From the "New Name for the Forum" thread on WebbSleuths June 1999:


"New Name for the Forum?"
Posted by Murphy on 08:50:51 6/06/99
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jameson gave us her WORD she would NOT use the name WebbSleuths.

True to form, she did not keep her WORD..

Any ideas on what the new name here should be?


5. "Webby"
Posted by Murphy on 10:13:34 6/06/99
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The reason it makes no sense to you, Webby, is because the name is not abandoned... I can see it clearly in 2 different places as I'm making this post at this moment. She lies.

This is what she wrote:

My forum will be at www.*nameless*.com.
It will not be called WebbSleuths.
It will be called the JonBenét Forum and the room on MIRC where the group will chat once a week will be #JonBenet.

Not true is it Webby? Ain't no way she even tries to keep her WORD. She clearly says whatever fits the moment. She is clearly trying to twist the truth now and cover her nastiness.

This is only another example where she has given me her WORD and failed to keep her WORD. Where I come from, that’s a very bad thing.

It's a shame she has stooped this low.


6. "hehehe Rover"
Posted by Murphy on 10:16:34 6/06/99
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I used *nameless* because the less anyone says about this evil, vile, low-down snake-in-the-grass thing, the better.

Even if the posts are not favorable... It still keeps her name in public. That AIN'T good. I know this as well as I know my own name.

LESS is more ... She will drop fast.


32. "Maikai"
Posted by Murphy on 19:55:32 6/07/99
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"There's other areas here.....true crime....missing children....Darlie Router. I finally got the book from Amazon.....but haven't tackled that one yet."

Yes maikai, there are OTHER areas here because of MY hard work. Are you saying it's OK for SB to STEAL from me because I have worked a LOT? If I had only worked a little, it wouldn't be OK? Are you saying she couldn't open hir own forum without STEALING?

Is it OK that I STEAL her TimeLine? What moral compass are you using these days?


26. "Mornin'"
Posted by Murphy on 08:23:19 6/07/99
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I think Mrs. Brady has her problems worked out now. Seems she made a mistake and overwrote her index file.

Thanks for the song Texas ~ That hits the spot!

Betrayal hurts ~ I've had a rough go dealing with this annoying situation. What hurts more than anything are the constant LIES she told and continues to tell. Saying on the threads here that we'd abandoned the name is totally insane but a good example of the bald faced lies she continues to tell. Moving on is the best thing to do in this situation.

I'm sickened to have anything even remotely connected to her at this time including the name WebSleuths. That's why I'm thinking about changing the name here. I don't know that it matters what this place is called just so it's not connected to her in any way, shape, form, or fashion.

Finally: Her name ... If it's never written on the forum, that would be great. The more she is mentioned, the better for her. Even if it's negative ... It's still publicity!

CandyRose --- Are you listening? You should you know because you're doing a LOT of FREE advertising for her site there.

Am I bitter about her lies and blatant betrayal? YES, Absolutely, No denying that fact. I don't want her riding on our promotional coat-tails and that's what she is trying to do by stealing the name. I'm hurt at the moment and the hurt causes anger but I don't figure it will last forever, I hope not at least. I appreciate the kind words here and I'm going to check the mail hoping Webby's pictures are here! That should change my mood; )