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A posting by Darney Hoffman (aka New York Lawyer) on Jameson's WebbSleuths Forum on a thread titled, "The 911 Tape":


"The 911 Tape......"
Posted by New York Lawyer on Jun-08-99 at 03:33 AM (EST)

According to the Boulder press, Boulder judge Roxanne Bailin ruled that Burke was entitled to receive a copy of the 911 tape prior to his testifying before the grand jury.

Question: Does this mean that Judge Roxanne Bailin LISTENED to the 911 tape and made an independent assessment that Burke's voice was on it and therefore was a "prior statement?"

Since subpoenaed grand jury witnesses are entitled to all of their "prior statements" before appearing to give their sworn testimony, has Bailin's ruling confirmed that Burke's voice was on the tape?


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