From the "Sorry guys" thread on Jameson's WebbSleuths:


"Sorry guys"
Posted by jams on Jun-15-00 at 08:51 AM (EST)

When I started this forum, Murphy banned everyone who joined here. Seems she is going to do that again - anyone who is here will be required to pay her to post there.

"My Choice"
Posted by Murphy on 06:29:31 6/15/2000
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I just had a great idea. For all those who are sending jam$ $50.00 to post -- Send WebbSleuths $50 and you'll be reactivated. Email me for the address -- I will divide it among the Moderators here that do all the work. Those who are registered at jam$, Email: for the address."

This is typical of Murphy - I quit moderating her forum - and if anyone researches the issue they will see that Murphy announced my RESIGNATION - and I started my own forum. I made up the name WebbSleuths, it was associated with ME (most people had no idea Murphy was involved and that is documented in the discussions following my resignation) - the name WebbSleuths was associated with me on 48 Hours and I owned the MIRC room #WebbSleuths and so I took the name when I left. No apologies!

When I set up my own foorum, Murphy went ballistic and lied about a lot of things - actually, anyone researching things could see that for themselves - I never felt the need to document that mess - figured enough witnessed the whole thing and knew.

Now she has her forum and I have mine.

I don't ban Misty for badmouthing me on Murphy's forum - figure she's entitled to her opinion.

But Murphy can't handle me getting any support there and so is punishing the posters who don't want to be forced to make a choice.

Poor Murphy. She is like that little kid who jealously needs to possess her "friends". You're MY friend - don't talk to HER!!! Wahhhh.

Sorry guys - maybe she will see how petty she is being and change her mind.