From the "JAMS, JANE AND THEIR BULLCHIT" thread on Webbsleuths
(With Jameson quotes in RED where Jameson was talking to Murphy on IM and PM)
SB = Susan Bennett aka Jameson

Murphy owned the original Webbsleuth's Community of Forums since the summer of 1998, She did all the work to build the forum and housed it first on a friends domain hosting online and then later housed it on her own husband's host server. Susan Bennett, aka Jameson, was only the moderator of the JonBenet Ramsey Forum section until May 18, 1999. Below are posting by "Murphy" revealing some person quotes from IM and PM she had with Susan Bennet as late as May 7, 1999, just 13 days before Murphy told her she wanted her resignation from the forum.


Murphy's Posting on WebbSleuths Forum

7. "SB"

Posted by Murphy on 17:37:13 6/18/99
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SB invited me to go along on the trip to Atlanta with her. She said she 'felt a need' to be there. Just something she 'felt'... Spooky, IMO.

She also stated that reporters had the Ramseys Atlanta house staked out and they were NOT home.

She KNEW perfectly well that reporters were watching the house so that's why she went. You'd have to be blind not to see that much.

Her goal is to get her name in print, she wants her chance on TV. That's why she's holding a tad of Foster info in reserve... She wants to use it for leverage to get her some publicity.

"Jack Furlong is talking to MSNBC about bringing me up - I don't know what show - I think Judge and Jury"

"Doug longhini is asking CBS if they are interested in me on the morning show."

"I have to call InsideEdition back and I am considering DateLine and Larry King Live - I am not sure but have a couple people who offered to go to them for me too"

Of course that's why SB when to NY, dontcha know. She's trying to pry her way into one or several of the major networks.


8. "more"
Posted by Murphy on 17:43:57 6/18/99
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"Waiting to hear from some news stations - I intend to go to NYC and give some more interviews - 48 Hours did OK but was a bit unclear and didn't say that the authorities KNEW all that when they used Foster..."

Still looking ... If I find more, I'll let you know. IMO, she's delusional... She sees herself as 'in demand' yet the facts reveal her delusions.


10. "Maria, more..."
Posted by Murphy on 18:38:28 6/18/99
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It's a pattern... Same BIG hoop-la over "In Cold Blood." She sees herself as working on the case with the investigators, forcing them to do what she wants by posting stuff on the forums. LOL

Check out Sue on "In Cold Blood"...

" I mentioned it because I want people to know there is more investigating going on, I mentioned it to force the authorities to look at the book, I mentioned it to get people thinking and looking."

"This is a deliberate act. I am putting up a page to try to get people to look for movie and book lines - hopefully we can uncover more."

"If the investigators ask me not to publish the name at all I won't. I posted it to force the investigators to deal with it - believe it or not, I do know what I am doing - they can't ignore it knowing it may be out soon. Might not hurt a thing - but I want the cops to have the opportunity to go to a suspect who may have been seen with that book and question him without the internet having writtten reams on the subject."

"I am going to make a page on the book and the possible connections to the case and post it when I feel the time is right. For now, I am just giving the cops and investigators a chance to do something on their own. If the investigators ask "

"Do NOT give out the title - very important - I told Kane and others I would NOT! I wrote it not to taunt the posters but to send a message to Kane."

See, in one of the messages above, she has told Kane she will not reveal the name of the book. In another message, she's posting to "SEND KANE A MESSAGE" -- Why if she's telling Kane she will not post the title?

Later on she states that Kane and the crowd had not even heard of her and the book!

Biiiiiig Surprise, NOT!


22. "From the beginning..."
Posted by Murphy on 06:41:27 6/19/99
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May 7, 1999

5:30 PM SB: "I asked because I might go to Atlanta - SHHHHHHH - and thought you might like to go with me."

5:31 Murphy: "To do what?"

5:33 SB: " Not sure, exactly - I feel I need to go and I will figure out why when I get there."

5:50 SB: "If I were to go to Atlanta on Monday and home tuesday - you want to come along?"

5:51 SB: "OK - please do NOT tell anyone I am going - there is enough going on withoug Andereson or someone catching wind of it."

5:52 Murphy: "What's going on?"

5:53 SB: "Nothing - just I know the Ramseys have been unable to go home, I don't want anyone watching out for me - if I go to the cemetary I don't want anyone watching for me..."

5:53 SB: "NBC has their house staked out - they can't go home -"

6:17 SB: " - in IM with Boulder right now"

Now she posts this:

SB: "Yes, I went to Atlanta in May. I went to hang angels on the tree by JonBenét's grave."

Well, you can see from the above conversation that the intent of the trip didn't focus on hanging angels... In fact, she wasn't exactly sure but would figure it out when she got there. Hmmmmmmm

Even if it did, I find 10 hour, 2 day, car trips every few months to hang angels on the grave of a child you've never met a tad "obsessive". Maybe that's just me.