the dealings on that tragic case - now, that folks, is a monster.

That person has never really considered the true victim of this case - a tiny, defenseless little girl who was murdered in her own home on Christmas night. It has really ALWAYS been about that person and her tenuous, sick hold on fame, by way of the Ramseys and their family tragedy.

It is a horrible, terrible thing that the Ramseys have done and been a part of - but from the moment JonBenet took her last breath, they had no choice, but to be involved in this mess. What kind of sicko would actually CHOOSE to insert themselves so fully into a human tragedy like this and then continually try to make themselves seem more important and grandiose than they could ever be? That, my friends, boggles my mind and makes me wonder just who this pathetic woman really is, who CRIES OUT to have her name included as an indexed suspect in the brutal murder of a kindergartener.

jameson_ - 09:58am Mar 22, 1999 MST (#142 of 148)

The forum is for the discussion of the murder of JonBenét and the following investigation. Too many have forgotten.

birdy - 10:08am Mar 22, 1999 MST (#147 of 148)

BTW jammy, you started this thread to dis mrs Brady. Had not a damn thing to do with the murder of a six year old girl.

This thread was you whining about you not getting the attention. Your name not being in an index.

It was not about JonBenet Ramsey. It was started by you about you. Your name probably isn't in the index, because it isn't important to this murder investigation unless you get arrested for obstruction of justice. If that happens I will prsonally dedicate a thread to your memory.

auntiebj - 10:43am Mar 22, 1999 MST (#150 of 150)


You started this thread. What does YOUR name in another poster's personal index have to do with JonBenet's murder? I want to see an index to your Timeline. Instead of worrying about a personal unofficial index to Schiller's book, how about concentrating on an index to your Timeline?

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