Observations on J7 Closing

Below was a posting that “SundanceKid” (aka The Kid) copied from the Joshua 7 Forum whereas a poster known as “Tyzano” posted her observations on the day that forum closed.

Subject: J7

Date: Wed, Aug 5, 1998 12:30 EDT

From: SundanceIM


for those of you who post on J7, or used to, here is what the Mountain Bored is saying about the whole thing. (Lies, all lies, they NEVER do anything WRONG do they?)

For those of you who don't care about J7.....sorry, jsut scroll on by.

Re: Observations on J7 Closing

Posted by tyzano on August 05, 1998 at 11:45:39:

In Reply to: Re: Observations on J7 Closing posted by Murphy on August 05, 1998 at 11:23:39:

: : For those that weren't watching the show last night, I can tell you what I observed on J7. One of the last posts on Shylurk's thread, was by Jonesy accusing Seal of posting her ISP# on a post at J7 and using her name, even though she said there was a typo in the #.

: : 1. The ISP# posted by Seal began 162.163.

: : 2, The typo is the 6 probably should be a 5.

: : 3. I have been looking at the ISP# at the Boyle site and there is no 162, but several 152.163 which are AOL #.

: : 4. When my browser goes to a website, my browser # is shown at the bottom of the screen until fully connected, and I can tell you that the 153.162.xxx are AOL# along with the 205.188.xxx and 152.204.xxx. There are probably more, but those are what my browser shows.

: : 5. Several posting at Boyles are AOL with identical # to mine, and I know it wasn't me, so to sort out who is posting with AOL over there, only AOL can sort out.

: : 6. Jonesy's claim was false that Seal posted her name with that number. Jonesy was not mentioned in that post. So she clearly wanted to start trouble. That was after 9:30 pm and J7 closed down shortly thereafter.

: : 7. That number was invalid with the 162 instead of 152 which is an AOL# and an AOL member.

: : 8. Shylurk started a thread "Are you Concerned", was upset and trying to get Murphy to tell her exactly what a sysop does as far as giving out names to go with ISP#. Saying that innocent people could be at risk of posters wanting to do havoc.

: : 9. Murphy was accused of handing out ISP # to "reporting posters" Murphy didn't know what that meant and the thread got quite long with Murphy trying to explain and Shy not understanding. It was explained that a sysop would not give names out unless they have good cause.

: : 10. Two threads were started last night to ban Newt and Murphy. The one by Chris who said he was leaving anyway and gave J7 a parting gift to ban Murphy.

: : 11. Another thread was calling Jams a liar concerning the kitten that she gave Anderson

: : 12. Another thread started because Anderson posted a picture of what now turned out to be Ruthee At first Denver accused Jams of posting someone's picture, but it turned out that both Jams and Ruthee claim the picture to be of them and that Anderson is the one that posted not Jams.

: : 13. But Denver didn't stop there and started another thread demanding that Jams apologize and saying it was wrong to post another's picture, claiming that Jams gave the picture to Anderson.

: : If I think of anymore I will post it.

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: Thanks for the *night-cap EG --- Doesn't sound like I missed too much. Sheesh what mean people.

: AOL is cooperating with IDs from the looks of the latest news I've read. People think they're anonymous on the net but they are not - especially if they're up to no good.

: LOL --- Did jonsey make one of her ugly posts on PB's board? What a shock - NOT.

: EG --- Like I know what a reporting poster is --- I'd never heard of one. Well - Panico called hirself a reporter for J-7 so I figured it was some new title posters were giving themselves. Who knew?? I didn't. And if people wanna play games and not tell me what they're talking about - They shouldn't be disappointed when I don't try to guess. LOL -Murf

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It all comes back to one thing, doesn't it. In Murphy's terms of service, I think she put it the most succcinctly - if it's illegal out there, it's illegal in here. PERIOD.

If you don't do something WRONG, then there is no way, reason, nor rhyme for anyone to get personal information about you. If you harass, stalk, attack, libel etc. other people out here, you're gonna get in trouble. If you do it in there, you're gonna get in trouble. If you don't hurt anyone, there's no reason you won't remain anonymous. BUT - if your actions are designed to hurt someone else and/or criminal, you are going to have to answer to it - one way or the other, and if that means your personal information is released, then your personal information is released! The victims DO have rights, folks. Remember?

Unfortunately, people seem to think that they have this anonymous umbrella (ick - the "U" word) around them wrapping them in some protective layer that will keep em safe when they hurt others. Well folks, it DOESN'T. No one can be completely anonymous. EVER. You must be and will be held accountable for your actions. And, unfortunately, the wrongful actions of a few have affected the lives of many. That is the sad part.

If they are shut down now, well that is a shame. But they brought it on themselves. It'll be interesting to see what forum they trash next.




Posted by The Kid