[Transcript typed using my own VCR recording. Date of transcript = May 22, 2001]

SS=Shepard Smith
CM=Carol McKinley
LS=Lou Smit
MD=Michael Doberson
BR=Bill Riter

SS: A former cop on a mission now. you could call it an obsession with the murder of JBR almost 6yrs ago. Carrying her autopsy photos with him and showing them off as evidence that the little girl's killer is still out there, but not where investigators may think. A fox news special report now from CM.

LS: this is a picture of JB.

CM: you carry that with you?

LS: yes

CM: all the time?

LS: all the time.

CM: These are pictures LS wants the world to see. They are early crime scene and autopsy photographs taken by the Boulder police and the Boulder County coroner's office in late Dec 1996, right after JonBenét's body was found. JB's empty bed and bedroom, a footprint on the basement floor, a cord embedded in her neck.

LS: I've been very reluctant to show these photographs.

CM: But Smit says he's releasing them now because they point to JB's killer. He took the pictures without permission when he resigned from the investigation 2.5 yrs ago. Boulder authorities sued to get them back but Smit won the right to keep them. His decision to go public angers case investigators who want to keep these images sealed.

BR: This is an investigation that you could still pick up tomorrow and work and the less the public knows about intimate details more likely you are to apprehend the killer or killers.

LS: I don't blame them a bit Carol. I think that if somebody interfered in my case I think that I'd probably be angry too.

CM: these marks on JB's lower back are part of what's driving Smit's theory. he thinks an intruder made the red dots with a stun gun. Then carried her downstairs to a filthy basement room. There Smit says JB was strangled with this garrote. This autopsy photo shows the 8.5 inch skull fracture from a violent blow to her head.

LS: this is not a little accident with a little boink on the head oops I think she's dead I'm gonna cover it up.

CM: Smit believes parents wouldn't do such horrible things to their own child but forensic scientists who studied the autopsy report disagree.

Does it happen?

Autopsy Report Consultant Tom Henry: Unfortunately, yeah, this and much worse.

CM: Ever seen a parent do anything like this?

MD: Oh yes.

CM: Smit believes the Ramseys are innocent and that these pictures prove it. But investigators are suspicious of John and Patsy Ramsey still in the investigation and in the murder of their daughter. Now LS has had these pictures for awhile, he's bringing them out now, but investigators believe that he got too close to the Ramseys early on. In fact there was a prayer session in front of the empty Ramsey home between Smit and the Ramseys early on in the case. Investigators believe the Ramseys used that to get close to Smit. Now Smit says he's been conned before and he said he'd know it if he saw it. Patsy Ramsey tells me LS put a lot of Christians in jail and that religion has nothing to do with this.


SS: Carol McKinley, live in our Denver news room.