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7. "The Resignation"
Posted by Murphy on 10:37:00 6/06/99
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The Resignation

I didnít tell the story about itís resignation but I will now.

She posted the real life names of posters. At least one was not known to the public. She did it out of pure meanness.

My email overflowed. Posters here asking if she had access to their personal info and could she do the same to them if she got mad. At that point, I took registration away from her to keep her from having access to posters personal information. I told her the extra WORK she was causing me and asked her to PROMISE ME that sheíd NEVER do that again. She couldnítÖ So, I said, then I want your WORD that you will RESIGN at WebbSleuths BEFORE you ever do anything like that again because Iím overloaded with WORK caused by your meanspirited actions. She gave me her WORD.

Lo and Behold, a few weeks passed and she did it AGAIN but had NOT resigned first.

I messaged her and asked WHY she didnít keep her WORD to me.

She replied, "I resign NOW" in those EXACT words.

Thatís it folks, the whole truth. Thatís just another time she gave me her WORD and didnít honor her WORD.

Now she is attemptiong to LEVERAGE the name here to her advantage.

Her stealing the WebbSleuths name is just another example in a long list of times she did not keep her WORD.