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5. "RE: WebbSleuths = #1"

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Jameson, you must have forgot this interview you did on the same Dave Lucas show where you are quoted below:

"Murphy is the one who owns WebbSleuth's actually and I only moderate the one forum on that site."

Murphy did in fact own the WebbSleuths Community of Forums and she housed it first on a domain called something like "smileyface.com" and later she moved her forum to the "munitrading.com" server. That was in the fall of 1998. Prior to that Murphy had the WebbSleuths Mountain Forum. The original WebbSleuths Forum was a "community of forums," and there were actually about seven different subject forums there and the JonBenet Ramsey Forum was just one of them and that is the only one of the seven that you moderated.

When Murphy asked you to resign as moderator of the JonBenet Ramsey Forum in May 1999 (that was part of the WebbSleuths community of forums) that is when you left to open your own forum. Murphy asked you to resign because you were posting personal information of other posters on the Boulder News Forum and she felt it was endangering their families.

Unfortunately while Murphy was the owner and used the WebbSleuths name as a trademark on her forum, she never actually reserved the domain name of the same name. You told Murphy that the new forum you were opening was going to be called the JonBenet Ramsey Forum but instead you registered the www.webbsleuths.com domain and then purchased some forum software and proceeded to claim the WebbSleuths name was also yours.

There are hundreds of forum threads from your beginning forum and on Murphy's WebbSleuths forum documenting the war between the two of you on what Murphy called a theft of the WebbSleuths name. Both of you continued to use the WebbSleuths name for almost a year and your members (they called themselves 'the notorious gang of twenty" were constantly referencing your forum as "Jameson's WebbSleuths" and Murphy's forum as "Murphy's WebbSleuths" but Murphy continued to call her forum the original name as it was, "WebbSleuths Community of Forums."

Ruthee did reserve the www.websleuths.com domain and she gave it to Murphy but it was not used for many months. It was so confusing for posters that there were two forums with the same name that Murphy finally got fed up and began using the domain Ruthee bought for her and then she changed the name of the forum to Websleuths. When River took over the forum from Murphy she continued to use the Websleuths name but that forum, the one that River owns is and will always be the original WebbSleuths Community of Forums.

Murphy also owned both Tripod accounts that housed both your Jameson's Timeline and your "Thearing web site" and although the information on those sites was supplied by you, Murphy is the one who maintained the sites. When you refused to give up using the WebbSleuths name, Murphy went in and erased all the files on both the Tripod sites. She called it "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." Later you got LovelyPigeon to help you open a new Tripod site and for a while she put your Jameson's Timeline there. The history is well documented and there are too many old timers still out here on the forums that know the truth.

The only reason the name WebbSleuths was remotely associated with you, Jameson, is because you and Lance Matthews sold the story on the Dave Lucas show that way. The original WebbSleuths was owned by Murphy and you were only the moderator at one of the forums there.

Yes, you own this forum here and you won out to keep using the Webbsleuths name and Murphy was forced to change her forum name to Websleuths but that doesn't change one thing. Murphy's WebbSleuths (trademark name) Forum was her and was here first.

This below is from ACR's web site:

Jameson on the Dave Lucas Show (WROW)

in Albany, New York on January 1, 1999:

Transcript of Jameson is below from this realaudio file

Question Asked Was: How did you get started on the Internet

"I heard on the news very early about this and went on the Internet to learn about it and I wanted to see what people were saying and my local paper wasn't going to carry much of it.

So I went on the Internet and first I went on AOL. And they had some newsrooms but they were not totally Ramsey. I kept looking and eventually I also found the Boulder News forum which as far as I am concerned is the "Forum of Record." Boulder News is still there and we all go back to it, it's home. Boulder News is a zoo, it is totally green jello. It has it's good points and it has it's bad points. I think for myself I don't like to wade through all the extraneous material to get to the case stuff but that's Boulder news and that is what you get when you go there.

I post on WebbSleuth's which I also moderate and I also post on Boulder News. Most of the posters there are Pro-Ramsey. We do not tell anybody what they have to post and we do welcome all views and I do not allow flaming and name calling. I am one of the ones who goes in there and will ask them to edit their posts if they call somebody a name or if it is rude or I will delete it and eventually they will get tired of doing that so they post very civilly on that forum and they stick to case ninety percent of the time.

It is a Pro-Ramsey forum, I mean, for the most part that is what it is and Justice Watch is Anti-Ramsey and Boulder news is jello. In our forum anybody can come in and read. You do have to register to read to add anything to the discussion but that is so nobody can borrow your screen name or your hat. The other forum you can't go in and read unless you have registers and unless you've be accepted. I think that is the big difference between the forums, one is private and one is public.

I personally started out with my Timeline and found myself getting a lot of e-mail and making connections with people that actually active on the case as reporters or even investigators. And I found myself kind of drawn into it.

Murphy, who is another poster came to me and said that she wanted to set up, help me learn HTML and help me set up a chat area to go with my Timeline. Murphy is the one who owns WebbSleuth's actually and I only moderate the one forum on that site.

Jameson's Timeline is a very detail timeline that starts before, actually starts on the day that John and Patsy got married and goes through today. I update it every couple of days and whenever there is news I put it in. I also, I found myself that it helped me understand things to put things in order. Things that didn't make sense when they happened, I would put in the timeline and a month later we would find out something happened four days before that incident. And when I went back in the timeline and put it in it started to make sense to me. The timeline now is well over 2000 pages. I don't, it's not like a book with an editor, I don't have to edit it for length. I just keep adding to it and adding to it and I try to put all the documents to the site for people doing research.

When asked why I stick around, I stick around for a couple reasons. Number one I feel very appreciated, I get requests from reporters, journalist, screenwriters, screen playwrights. They will e-mail me and they will say, " I am looking for this, can you help me?" and I will e-mail it back to them or I will talk to them on the phone. I have been in a good position where people, some people have learned to trust me and they send me information and they ask me to pass it on to investigators because they are afraid to and I have done that. I've also managed to spend some time in Boulder and meet some of these people, go to the house so I stay because I kept getting drawn more into it. I am learning more all the time.

Yes, I have been called the historian and the archivist of the case because I have this timeline that is there all the time. And as far as being an expert, yeah, I will because when I was in Boulder last who are working on television shows for main networks and we would sit down and we would talk about the case and they would bring up one facet of the case, I could go off on a tangent for an hour on just that one facet of the case and they were very impressed so if asked if I am an Internet expert, yeah I am.

I think there is such a cross section of people here, there are lawyers, there are reporters, there are a couple of nuns, there's business people, there are shut-ins and there are some people I think really probably should belong on the Internet on any forum because they are crazy. But you get a really wide of cross section. I don't think there is really one type of prison. Everybody comes on. Some people you bond and become friends and others are vicious. There is no one time, no.”


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9. "RE: WebbSleuths = #1"

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From WebbSleuths Community Forum:

7. "The Resignation"

Posted by Murphy on 10:37:00 6/06/99

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The Resignation

I didn't tell the story about it's resignation but I will now.

She posted the real life names of posters. At least one was not known to the public. She did it out of pure meanness.

My email overflowed. Posters here asking if she had access to their personal info and could she do the same to them if she got mad. At that point, I took registration away from her to keep her from having access to posters personal information. I told her the extra WORK she was causing me and asked her to PROMISE ME that she'd NEVER do that again. She couldn't... So, I said, then I want your WORD that you will RESIGN at WebbSleuths BEFORE you ever do anything like that again because I'm overloaded with WORK caused by your meanspirited actions. She gave

me her WORD.

Lo and Behold, a few weeks passed and she did it AGAIN but had NOT resigned first.

I messaged her and asked WHY she didn't keep her WORD to me. She replied, "I resign NOW" in those EXACT words.

That's it folks, the whole truth. That's just another time she gave me her WORD and didn't honor her WORD.

Now she is attemptiong to LEVERAGE the name here to her advantage. Her stealing the WebbSleuths name is just another example in a long list of times she did not keep her WORD.”


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11. "RE: WebbSleuths = #1"

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13. "Burke"

Posted by jameson on 19:55:40 5/18/99

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The Burke theory and threads did NOT have anything to do with my resignation.

I posted my explanation on another thread - apparently another issue is coming up and I want to make a statement on THAT.

I am being told that my resignation was largely because I posted personal information about two posters on BNF.

Well, I exposed the two posters who are using MY NAME as their shared that. Both of these people are as public, IMO, as Hoffman, Coffman and Bennett. They have gone on the radio, on TV and run websites on Ramsey. I don't think posting THOSE names was "outing" anyone.

If that is my sin, open those doors to Hell cause I feel no remorse.

So now, all the e-mail questions on THAT issue can stop.

I want to be able to follow the Ramsey investigation. I intend to continue to document the investigation on the TimeLine. I will post when I see a chance to add to the conversation.


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12. "RE: WebbSleuths = #1"

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From the "Larry King tonight" thread on WebbSleuths:


20. "my resignation"

Posted by jameson on 17:59:42 5/18/99

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FIRST, let me say this is the best JonBenét forum available and I was glad I was a part of making it what it is.

Then let me explain my actions.

When this forum was set up, "jameson" came on as the moderator.

"jameson" was invited AS jameson to help get this started, to set the rules and moderate the forum, to keep the peace. I was not asked to come on as an anonymous poster with no personality - I was asked to come on as "jameson".

It was a bit controversial, but I think it worked out fine.

I came on and worked hard to set it up, to keep the topic current, to keep the forum a place I would want to spend time, a place for JonBenét.

I NEVER stopped any Ramsey discussion. I may not have participated in some discussions, but no Ramsey topic was not allowed.

When I woke up this morning, I never expected this to be my last day as moderator.

But it is.

I will only say two things.

1. I feel the moderator of a forum should be allowed to do that task.

2. Being the moderator shouldn't mean the moderator can't post whatever he/she wants. If I have to step down as moderator to post as "jameson", that's the way it has to be.

I would love to stay on as moderator, but some felt my name on the door was a bad reflection on the forum. So it isn't there anymore.

That's OK. Life goes on.

The forum is here, it is strong.

I am sure Murphy will do her best to keep it that way.

Now, that's enough on this subject.

Back to case.



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14. "RE: WebbSleuths = #1"

In response to message #12


"But if you have the threads, you can see that upon my resignation, Gsquared, Ruthee and the others were allowed to post. THAT was the reason for my departure - the ONLY reason."

That may be the reason YOU left Murphy's WebbSleuths forum but the reason MURPHY wanted you to leave as moderator of the JonBenet forum at WebbSleuths was because she claimed you were posting personal information of posters over on the Boulder News Forum.

Murphy asked you to resign from the WebbSleuths Community of Forums and you did resign. That is a fact.


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17. "RE: Continue"

In response to message #13


16 . "Hmmm"

Posted by jameson on Oct-29-99 at 01:51 PM (EST)

The posts were from JW.

I put those posts here, not in the Ramsey room because they ARE about not the case - they are

"gossipy". No doubt.

Do I need to explain again about WebbSleuths?

Short explanation -

The forum was set up as a companion to the TimeLine.

I coined the name WebbSleuths.

WebbSleuths was associated with me, not Murphy, in people's minds.

When I left, I decided NOT to leave the name behind - didn't ask anyone's opinion, seek anyone's blessing, and make no apology.

End of story.

I think of our forum as WebbSleuths - - Murphy's forum is just that - Murphy's forum. Her forum

is no longer dedicated to the serious and civil discussion of the Ramsey case, not connected to

the TimeLine.


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18. "RE: Continue"

In response to message #17


"Joining this forum"

Posted by jams on Jun-13-00 at 08:43 AM (EST)

I see a lot of misinformation out there about this forum. So here it is.

I used to be the moderator at Murphy's forum. I resigned for several reasons. One is because Murphy had started emailing me and suggesting what I post. STRONGLY suggesting. I was also put off because Murphy and Texas wanted to let in Gsquared and others who had made other forums jello.

I left and Murphy went off - Suddenly I went from a good person to scum. I didn't bother to fight back, I just started my own forum - and that is where we are now.

The forum is what it is. Not everyone is going to like it - and not everyone is welcome here.

All POV are welcome, but people who have proven themselves to be liars, troublemakers, flamers, etc, are NOT.

That being said - the forum has a few rules. Participants can hold any POV and state it - we can disagree nicely.

There is to be no porn here - cuss words are frowned on but sometimes, well, things just have to be said - and we are all adults.

We do NOT attack other posters - we discuss the case, discuss the evidence and theories, but calling another poster names is a waste of space and demeaning to the forum. Isn't done.

The exception to that is when the person is a public figure. If someone has gone forward and appeared on radio, TV, papers, etc.... then the rules are more lax. I don't allow a LOT, but those people do get toasted a bit at times. (That would be NYL, MM and me, for the most part.)

No flaming spouses or family of posters - they aren't part of this.

No posting personal information that is not available elsewhere. The names of webmasters is public - the names of posters are NOT. Pretty simple.

Don't post anything that could get us sued. Do NOT post that Mr. Ed so-and-so is the killer - or even a suspect - if it isn't verified elsewhere.

I think that is about it - basically, be civil - and stick to the facts as much as possible.

NOW on the money - it has always been a $50.00 donation to help maintain the forum. That is a one time fee that should cover all expenses through 2001. The forum DOES cost every month. I see no reason why posters shouldn't share the expense.

The other forums may say they are free - but someone is paying - and all forums request their members pitch in. I am just trying to be fair.

I used to give a two month free trial - but when it was obvious that some BORG were signing up ONLY to be here for 2 months, I changed the policy. The forum is well established - people can see what they are joining - and if they want to join, they can pay a membership fee to start. Wehave several new members - the policy has not stopped the forum from growing.

I guess that's it - except to say that this is the ONLY forum where people truly invest something into it - they register with their own names, pay a fee and often help work to make the forum better. LP does the News, nessa has the archives and jimb has the documents. If others are interested in doing something, ask. There is plenty to be done. Pages on theories, people, subjects. Just pick something that interests you and go for it!



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19. "RE: Continue"

In response to message #18


 This must be another one of Murphy's lies, eh?

7. "Quote from that thread..."

Posted by Murphy on 13:02:15 12/14/99

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Sue Bennett states, "I was banned for starting this forum"

What a freaking, Typical, Sue Bennett, Blatant Lie!

That is a lie and not a funny one either. SB was dismissed as moderator here because she willfully endangered posters, their families, their children by publishing their real life names and addresses when one of them crossed her. Not Funny!

SUuEee was later banned from here when she started stealing everything that wasn't nailed down. Waaaaay too many witnesses to that sorry behavior for hir to even attempt to lie about what transpired. Not to mention, archives galore!

I have turned the other cheek numerous times of late as she has continuously slammed, banged, and lied about me and WebbSleuths. Well folks, I've met her in person and I can honestly tell you, I'm WAAAAY out-cheeked ... If you get my drift.

If she doesn't want my undivided attention, she'll stop hir smear campaign against me and WebbSleuths. Her constant flames and bashing of WebbSleuths moderators and WebbSleuths posters has worn thin. Hir unwarranted blatant lies are transparent! Not to mention, easy to prove. Too easy in fact, just like the TOS lies she started yesterday.

Fact is, in the whole scheme of things, SB is NOT even on the scale as far as this case goes. She is totally insignificant and not worthy of such attention.

And, last but not least ... Please don't give out hir URL because that is where she publishes the personal information which endangers posters and their families... If you must, you can use, http://www.MeMeMeMe.com and most folks will equate the two.

CandyRose, are you copying this to brillcontent.com since they're

interested in the subculture?


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20. "RE: Continue"

In response to message #19


From Jameson's WebbSleuths Forum:

2 . "well"

Posted by jams on Dec-13-99 at 09:21 AM (EST)

when I was monitoring WebbSleuths on Murphy's forum she told me repeatedly that she was

legally responsible for everything that was posted there - that she and her husband could be

sued. SHE was responsible.

When I left she warned me that if I got my own domain I too would be liable for what showed up

on MY forum.

When I went shopping for my domain I checked - and I was told that the server is NOT liable for

what is posted - I agreed to be responsible for what appears on my site. That is the reason I

wwent for it - now if someone has a bitch about something I write, they have two options -

complain to me - and complain to me.

Murphy can't go back now and say she is NOT responsible.

What is interesting is that she has this set of rules up but doesn't claim to know who her posters

are. And one of the posters there pointed out that while an ISP may track back to one computer,

you can't prove who was hitting the keys!

I just think the contract is interesting - and a joke.


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21. "RE: Continue"

In response to message #20


"Sorry guys"

Posted by jams on Jun-15-00 at 08:51 AM (EST)

When I started this forum, Murphy banned everyone who joined here. Seems she is going to do that again - anyone who is here will be required to pay her to post there.

"My Choice"

Posted by Murphy on 06:29:31 6/15/2000

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I just had a great idea. For all those who are sending jam$ $50.00 to post -- Send WebbSleuths $50 and you'll be reactivated. Email me for the address -- I will divide it among the Moderators here that do all the work. Those who are registered at jam$, Email: webmaster@munitrading.com for the address."

This is typical of Murphy - I quit moderating her forum - and if anyone researches the issue they will see that Murphy announced my RESIGNATION - and I started my own forum. I made up the name WebbSleuths, it was associated with ME (most people had no idea Murphy was involved and that is documented in the discussions following my resignation) - the name WebbSleuths was associated with me on 48 Hours and I owned the MIRC room #WebbSleuths and so I took the name when I left. No apologies!

When I set up my own foorum, Murphy went ballistic and lied about a lot of things - actually, anyone researching things could see that for themselves - I never felt the need to document that mess - figured enough witnessed the whole thing and knew.

Now she has her forum and I have mine.

I don't ban Misty for badmouthing me on Murphy's forum - figure she's entitled to her opinion.

But Murphy can't handle me getting any support there and so is punishing the posters who don't want to be forced to make a choice.

Poor Murphy. She is like that little kid who jealously needs to possess her "friends". You're MY friend - don't talk to HER!!! Wahhhh.

Sorry guys - maybe she will see how petty she is being and change her mind.



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23. "RE: Continue"

In response to message #22


Just for your own history archives. This was copied directly from a thread at the WebbSleuths forum May 19, 1999. As you can see there were many activites listed as part of that forum community at the time.


Site Menu / Bookmark Reminder*** ALL FORUMS ***All JonBenet Ramsey News Updates Case Files Ramsey Murder Chat Schedule cybersleuths Ghost Children Global Online Newspapers Jameson's Timeline Jameson's by Month J.T. Colfax Lady Bug's Garden Missing KidsPolzin's Links R. Ressler Chat Sunny Day JonBenet Talk Spot JonBenet Ramsey Tribute to Lou Smit WebbSleuths Off-site Archives WebbSleuths Archives B.N.F. WebbSleuths T.O.S .WROW 590 Radio WROW Chat Logs and RA Files Your Sleuthing Links


"WebbSleuths ownership?"


Table of Contents


WebbSleuths ownership?, maikai, 05:21:09, 5/19/99

maikai, Murphy, 05:24:54, 5/19/99, (#1)

Thanks, Murphy, , maikai, 05:49:19, 5/19/99, (#2)

Thanks Maikai, Murphy, 05:54:03, 5/19/99, (#3)

Murf, Bluefire, 06:53:43, 5/19/99, (#4)

Blue~, Murphy, 07:01:44, 5/19/99, (#5)

Oh ..., Murphy, 07:10:35, 5/19/99, (#6)

Murf, Bluefire, 07:21:06, 5/19/99, (#7)

Blue ~, Murphy, 07:27:45, 5/19/99, (#8)

Site Developers URL?, Bluefire, 07:47:24, 5/19/99, (#9)

URL, Murphy, 07:52:28, 5/19/99, (#10)

DC Forum Software, Bluefire, 08:39:56, 5/19/99, (#11)

Yep Blue ~, Murphy, 14:38:59, 5/20/99, (#12)

Old Mountain Board, Charo, 17:18:05, 5/22/99, (#13)

Hi Charo, Afton, 17:32:57, 5/22/99, (#14)

Hi Afton, Charo, 18:42:36, 5/22/99, (#15)

Charo, Murphy, 18:49:49, 5/22/99, (#16)

www.jonbenet.com, Bluefire, 15:01:33, 5/25/99, (#17)


"WebbSleuths ownership?"

Posted by maikai on 05:21:09 5/19/99

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I'll try this again. I thought I had posted this last night....but it was late, and perhaps I made an error.

Just curious as to who is repsonsible for setting up Webbsleuths.....who is behind it?



1. "maikai"

Posted by Murphy on 05:24:54 5/19/99

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Me maikai ~

BUT WebbSleuths is the product of a community effort. I am NOT the only one doing the work around here.

I hope you don't mind me moving this to the JR ... That is where we discuss things other than JonBenet.



2. "Thanks, Murphy, "

Posted by maikai on 05:49:19 5/19/99

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I was beginning to get suspicious when the second post disappeared---I should have thought of posting it here, anyway. What made you start Webbsleuths? (sorry if this is a question you've already answered). BTW: I like the website very much, compared to a lot of the other ones out there.



3. "Thanks Maikai"

Posted by Murphy on 05:54:03 5/19/99

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What made me start WebbSleuths?

Well some of us were looking for a place to go when J-7 would get so trashed by the flamers that it was useless to post there.



4. "Murf"

Posted by Bluefire on 06:53:43 5/19/99

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Good morning. I'd like to hear more about where the Mountain Board came from and how, if it all, it evolved into WBBS. Also, I'm wondering if Mountain Board was ever archived, or if all those great old posts have been dissolved back into the ozone.

Is "Murphy's Mountain" still around someplace?



5. "Blue~"

Posted by Murphy on 07:01:44 5/19/99

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A friend made and gave the Mountain Board to me. He also taught me what was necessary to maintain the board.

Me and cgi do not get along well together. It is so darn picky. Somehow I manage though and the board has evolved to where we are today.

Only a handful of those old archives are still online. Xoom made lots of changes and wiped out many online directories including all the old BNF archives. Others had copies of those to get them back online but I didn't have copies of the Mountain Board.

You're right ~ Lotsa good posts there!



6. "Oh ..."

Posted by Murphy on 07:10:35 5/19/99

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Murphy's Mountain is offline at the moment. I changed servers and have not put it back up yet. Thought I'd update it a bit first.



7. "Murf"

Posted by Bluefire on 07:21:06 5/19/99

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Mountain Board was a great forum. I loved seperating all the posts with tildes or long lines of dashes. Did WBBS directly replace it (was it taken down the day WBBS was put up)?


I have a few of my longer posts... especially the twelve page four part theory... and a few of the threads devoted to what posters said that my pet suspects said. Maybe some other stuff too. Like the picture of hell I posted and dedicated to the perp. LOL.

Whoever created the code for WBBS forum, congratulations.... the format is the best (that I know of) on the web. Or is it a commercial program?

I have been thinking of starting a discussion board on Delphi on socio-politcal and economic issues effecting children and youth... but doubt very much that anyone would show up.



8. "Blue ~"

Posted by Murphy on 07:27:45 5/19/99

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This software is commercial ... I bought it from David at SiteDeveloper... It's the same guy that did the J-7 board.

A teeny tiny handfull of us posted on WebbSleuths occasionally and the URL wasn't public. Somebody found us and posted our old posts. That's when we came out of hiding - so to speak.



9. "Site Developers URL?"

Posted by Bluefire on 07:47:24 5/19/99

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Is there an URL where someone like myself could find out more about the software?

WBBS went public then about July 1, 1998 and Mountain Board was taken down at the same time... sort of a merger?



10. "URL"

Posted by Murphy on 07:57:22 5/19/99

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When - I'm not sure - Maybe somebody else knows that.

Mountain Board came down when we switched to the munitrading server.



11. "DC Forum Software"

Posted by Bluefire on 08:39:56 5/19/99

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Thanks for the URL, I just downloaded the "Lite" version which is free!!!!! Now maybe I'll find some time to play with it. The full version for non-commercial use is only $39.00. Amazing stuff.



12. "Yep Blue ~"

Posted by Murphy on 14:38:59 5/20/99

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It is amazing and a serious learing experience...

I want to clear up the 'history' of the Mountain Board and WebbSleuths because I'm being informed there is misinformation floating around.

Jameson's Timeline was linked to the Mountain Board.

WebbSleuths was NOT part of anything. It was only a little hide out where about 5 or 6 of us would make a post or so a day. Nothing major went on there.



13. "Old Mountain Board"

Posted by Charo on 17:18:05 5/22/99

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If anyone is looking for old Mountain threads, I have a ton of them.

And August, if you see this, please add Charo to the list of Ramsey Did It folks :)




14. "Hi Charo"

Posted by Afton on 17:32:57 5/22/99

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I would love to see our old posts again--can they be put on a website?

August can't edit my post on the INDEX, but I will put you with the "A" Ramsey did it folks.




15. "Hi Afton"

Posted by Charo on 18:42:36 5/22/99

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Sorry - was scanning the threads and confused you and August :)

I still have my doubts but could never indict either of them if I was on a Grand Jury.

I guess we'll see though :)

I asked Murphy at one time if the reposting of old mountain threads was ok, but I think she was worried about the content being misinterpreted or something.

Hey Murphy, if you change your mind, please email me!



16. "Charo"

Posted by Murphy on 18:49:49 5/22/99

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I mailed you ... If you want to put them online, I don't see why not. Just don't change the content in any way please.


17. "www.jonbenet.com"

Posted by Bluefire on 15:01:33 5/25/99

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Is already held by a Friend to Friend Co. in Kansas.

But let me suggest http://www.jonbenetforum.com as being something that might be suitable for Jams.



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unregistered user

 Jul-01-03, 02:21 AM (EST)


25. "RE: Continue"

In response to message #24


In August 1998 Murphy purchased the DCForum software from this David person and she started the WebbSleuths Community Forum. Murphy paid for the software and all the monthly billings to the host server for the file storage and bandwidth usage.

WebbSleuths Community of Forums (owned by Murphy)

These were the individual forums that were part of that community:

JonBenet Ramsey Murder - was moderated by Jameson

The Jury Room - was moderated by Texas1

True Crimes - was moderated by Afton

Darlie Routier - was moderated by ??

Missing Children - was moderated by LadyBug

Night Shift - was moderated by Mr.Grummpy ??

Jameson, the problem was that ALL of the above "individual" forums were part of the WebbSleuths Community of Forums owned by Murphy. You were only the moderator of ONE of those forums, the JonBenet Ramsey Murder Forum, but when you resigned you took the WebbSleuths name with you but the main WebbSleuths name was the name for ALL of the above forums.

If you felt you owned the WebbSleuths forum then why didn't you take

all the above forums with you to your new site? If Texas1, Afton,

LadyBug or Mr.Grumpy or whoever moderated the Darlie Routier forum had

left WebbSleuths forum before you, would it have been alright if they

had started another forum using the Webbsleuths name?

Jameson, you wrote: "the name WebbSleuths was associated with me on 48 Hours and I owned the MIRC room #WebbSleuths and so I took the name when I left. No apologies!"

Any association to the name "WebbSleuths" on 48 Hours is because that is the way YOU set it up to be. The MIRC chat room called #webbsleuths was reserved because of the Ressler chat as part of your moderator responsibilty position within that WebbSleuths community of forums at that time. That was in April 1999.

When you took the #webbsleuths chat room with you when you left, you took it away from ALL of the WebbSleuths community. You left the other forums and moderators with no chat room.

Jameson, you wrote: "In the transcript, I think it is perfectly clear that WebbSleuths was set up for me - - Murphy knew how to set it up - - but I was the one who started all the threads, set the tone and moderated the forum. It was MY forum."

The "JonBenet Ramsey Murder Forum" was the one you moderated not the WebbSleuths Community Forum. If you set up all the threads, tone and moderation for that forum that is becuase that is the forum you were in charge of moderating. You didn't moderate the true crime, Jury Room, Darlie Routier, Night Shift or Missing Children Forum. All of

them were part of the WebbSleuths Community Forum.

Jameson, you wrote: "When I was taped to be on 48 Hours in 1998, the screen that was shown was "jameson's WebbSleuths". That has been in books, on several documentaries, and it is always linked to me - - not to Murphy, not to River"

No, the screen that showed the name WebbSleuths on 48 Hours was "WebbSleuths Community Forum." The screen that showed the name "Jameson" was "Jameson's Timeline." You are the one who instructed the publishers of DOI to put the name WebbSleuths in the book (not books), not Murphy. What documentery showed the WebbSleuths name?


From CBS 48 Hours April 9, 1999

“WebbSleuths Virtual Sleuthing Community” Screen

Owned by Murphy


From CBS 48 Hours April 9, 1999

“Jameson’s Timeline” Screen

The “Timeline” was owned by Jameson but the Tripod account where timeline was housed was owned and maintained by Murphy. When Jameson refused to give up the WebbSleuths name, Murphy closed the account and removed the timeline.

Jameson, you wrote: "And as for "Community of Forums" - that may be true but I don't have any memory of that at all."

See above.

Jameson, you wrote: "WebbSleuths was associated with me, not Murphy, in people's minds."

No, just the JonBenet Ramsey Murder forum on WebbSleuths Community of Forums was associated with you in the eyes of the WebbSleuths Community. That was the only one you moderated. It was you and Lance Matthews who sold the association connection to you on Dave Lucas show. When the forums referenced Murphy, they referenced the WebbSleuths name. Murphy was well known.

Jameson, you wrote: "When I left, I decided NOT to leave the name behind - didn't ask anyone's opinion, seek anyone's blessing, and make no apology."

The "WebbSleuths" name was part of a community of forums. This is the reason Murphy was so mad when you left and took the name because it didn't belong to just you, it belonged to that whole community.

Using your logic then any of the moderators on any of the other non JonBenet Ramsey forums within your Jameson's WebbSleuths forum right here on this forum can leave and start their own forum and name it WebbSleuths forum.


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