As told by the online threads based on accounts by “Murphy” the former owner of the WebbSleuths Community Forum.


Jameson had a web site on the Internet she referred to as "Thearings" page where she had photos and comments about JonBenet Ramsey from reported friends and family members of the child. The site was apparently a vigil or in memory type web site.

Jameson had quoted on numerous occasions, "Thearing made the page and gave it to her."

During the Jameson/Murphy split up in May 1999 the hostility grew between Jameson and Murphy over Murphy's accusations that Jameson stole the "WebbSleuths" name for her new forum. During the process of this fighting much information was exposed on the online threads by Murphy regarding her association and knowledge of Jameson.

Jameson accused Murphy of destroying “Thearings site” but Murphy said she owned the Tripod account where the “Thearing” web page was located. Murphy said she also owned the Tripod account where Jameson’s Timline was located. Murphy took “a eye for an eye” and when Jameson refused to stop using the Webbsleuths name, Murphy closed both Tripod accounts thus removing both the “Thearing” web page as well as Jameson’s Timeline web pages.

During the May 2000 online chat with Steve Thomas, Murphy posted some teasing information to expose Jameson on the "Thearing" web site and a couple weeks later she posted again on the ACandyRose Internet Subculture forum the story behind the "Thearing" web site.

The following are postings from those two forums on this subject

From the May 2000 Online chat thread titled:

Initial Comments from Steve Thomas--Former Lead Investigator of JonBenet Murder Case

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warwoman (May. 10, 2000 06:50 AM)

jameson (read)


You are whining that Thomas didn't fact check yet the Ramseys did NOT FACT CHECK your lies about WebbSleuths! You $tole what you $tole and it's well documented. You lied to many people about the domain name and that is also well documented.

FACT: I pulled you as moderator because you kept putting innocent people, their families, and especially their CHILDREN in danger by posting their real life names and addresses. I warned you that I would pull you as moderator if you EVER did that to anybody again. You did it again and I kept my word.

$ue/jam$, both Maven and I talked with you the night of your snake breakdown. Nobody ever needs to lie about you because the TRUTH is STRANGER than FICTION.

$ue/jam$, one more question. Who IS Thearing? Who MADE that page? (Remember, I KNOW the answer so try to tell the TRUTH this time.)

$o $ue, get off your soap box about Thomas not fact checking because you and I both KNOW the RAMSEYS did NOT FACT CHECK their book. I know the Ramseys did NOT FACT CHECK because I OWN WebbSleuths.



WebbSleuths / webbsleuths

From the May 2000 Online chat thread titled:

Initial Comments from Steve Thomas--Former Lead Investigator of JonBenet Murder Case

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warwoman (May. 10, 2000 08:11 PM)

ACandyRose (read)

Auntie and Zapta

I'm glad we held the WebbSleuths conversation in the open for all to see jam$ lie$ in real time. As ugly as it was to watch, I'm glad it's well documented. Too bad the Ramseys did NOT Fact Check before DOI.

Since we're feeling generous today, let's jam$ the opportunity to finally tell the truth about Thearing. We all remember jam$ first story, ""Thearing made the page and Gave it to hir"" -- Well, jam$ and I both know that is Not True. So jam$, since Thearing occupies your mind lately, $hare the Real identity of That Entity with the group while I LMAO at your long li$t of well documented lie$.

I don't want to interrupt Mr. Thomas {sorry Mr. Thomas} I couldn't help but respond to $ue's erroneou$ claim$. Back to lurk mode while we wait for jam$ to out hir$elf.


{PS: Auntie ~ I'll share if/when jam$ is true to form and doesn't come clean.}

From the ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum:

From Wilton:

"I have a little personal interest in this myself. After I broke off communications with Susan back in Augusts of 98, I received several emails from a, asking all sorts of questions about jameson. The odd part was that "Thearing" always signed off the emails as "John."

Later on, a little bell went off in my head and the John Knowlman name came to mind. A connection? Who knows. I wish Murphy would finish the story."

From: WILTONJR_ May-17 12:30 am

To: ACANDYROSE 9 of 26 1328.9 in reply to 1328.8

I received an email from an AOL address that said something along the lines that jameson was really a man by the name of John Knowlman who lived in a town on the outskirts of Hickory. Supposedly he was the brains behind the jameson persona who told Susan what to post. He was also supposed to have been using equipment for the deaf to communicate?

I held on to the email for a couple of weeks, told a few people about it in chat one night and then finally decided to just forward it to jameson to get a reaction. Not more than five minutes later, I had an IM from jameson245, ranting and raising hell. "I'll be whoever you want me to be", blah blah blah. The rest is history.

For the life of me I can't remember just what the AOL addy was the the email came from, but a few months later jameson told me that she had received an email from that addy that contained a death threat and she had in turn had that account canceled by AOL. Sure enough, the profile for that name dissappeared, but several months later, it showed up again.

For all I know, it was hir playing games to begin with. Shortly after I broke off communications with hir I received a few emails from a person claiming to be a friend of hirs, asking questions about the angels at the cemetery.

From: Murphy (MUNI_B) May-22 7:28 am

To: WILTONJR_ 10 of 26

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Please forgive me, I am so sorry. I get busy and forget undone issues... I didn't mean to leave anyone hanging - Just throw a rock my way and remind me if this happens again. I am sorry.

Anyway - Thearing IS jameson WAS jameson and NEVER anybody else. I helped her build that page after she had a few pics up with a few sentences. (hence: I had the pw) With AOL she has an infinity of identities as you all know. That's the Truth - The Whole Truth - and nothing but...

She was TROLLING for Ramseys or friends of the Ramseys to bring her pics and/or stories about JonBenet. Dishonest, yes - Another hat - yes. Seems she also trolled for info on jam$ - That's a common trait for hir - MeMeMeMeMe. HAha!

Anyway - please accept my apology for the delay. NO, she didn't admit the TRUTH when invited, again. Their never was a 'Thearing' entity other than jam$.

Again - Please accept my apology - Didn't mean to keep you waiting. If I ever do that again - Email me a wake-up call.

Sorry for the Delay:((


From: ACANDYROSE May-22 11:12 am

To: MadT (MADTODDLER) 18 of 26

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This was from the Boulder News Forum archive when Wilton posted about this John Knowlman person, November 14, 1998:


Who is John Knowlman?

wiltonjr - 01:25pm Nov 14, 1998 MST

Goethe2/Seal posts anon threads and denies it

(This could be worse than Atlas Shrugged)

Many months ago I received an email from a that stated something along the lines of this:

Jameson is a man by the name of Knowlman who lives in our around Morganton which is close to XXXXXXX. He uses equipment for the deaf to communicate. He tells XXX XXXXXXX what to post. He is the brains behind the operation.

I was intrigued with this bit of information and shared it with several in chat one night. I considered posting it on the forums but decided against that and forwarded it to Jameson instead. This was actually the catalyst that began many hours of conversation between the two of us. During the time that Jameson and I were conversing, she told me that same screen name from AOL had sent her a death threat and she had that account cancelled. Not true.

That account still existed (even though it dissapeared for a short time) when I left AOL.

A short time after the mmm, break down in communication betweeen Jameson and I, I was reminded of that tidbit of information and emailed Jameson to ask her once again if there was any truth to the matter. Jameson emailed me back with something along the lines of I told you I wouldn't discuss John when we were friends and I won't now.

That struck me as odd because the name John was never mentioned. So I assume this person in question is named John Knowlman. Are these two people in cahoots to hinder discussion of the Ramsey's possible guilt? Are they being paid to do so? I'm wondering more now than ever what the story is to John Knowlman and his connection with Jameson.

wiltonjr - 01:46pm Nov 14, 1998 MST (#7 of 48)

Goethe2/Seal posts anon threads and denies it

Lazarus, It wasn't a site, it was the AOL screen name. I said account and should have worded it differently. On AOL you can have as many as five screen names to your account and you have the ability to delete these extra screen names and then reinstate them later. So you could have AOL and have a multiple of screen names (sic email addresses). This particular name had a profile that was something like Name: Justice for JonBenet Ramsey Location: Boulder County Justice Center


So does this mean that Jameson was the and the ???