Annie Muss

Annie Muss was the name of a poster who joined Jameson’s WebbSleuths Forum at on May 29, 2003. He or she claimed to know who killed JonBenet Ramsey and even provided a Yahoo e-mail address for anybody that wanted to ask questions.

Jameson posts within ten minutes telling this person that this method is not the way to submit a tip and that they should be contacting the authorities OR HER and she will give the information to the authorities and then she provides her e-mail address.

A couple of other forum members begin peppering questions to Annie Muss. On May 30, 2003 Annie Muss posts a response thread to answer all the various questions being asked by the other posters. My the evening on May 30th, Jameson posts a message telling Annie Muss to send handwriting samples to Lou Smit at the DA’s office or he can send them to her. Jameson suggests that if he doesn’t want to send to Lou Smit or her then she suggest he send them to Lin Wood, the Ramsey’s Civil attorney. Jameson informs Annie Muss that if he just wants to chat on the forum that she has better things to do.

Throughout the evening and into the early morning hours, multiple posters continue to ask questions. Since Annie Muss mentions “Twin Peaks” then Maikai posts a review. Sharkie post asking if the book mentioned is either “The People of Pineapple Place,” or “Prisoner of Pineapple Place” by Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

On May 31, 2003 Annie Muss informs the forum that he has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and that he still believe he lived in Boulder in 1996 following that by saying “The experiment is over.”

Date and Time of “Annie Muss” postings:

Annie Muss - May-29-03, 09:33 PM (EST)

Annie Muss - May-30-03, 02:16 AM (EST)

Annie Muss - May-30-03, 05:33 PM (EST)

Annie Muss - May-31-03, 08:13 AM (EST)



Annie Muss

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 May-29-03, 09:33 PM (EST)


"I know who did it, any questions?"


   This isn't a joke, I lived there and I know the man who murdered her. Most of you who read this will assume this is a joke, but it isn't. If you have any questions please send an e-mail to and I will consider answering them; otherwise please feel free to post your questions or disparaging remarks here; serious questions may be answered, disparaging remarks will be ignored but are of course welcome.



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1. "RE: I know who did it, any questions?"

In response to message #0


   If you know who did it, this is not the way to handle it. Contact the authorities direct, or use me to get information to the authorities if you want. But be very aware of this - - we take this matter very seriously - - if you are playing games, you don't want to do it here.

My email address is

Annie Muss

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 May-30-03, 02:16 AM (EST)


18. "Answers I'm Comfortable With Sharing"

In response to message #17


To Jameson:

Believe me, I am very well aware that this is not a game.

To Smokey:

This is a unique lead and yes information is in my possession that incriminates this man.

To Defeye:

1. Yes he is still alive.

2. I don’t know exactly how he entered the house, but I would guess an unlocked door or window, perhaps the basement window

3. No it wasn’t intended as a kidnapping.

To Sparrow:

I won’t say his name. When and where are obvious, but why is a good question…it was for attention and to feel like he had done something very big…I'll call it an expression of freewill.

To ??? and others:

Annie Muss is Anonymous…please allow that or if you feel more comfortable with a real sounding name I could make one up for now, but what would be the point.

To Sparrow:

The killer is none of the usual suspects.

To Maikai:

He was in his early thirties.

Yes he has been seriously pained by his actions, but I don’t know if it’s remorse or the fear of being caught.

Highly educated but self taught.

Yes he was a substance abuser.

Both poor and money, but poor at the time of the murder.

Yes there was a history of mental illness.

There was much to his motive, but we’ll leave it at an expression of freewill accompanied by an overwhelming desire to plot and commit a notorious crime.

He’s a movie and literature fanatic, it was all a part of the staging he spent so much time thinking about.

Yes he acted alone.

No he didn’t know the Ramsey’s personally.

I’m aware of his criminal past, but only to a certain extent.

His personality is psychopathic and manic.

Originally from back east.

No, once it comes out people who know him wouldn’t be all that surprised that he was responsible .

And yes he is still alive.

To Hmmmmm: Yes, it is a he.

Please feel free to ask more questions, but I only get online occasionally so my responses may be infrequent. If the post is deleted, feel free to email me at

Annie Muss

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 May-30-03, 05:33 PM (EST)


38. "Answers I'm Comfortable With Sharing"

In response to message #35


To Margoo:

I never said I hadn’t contacted the authorities.

If my answers aren’t particularly new, perhaps the questions aren’t new either.

To Daffodil:

There isn’t much point to my current action of discussing this issue on this forum.

I learned of his actions more than a year ago and less than two.

I am confident he committed the crime because of answers I have to questions which haven’t been asked in this forum, because of repeated quirks of coincidence that repeatedly point to this individual, because of statements made by this individual, and many other reasons. (I may not answer specific questions due to it pointing directly at said individual, but if I can talk around it while giving you some interesting insight in to the truth in this matter, I will)

To Maggie May:

No I am not Fleet or Priscilla White, nor am I anyone publicly associated with this case. I had zero interest in this issue until it hit me smack in the middle of the face, and I know wish I don’t know what I know…it’s a burden of massive proportions for me.

To Maikai:

He lived in an apartment.

He lived more than 1 mile and less than 4.

Yes he had a car.

Yes and no regarding framing the Ramsey’s, that was only one facet of his staging.

I feel that I can’t mention what line of work he was in, but I will say that his line of work led to where he saw JonBenet.

His exact behavior may give too much away, since several people are aware of his bizarre behavior. Suffice it to say that just after the crime his behavior became exceedingly more strange, there were many days of tears and hiding with his head covered. He kept quiet about it and only allowed a couple of people near him before he moved away shortly thereafter. I’m not aware if he went to the house afterwards, but from my knowledge on this time period I think it’s safe to say that he didn’t go back to the house afterward.

I am just not comfortable describing what he looks like right now, but I will say that he changed his appearance just after the murder.

The Ramseys were the perfect target for him, they were affluent and JonBenet was defenseless. He is a strong man, but a true coward, I don’t believe he would have chosen someone close to his size, he didn’t want a confrontation, he wanted it to be easy to subdue his victim. Besides, he loves movies and literature…one such item that helped formulate this crime was the show Twin Peaks, where a beauty queen was killed.

I don’t want to say if he had a girlfriend or significant other.

I’m only aware of one other person who definitely suspects him, but they wouldn’t say anything. I am aware of several other people who may have suspected him but they wouldn’t be privy to information which would push someone beyond mild speculation.

His DNA may or may not be on file, but I doubt that his is on file. I question the DNA, but I know for a fact that the evidence under her fingernails is a concern of his. He has studied crimes for many years and was well aware of DNA, and also the placement of DNA, but it is only a hunch that he may have placed it.

Regarding crimes from the past that I’m aware of, some of these he was never apprehended for; possession of drugs and breaking and entering…I am not aware of any pedophilic activity, rape or previous murders, but that generally isn’t the type of thing one shares; I am aware of his fascination with these acts.

Given the volume of information and double-speak it is quite possible that he has revealed things not known publicly about the crime, but I would need the authorities to verify that.

Yes I am afraid of him.

I don’t want to say where his family is.

Yes there are many things about him that should have put him on the radar screen, but he somehow evaded detection…probably because attention was misdirected.

His hangouts beyond home were many, I know that five days a week he was within a quarter mile of the Ramsey’s home. He also spent a lot of time in a domicile near Arapahoe. He chose to associate with dealers.

He hates authority.

I’m not aware of anyone turning a tip in regarding this individual.

I won’t say his name.

To Jameson:

Yes, I can prove that he was in Boulder that Christmas season.

I am not aware of any violent crimes he perpetrated against children, but I am aware of fascinations in that area.

He saw JonBenet in a time where he was seriously considering committing the crime he had fascinated about and she fit the bill perfectly…I’ll leave it at that.

I am not sure if his DNA is on file, getting his DNA has proven to be difficult, but it’s always a possibility.

Yes I have handwriting samples.

I met him through a friend and spent some time with him while living in Boulder, he spoke to me of his fascination with getting away with a murder well before the murder. I kept in touch with his activities through another friend and I have seen him personally since the murder.

My relationship with him hasn’t ended.

I don’t want to say publicly if I sent the tip to the authorities or not, as this individual may very well be reading the forums.

To Mikie:

Yes, I believe I know…I wasn’t there at the time of the murder to look in to his eyes. But, I believe I know he committed this crime just as I believe the sun will rise in the east tomorrow…the information overwhelmingly points at him…some of the same information everyone has been studying on this forum that points to an intruder actually meant something to me when I started researching this crime…it has his trademark, it reeks of this individual in many, many ways.

To Defeye:

As for S.B.T.C. I believe it to be the common Saved By The Cross...the perpetrator was a very anti-religious individual and this was one of his ways of mocking religion. Another option for S.B.T.C. could be tied to his fascination with Twin Peaks, it could be Speak Backwards The Clue…

The 118,000 is a number close to this individual and I know in what way it is significant to him and I have proof.

I believe he used a baseball bat, this was his weapon of choice in other arenas.

No, he never explained the pineapple, but if he made her consume pineapple I believe I know why, but my saying so right here may give some things away…I’ll give someone a clue and they can feel free to research it and guess…if they get it right I’ll admit it…The clue regards his fascination with literature, there is a book with a similar occurrence, what is it?

To F-e:

He is an atheist and very antireligious individual.

Yes he was a Boulder resident.

He knew many people in Boulder under his professional demeanor, but under his true demeanor only a few knew him, and mostly only his dealer friends.

To Lilac:

I know this person did it for reasons that are many, to many to place here. I will say that he left his calling card in more than one way, a calling card that I instantly recognize as his…and many other reasons.

Yes, I am a he, but who I am really doesn’t matter.

To Lilac:

Sorry, but I can’t say this persons name.

To Jameson:

Enjoy 20 questions, maybe, actually I’m not really getting any enjoyment out of this, I’ve lived with this long enough and kept quiet so the only satisfaction I’m getting here is being able to talk with someone about it, albeit discreetly and in vague connotations.

I’m not going to say if I have turned this information over to the authorities out of fear of revenge from the perpetrator or to prevent people on this forum from pressuring me to turn him in…you choose.

To Sparrow:

I too can’t tell you if she was killed before or after midnight, I know where the person was supposed to be at certain times and I would say that he probably left the scene sometime around 2:30am, but I could be wrong here. If he fed her pineapple, then he certainly would have been there to watch. Yes, he used a stun gun. I believe it was a baseball bat, his weapon of choice. He never took her from the house, he used the basement for the murder and other activities. In so many words the killer has confessed to me.

To Victor W:

I am not the perpetrator, but think what you will.

If the authorities arrest this person for this crime then the information will come out.

To F-e:

The only reason I posted an e-mail address was to continue a conversation should the posts be removed. My deciding to talk about this here was a whim, something I have prevented myself from doing for a long time, but now here I am…for now.

To AvidReader:

Danke, but my alias is just that, an alias, there is no hidden meaning behind it other than it sounds like anonymous. I chose it in a few seconds as I created my e-mail account.


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43. "Annie"

In response to message #42


Please send handwriting sample to Lou at the DA's office - or through me. If sending directly to Lou, send a paper that lists the reasone you suspect him - in detail - - and do give his name.


If sending through me and you are not comfortable sharing all that, at least give details about who you did contact about this - enough from that contact (letter or email?) so they can find it in their files. Date? Something in the letter that they will be able to find easily.

If you don't want to write to Lou or me, how about sending it to the ramsey lawyer, Lin Wood?

If you just want to talk to the posters, it may be interesting, but really could be far more productive if you let the investigators get in on this.


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 May-31-03, 01:02 AM (EST)


49. ""Killer Bob""

In response to message #48


Below is a review of the film "Twin Peaks" and the murder of a l7 year old beauty queen---I never saw the movie, so don't know much about it. I agree with some of the other posters---Annie Muss needs to be talking to Lou Smit, to unravel the story.

Reviewed by Shaul Olmert

The murder of Laura Palmer, the seventeen year old hometown beauty queen, is the starting point of the 31-chapters mystery plot of the television series Twin-Peaks. Dale Cooper, an F.B.I agent from Washington, comes to Twin Peaks, to solve the mystery. Agent Cooper's ways of investigating are nothing like any other investigation you've seen on films before. Agent Cooper believes that the answer (the identity of the killer) is already inside his mind, and his job is to dig it from the depth of it. In one of the dreams agent Cooper is dreaming, he sees Laura Palmer come to him and whispers the answer in his ear. When he wakes up he is sure that he knows who the killer is, but just can't remember his name. Throughout the amazing adventures he is going through during the months he spends in Twin Peaks, he is trying to realize the name he can't remember. One of the main tools he uses to solve this mystery, is the visions and dreams he is constantly having. He is relying on clues and facts that his dream tells him, as if they are relevant to the investigation much more then real life's facts. His whole investigation is based on those clues, which finally help him to expose the identity of the killer. Agent Cooper's dreams are designed in a naturalistic way. The images are clear, and real people are seen just like they look in real life. The context of the dreams is a collage of cut- ups, and it's very hard to describe the plot of the dream, since it's not being presented in a linear way. The dialog often sounds like a chain of associations or stream of consciousness. In that sense, the dreams has a certain similarity to the way that dreams mostly look like (or should I say- to the way most people describe what their dreams look like). That Agent Cooper believe that the fantasies, visions and dreams he's having are clear clues, is part of the main theme of the series. The series is trying to show, that there is an evil spirit that controls the human race, and can randomly enter each and every one of us. This spirit, known as "Killer Bob" enters many of the characters, and causes them to do evil things. Since this spirit, as it presented by Killer Bob, is an aspect of human nature, and common to all of the human race, the thoughts and ideas people are having is also common to all the people, wherever they are. This is why agent Cooper can realize the identity of the killer from his dreams and subconscious clues. The answer is something that is common to all of us, and only an inner search can get us to find it. The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung has expressed the idea of "collective unconscious". David Lynch is using a modern version of this idea, to research the depth of the mind and the origin of human evil.




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 May-31-03, 01:29 AM (EST)


50. "The People of Pineapple Place"

In response to message #49


is a childrens book but it was written by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. The obvious connection with this book and her other book the Prisoner of Pineapple Place would be some similarities I have found in the RN and some of the many RN sent to the Lindberghs.

I have not read the books, but I am offering it as a possible link to Pineapple and of course the Lindbergh Kidnapping.

Annie Muss

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 May-31-03, 08:13 AM (EST)


58. "Answers I'm Comfortable With Sharing"

In response to message #56


Please excuse any indirect wishy-washy answers and statements…when I’m being wishy-washy the truth is there, but you have to decide which one to believe…It’s silly and I do apologize, but it’s fun to be vague and play games, I like the attention…or…it gives me some comfort that what I’m saying won’t cause a problem because I was vague and contradictory in some of my comments.

To Sparrow:

 No he isn’t in prison or an institution.

 Yes, he is around children.

 I’d rather not say where he resides.

 I can’t say his name.

 Yes, I’ve seen the autopsy photos, but it’s been many months and I don’t need to see them again.

 I agree he needs to be behind bars.

 Yes, I’m well aware that I’m in danger.

 I never followed this story until I made this discovery, just as I have never been one to follow this sort of dark news. I’ve always considered ignorance bliss when it comes to this sort of subject matter. I cry on a regular basis because of what he did, it is something I’m afraid to even think about because it affects me so strongly.

 I agree that the police and public have a right to know the truth.

 I really don’t want to give his physical description, but I will say that two of the three attributes you mentioned have changed since the murder, and have fluctuated back and forth.

 I also don’t want to give his initials, sorry.

To LadyBug:

 I’d rather not give his hair color or physical features…but how about if I eliminate a few. He doesn’t have red or an unnatural color of hair, it also isn’t black or dark brown.

 Yes he was in Boulder at the time of the murder. He had people close to him, but it wouldn’t have been unusual for him to be out alone that evening.

 I don’t want to say where he saw or became attracted to her, but I know.

 No, his profession wasn’t news, radio, television, magazine reporter, author, editor or anything of the sort.

 No, he wasn’t employed by city, state of U.S. government.

 No, he isn’t an athlete or mountain climber.

 Yes, he spent time in their vicinity.

 Why JonBenet? She was perfect for what he had in mind.

 Car most of the way, foot the remainder.

 He was a little older than 30 at the time

To Mikie:

 Point well taken, but suffice it to say, given the information I’m privy to I would bet my life on it…I am fully convinced. I could be wrong, but I’m not.

To Islander:

 I am not aware of him ever being in the Ramsey home prior to that terrible night in late 1996.

 He wasn’t working in the photography shop that developed the Ramseys photographs.

To Maggie May:

 It’s not JT Colfax.

To Jameson:

 Thank you for your kind offer Jameson, but I’m going to leave the information in it’s present hands…I appreciate your dedication to this matter and I want you to know that the information you maintain helped me immensely in my initial research.

To Slapfish:

 He stunned her and carried her down with one hand over her mouth and the other around her body.

 As far as I’m aware he wasn’t related to the special visit from Santa, and I would be very surprised if he was the one who told her that.

 I’m not sure if he brought rope, he wanted to use things from the house whenever possible. I’m fairly positive he brought the duct tape and since physical restraint was in his plan, he may have also brought the bag of rope.

 He never planned on removing her from the house.

 I am aware of at least two reasons why he used items from the house, one of which is the obvious reason of it lessens his chance of being tied to the crime.

 He entered the home hours before the Ramsey’s returned.

 He chose Christmas for several reasons, two of which are the religious significance and the lack of police staffing.

 He had nothing personal against John Ramsey, but made it personal in spades when he committed to this atrocious action.

 I see no reason, nor have any information suggesting that he attempted to put her in the suitcase, but it is possible.

 He is methodical.

To F-e:

 I am not aware of this man having any religious education, but it’s possible. I’ll save why he has such vehement feelings towards religion for later.

 He wasn’t involved with the young adults swinging baseball bats in 1996.

 I'd rather not say his drug of choice right now, but its probably your first guess and then add his other vice, alcohol.

 To the possibility that the investigators may intimidate me I say, bring it on, I have nothing to hide and am willing to talk with them, this thing is far bigger than me, justice needs to be served and the truth needs to come out. Perhaps, I’ve been asking to talk with them, rather than just sending my information in to the ether hoping that I’ve sent them everything pertinent, but still wondering if there’s something else in my knowledge and information that may help…and also wondering if they’ll ever do anything about it unless their hand is forced, the truth may not bode well for them. Perhaps they’re doing what damage control they can before the truth comes out…but if that’s the case, I consider it highly unprofessional and unethical; shouldn’t you do your jobs first and apprehend before CYA.

 As for them collecting my DNA, I have done nothing wrong and would willingly submit to it.

 Thank you for your warning to be careful, I agree, but at the same time I’m tired of worrying, hiding and wondering if anything is being done.

To Braveheart:

 Your links definitely deserve comment, and perhaps we can discuss them further in the future, I apologize for not answering them all here. I will loosely comment on many of them by saying that he is a movie and literature buff (the CU reference was unintended). I will also say that there are several pieces of literature and movies that are significant to him and this crime that I’ve never seen openly discussed. He was aware that no book or movie is wholly unique as each new work uses components from something prior.

 I found the backwards speak reference in your link regarding “Through the Looking Glass” interesting. But, if S.B.T.C. means Speak Backwards The Clue, then I truly have no idea what he means…unless he was just throwing in a loose reference to Twin Peaks. I’m more inclined to believe its Saved By The Cross. These are all hunches and I’d rather stick to what I know, I apologize for not being able to share much, I hope you understand.

To Rose:

 My alias shouldn’t matter, as it holds no secret. I agree that it sounds more like animus that anonymous, but I chose it on a whim and at a moments notice.

 I agree and have felt from day one a moral responsibility to do everything in my meager power to find justice in this matter…or perhaps I’ve done nothing and I’m still considering turning the information over to the authorities..

To Ashley:

 This wasn’t about money to him, just like it’s not about money to me. He created this, and I want nothing to do with it. This has brought nothing but pain to anyone involved.

 He planned on leaving the body in the basement; it’s what he had envisioned. I’m not saying the crime wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t have a basement, but it definitely fit the bill.

 The Ramsey’s name, address and phone number was in the phone book. He was in the news and the perpetrator reads the newspaper front to back each and every day.

 I don’t know why he chose to address only John in the RN, why did I choose Annie Muss? I suppose he just chose it as he was writing, on a whim. He actually didn’t have disdain for John personally; it was a show, or perhaps hatred projected onto John.

 If they had a dog in the house the murder probably wouldn’t have happened. But he was a methodical planner, he may have brought some sedatives with him in the off chance they had a pet…If the Ramsey’s came home after a party and the dog was asleep would they think twice? Perhaps, but I’m just rambling and supposing now and that serves no point.

 I am aware of three possible ways in which he was aware of them being away for that evening.

 He didn’t enter the home before that day, but he did stake out the area.

 I probably shouldn’t be telling you any of this, but pressure needs to be applied and focus attained.

To Maikai:

 I’ve never spoken with Lou Smit…Perhaps I already have tried, but perhaps not…if I was to try I bet I couldn’t imagine how frustratingly difficult it would be to speak with the investigators and others.

To Sharkie:

 Good guess, but The People of Pineapple Place isn’t the book.

To Sharkie:

 As far as I know he never spoke with her before that day.

To mBm:

 No, he didn’t climb the tree to spy on her…to risky.

 No, he didn’t chain smoke.

 He wasn’t connected to the dancing class at the mall.

 He could have been the figure the neighbor saw walking across the lawn to the Ramsey home.

 No, it wasn’t his car…he would have parked at least four blocks away.

 I am not aware of him ever being questioned by the authorities.

 He wasn’t at that party and he doesn’t smoke marijuana.

To BraveHeart:

 Correct, he was within that area at least five days a week. One domicile. Your good.

 He is one of the most intelligent individuals I have ever met, albeit exceedingly sick. He definitely had a feeling of missing the boat, and this may have been a part of the reason why he started pursuing intellectual activities many years prior. Yes, a feeling of doing nothing significant in his life even though he had the ability to do almost anything was a very strong contributor, but there were many more contributors that actually brought him to commit the act.

 Very close on many accounts, but not many direct hits.

 He isn’t gay. And as for me, think what you will but I would rather not talk about my personal life in any way, this isn’t about me and I would rather not be apart of this, so it would be best if I learned to take the stance of “I don’t talk about such things”, unless of course the investigators talk with me, then I will answer anything with absolute honesty. Also, even though many will probably find it hard to believe, you are absolutely correct in that he had no sexual interest in JB.

 I could quickly pass on facts about this person that would lead a curious mind to his identity, but I would rather keep quiet in that respect. Perhaps someday the investigators will view the information and pick my brain for pertinent facts and then there would be a good chance that an arrest is made and at that time you will have your answers. Now, I have alluded to me contacting the authorities, and I want to mention that I may not have done this, but I am entertaining the idea, please rest assured I have made certain that the information won’t be lost should something happen to me.

To Miranda:

 I am not sure if he'll do something like this again, I’d like to think he won't, but I fear he may. If the authorities continue down the path they're on, he may get mad and do it again in order to get attention. There is a very strong possibility that he is ready to be apprehended, the authorities should talk with him.

This material is very difficult and the situation frustrating, as such this will be my last post for some time, I need to be quiet and stop thinking about it for a while...unless of course, some key people would like to find and talk with me. Jameson, will you please do me a favor and remove this thread after today. I want to be clear that no one has requested that I ask for this thread to be removed, nor has anyone spoken to me outside the scope of this site and my e-mail account, I request this of my own volition. Since I took all of your time with this thread I feel that I should explain why I’m asking for it to be removed, please excuse my roundabout manner, but the truth of why can be found in one of these reasons:

 I am concerned of repercussions should he be reading this site.

 I have been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. The most frustrating thing is I understand my condition, but I still believe I lived in Boulder in 1996, contrary to where my friends and family tell me I was. Because of my awareness regarding my condition I must tell you that there is a possibility that what I say is a delusion, but if it helps, I still believe it is the truth.

 I feel badly for lying to all of you.

 The experiment is over

Also, why did I decide to write on this forum? Here are several possibilities for you to choose from:

 I am a student and am running an experiment, thank you very much for help with my paper.

 I am lonely and looking for attention, as an added bonus my thirst for playing mind games with people has been quenched.

 I am frustrated by the investigators unwillingness to discuss the matter with me as well as their unwillingness to discuss the matter with him before he commits suicide, leaves the country or kills again.

 I stopped taking my medication without anyone knowing, and the rest you know about.

Please feel free to send any comments or questions to and I will look at them sometime in the future, but please excuse me if it takes a while, I may not look at it for sometime after today.

Let me ask a question of you. Is it normal practice for investigators to not talk with an informant with information of significant magnitude? If the information isn’t absolutely being ignored then isn’t it a poor investigative technique not to use a good source of information? Shouldn’t they at least discuss this with me?

Thank you for all of your time, and if at all possible, let's forget I ever posted on this forum and not talk about it. Perhaps, I've just wasted all of your time and I'm suggesting that its best if you forget what I've said because I really don't want to throw off the work being done here with my nonsense.