[Transcript typed using my own VCR recording. Some of Dr Lee's remarks are not clear due his language. Date of transcript = May 21, 2001]

SS=Shepard Smith
CM=Carol McKinley
LS=Lou Smit
HL=Henry Lee

SS: We're 5 months into a new DA's reign in Boulder CO. She promised to give the case of JonBenét a new look. so what's happening with the evidence and with the police. Tonight updating the JB investigation in a Fox report now from CM.

CM: the JBR investigation is on a shelf. Binder books of interviews, boxes of lab reports, and blueprints of the house where the 6yo died are in storage. The case is almost as old as the little girl was when she was killed.

HL: this is what I would consider a cold case now. we have all kind of problem and troubles and no lucks.

CM: nearly 4.5 yrs after JBR's death here in Boulder CO people don't talk about her or the case much anymore.

First year Boulder DA Mary Keenan who promised to look at the case with fresh eyes won't talk publicly about an ongoing investigation. But after nearly 5months in office she has only met with the Boulder police once and she's never spoken with the GJ prosecutor, once thought to be the best hope to solve the case. Michael Kane, now in private practice in PA, was asked to return his boulder co owned computer to the DA's office. For now the Boulder PD has 2 detectives assigned to the case part time. But often weeks go by and no action.

There's no work being done on the original evidence sitting here at the CBI. But the unmatched DNA found under JB's fingernails and in her underwear has been sent by police to a separate lab for sophisticated testing.

HL: there still testing going on and it's still there are reasonable explanation of DNA.

CM: the foreign DNA under JB's fingernails may be explained by contamination from the nail clippers used in the autopsy. Forensic scientist Henry Lee has been a lead consultant on the Ramsey investigation. He still sees one key question.

HL; The fundamental issue is this accidental death or a homicide?

CM: if JB was killed because a near fatal accident led to a cover-up police believe the parents could be involved. But a retired detective believe the child was intentionally murdered by a violent intruder. LS is the only person actively looking for a killer.

In boulder co, Carol McKinley, Fox News.