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Jameson's nasty letter to Linda Hoffman-Pugh (Former Ramsey Housekeeper)


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"Letter to LHP"


Are you aware that you attorney is filing an appeal in your name? I have to wonder.

I was pretty upset when NYL first filed the lawsuit - - it was a bogus suit, I think you knew it but thought - - "Why not? Like a lottery ticket, I could end up rich."

You were NEVER accused of JonBenét's murder in their book. You KNOW that.

You were considered a suspect - - you know THAT! You DID work for them, you were in the house many times, you did have money problems. Your name was discussed as someone who needed to be investigated. That is the TRUTH - - not libel, not slander. And not anything the Ramseys had control over.

I was 1500 miles away, never heard of the family before, but I posted very early on that the family was innocent and that JonBenét's name was not in the ransom note. That kind of behavior got ME on the same list - - I was asked to call in to discuss things.

You know what? It wasn't fun but it wsn't so damn bad. Not worth suing anyone over. Epecially since the actions that put me on the list were my own!

I am spitting angry at you, Linda Hoffmann-Pugh. You claimed you cared about JonBenét and her family. You have shown total disrespect and disregard for both.

Since you are supposedly undereducated and too stupid to have written the ransom note - - let me speak a bit slower.

Linda, you are scum. Real scum.

You know you were a suspect for a while and the Ramseys actually stuck up for you - - but you would lie about them to try to get money.

You are scum.

But I want to remind you that there was more to it.

There was a time when your family was turned in to authorities because a kiddie porn photo found on-line looked very much like your daughter. I know that to be true because I personally contacted the Fort Lupton police and Lou Smit and the CBI about the site.

The image of your daughter's face as seen on the cover of a tabloid (a story I believe you were paid for) was so close to that on the porn site that there was a 6 week investigation into the matter.

I don't know if that was your daughter or not. I think the investigation was handled improperly and while there was obviously no arrest, I will say I saw the images and I still believe the photos may well have been your daughter.

Regardless - - I have to wonder - - if you ever were to get to court with this BS lawsuit, could the defense bring up all reasons why you and your family might have been on the suspect list? Would the FACT that there was this investigation into the porn be allowed in?

Would you really subject your daughter to that?

For what? To defend a lie?


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