[Transcript typed using my own VCR recording. Date of transcript = May 24, 2001]

SS=Shepard Smith
CM=Carol McKinley
HL: Henry Lee
DH= Darnay Hoffman
CW = Chris Wolfe

SS:: John and Patsy Ramsey. They've pointed fingers at friends and neighbors and total strangers suggesting maybe they killed JonBenét. Now one guy is suing them looking for big bucks and maybe some answers. Could the civil trial open the door to prosecution? A Fox Report now from Carol McKinley, in search for the truth.

DH: The Ramseys are looking at a potential $50M award against them....

CM: Attorney Darnay Hoffman is suing John and Patsy Ramsey on behalf of sometime Boulder resident, Chris Wolf. Wolfe was cleared by Boulder police as a suspect early on in the investigation. But in their book, "Death of Innocence", the Ramseys indicated they had information suggesting police should continue to investigate him.

CW: I think they're obviously outrageous hypocrites...

CM: Wolf's civil trial is expected to start next spring.

DH: This will probably be the only time the Ramseys ever have to sit in front of a jury and under oath in front of a jury....

CM: Important information may be uncovered during the depositions and trial because there are so many unanswered questions. For example, the autopsy report indicates the last thing JonBenét ate before her death was fresh cut pineapple. She didn't have pineapple at a Christmas party that night and her parents say they put her to bed when they returned. But a bowl of pineapple with her mother's fingerprints was found on the kitchen table.

PR: She was put to bed, sound asleep, did not have a bite of pineapple.

CM: So who fed JonBenét pineapple? A pedophile intruder with murder on his mind?

HL: For a pedophile person have to go through the refrigerator, get some pineapple, feed the pineapple, then the stun gun her, and bludgeon her, then use a ligature, that's kind of a way over common pedophile's style.

CM: Motive is another question. Former Boulder police detective Steve Thomas believes JB was killed because she wet the bed. Were JB's sheets urine stained? Colorado Bureau of Investigation sources say they were. And what about the rambling ransom note? Experts say whoever wrote it had something to do with JB's death.

HL: Which pedophile wants spend that much time writing three page note. Just doesn't make sense again.

CM: At least 10 lawsuits connected with the case have been filed claiming more than $250M in damages. The Ramseys are being sued, but they're also suing. They've already settled libel cases with two tabloid magazines.

CM: And so on a scale of 1 to 10 where is it now?

HL: I still call 50-50 because if I start say zero that's a hopeless case. This case still have hope.

CM: In Boulder CO, Carol McKinley, Fox News.