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"Joining this forum"
Posted by jams on Jun-13-00 at 08:43 AM (EST)

I see a lot of misinformation out there about this forum. So here it is.

I used to be the moderator at Murphy's forum. I resigned for several reasons. One is because Murphy had started emailing me and suggesting what I post. STRONGLY suggesting. I was also put off because Murphy and Texas wanted to let in Gsquared and others who had made other forums jello.

I left and Murphy went off - Suddenly I went from a good person to scum. I didn't bother to fight back, I just started my own forum - and that is where we are now.

The forum is what it is. Not everyone is going to like it - and not everyone is welcome here.

All POV are welcome, but people who have proven themselves to be liars, troublemakers, flamers, etc, are NOT.

That being said - the forum has a few rules. Participants can hold any POV and state it - we can disagree nicely.

There is to be no porn here - cuss words are frowned on but sometimes, well, things just have to be said - and we are all adults.

We do NOT attack other posters - we discuss the case, discuss the evidence and theories, but calling another poster names is a waste of space and demeaning to the forum. Isn't done.

The exception to that is when the person is a public figure. If someone has gone forward and appeared on radio, TV, papers, etc.... then the rules are more lax. I don't allow a LOT, but those people do get toasted a bit at times. (That would be NYL, MM and me, for the most part.)

No flaming spouses or family of posters - they aren't part of this.

No posting personal information that is not available elsewhere. The names of webmasters is public - the names of posters are NOT. Pretty simple.

Don't post anything that could get us sued. Do NOT post that Mr. Ed so-and-so is the killer - or even a suspect - if it isn't verified elsewhere.

I think that is about it - basically, be civil - and stick to the facts as much as possible.

NOW on the money - it has always been a $50.00 donation to help maintain the forum. That is a one time fee that should cover all expenses through 2001. The forum DOES cost every month. I see no reason why posters shouldn't share the expense.

The other forums may say they are free - but someone is paying - and all forums request their members pitch in. I am just trying to be fair.

I used to give a two month free trial - but when it was obvious that some BORG were signing up ONLY to be here for 2 months, I changed the policy. The forum is well established - people can see what they are joining - and if they want to join, they can pay a membership fee to start. Wehave several new members - the policy has not stopped the forum from growing.

I guess that's it - except to say that this is the ONLY forum where people truly invest something into it - they register with their own names, pay a fee and often help work to make the forum better. LP does the News, nessa has the archives and jimb has the documents. If others are interested in doing something, ask. There is plenty to be done. Pages on theories, people, subjects. Just pick something that interests you and go for it! jameson