From the "Opinions about Jeff Shapiro" thread on WebbSleuths:

The "Webbsleuths Forum" was owned by "Murphy." Jameson was only the moderator of the JonBenet section. When Jameson was asked to resign, she took the "Webbsleuths" name with her even though it belonged to Murphy's "Webbsleuths Community of Forums." Jameson LIES and posts May 23, 1999 that she wasn't going to use the "" site that she claimed she only "reserved." She then claims she only plans on using the "" site she also reserved.

Bottom line is Jameson (Susan Bennett) registered both the,, and the domain names and used ALL of them. She also took claim to the original Webbsleuths IRC chat room because while she was still a moderator of Murphy's Webbsleuths Forum, she was asked to help set up the chat room so apparently she felt it was hers also.

Murphy was left behind with a shell of a forum showing the "Webbsleuths" Trademark Logo. The war began and for months and years, Jameson's new members would call her forum "Jameson's Webbsleuths" and Murphy's forum, "Murphy's Webbsleuths.


61. "Sure"
Posted by jameson on 20:03:11 5/23/99
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When I resigned, I was upset. I enjoyed moderating the forum and decided I WILL moderate a Ramsey forum.

I decided to get my own domain. Since I made up the name and am closely associated with "WebbSleuths", (I am the one who came up with the name) I reserved it. Then I thought better of it - so I went back and registered

I paid for a host to set up on THAT site.

I told Murphy that. I even sent her the information proving same.

I expect this post to be deleted, but you asked and here is the answer.

If this IS deleted, please ask further questions in e-mail.

I don't want any anger to continue - there is certainly enough room for all of us and we CAN all "play nice".


69. "well..."
Posted by jameson on 20:22:54 5/23/99
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I reserved - changed my mind and have no intention of using it.

I will be using

To answer your other question - NO, I would not have taken money for the photo. I wanted the story to be printed - if it would have meant they would print the story of the grave being marked, I would have given it to them.

Understand, the media had been bashing the Ramseys because the grave was unmarked. I wanted that to stop.


74. "Mildred"
Posted by jameson on 21:05:40 5/23/99
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My decision to reserve WebbSleuths was done in haste. I changed my mind and registered before Murphy was aware of it.

I explained that to her.

There is absolutely no reason for anyone to be upset over the addition of new forums. All have a different "feel" and no one is limited to just one.