From the "jameson's new forum" thread on the A&E Message Forum:

Even AFTER Jameson registered the "" domain name on May 20, 1999, she posted this message on the A&E Message Board that her new forum will not be called Webbsleuths.

Jameson (aka Susan Bennett) lied, it was called Webbsleuths then and is still called Webbsleuths now.


Title: jameson's new forum
Author: jameson
Date: Mon May 24th 9:45 AM 1999

Until recently, Jameson was the moderator of the Webbsleuths JonBenet Ramsey Forum, TRUE

XXXXX XXXXXX, the owner of Webbsleuths kicked Jameson out for trying to sell pictures of JonBenet's grave to the tabloids and lying about her association with the Globe tabloid reporter Jeff Shapiro. FALSE

Jameson then stole the Webbsleuth name and registered the domain name as her own to begin her own forum. FALSE

My forum will be at
It will not be called WebbSleuths.
It will be called the JonBenét Forum and the room on MIRC where the group will chat once a week will be #JonBenet.

I am waiting for the software to be set up. Will be a while until it is open.