[Transcript typed using my own VCR recording. Date of transcript = May 23, 2001]

SS=Shepard Smith
CM=Carol McKinley
LS=Lou Smit
MD=Michael Doberson
TH=Tom Henry
HL: Henry Lee

SS: A first look at old evidence in the JonBenét Ramsey case. The new DA in Boulder promised to give the clues another go over. Now some conflicting opinions on what the evidence means and where it leads. Who's responsible for the death of the little beauty queen. A fox report now from CM on the search for the truth.

CM: there are many important questions. For instance were these remarks on JB's back made by a violent intruder who tortured the child with a stun gun?

LS: if a stun gun was used on JB it's very likely it's not the parents.

MD: Everything is consistent with a stun gun

CM: Forensic scientist MD never saw the body but worked from these autopsy photos and experiments with anesthetized pigs. But coroner John Meyer's autopsy reports says the marks are abrasions not electrical burns.

HL: the best person to make such an interpretation is the medical examiner. Dr Meyer

CM: the one who saw the body

HL: who saw the body. we only sees a picture

CM: we have to believe him?

HL: we, it Dr Meyer I have to believe him

CM: another troubling question:

HL: is this a really homicide or a accidental death subsequently staged like a homicide

CM: Boulder police believe this fracture on JB's skull was caused by an accident and the strangulation came second to fool them into believing an intruder's elaborate plot. Autopsy consultant Tom Henry said JB may have even survived unconscious for 15 min before she was strangled.

TH: the fact that she's got this extensive of described of a blood, essentially blood clot in the scalp, to me indicates a little longer period of time that she had to survive a little more blood pumping under pressure for a longer period of time.

LS: I see many red flags in the case

CM: But Smit thinks a pedophile choked JB until she was almost dead and then hit her on the head to make sure.

LS: this was constructed for control. If PR would have wanted just to let's say strangle, make it look like somebody strangled her daughter, why not do it with your hands, or do it with just the rope around the neck. Why do you have to build a handle?

CM: Smit thinks the intruder broke in through this basement window, waited for the Ramseys to return from the Christmas party, and took JB from her bed while her parents and brother slept.

LS: she was taken downstairs into the basement, and to probably the furthest corner of a very cluttered dirty basement.

CM: the room where JB's body was found is at the end of the basement hall.

HL: well I was in the house for quite awhile I did not know how to get there you have to go through couple doors.

CM: Plus it's dark

HL: very dark. you have to know exactly where's the light switch is.

CM: In boulder CO, Carol McKinley, Fox news.