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Posted by AuntieBJ on 11:34:14 8/29/2000


I am in the process of deleting every single stinking one of your precious priceless threads from my archive files. I wouldn’t dirty my host server with them. Am I angry? You are damn right I am. I am one of the most calm and collective people you will ever know but you have pushed me to the edge. I am not a thief and I did not steal anybody’s work. My web site was free and was there for you. Yes, it was a pleasure and a wonderful feeling of accomplishment on my part to be able to again use my abilities to provide a working research tool and history archive to a group of people I was proud to be a part of.


My ACandyRose Internet Subculture web site and my ACandyRose Subculture TimeLine were two different things. The subculture web site showed the good, the bad and the ugly of individual posters, individual events. The Timeline "was" the history of YOUR threads and your postings, your actual real life threads in your own words, not something that would be misconstrued by me or anybody else. The TimeLine covered everybody on all the forums. It was probably the first time in history that all the threads from all the forums were consolidated into one web site. That is why it was important to use them. The "balance" was important.


I wanted to be able to include DocG’s analysis and Greenleaf’s humor and Ginja’s level head and Denver’s parody and Panico’s transcripts, Beanie’s relentless fight for his right to freedom of speech, Jameson’s die hard drive for the Pro Rams, Geno’s IRC chat room and the wonderful times we use to have there at night, Texas1’s Jury Room, and then there were the real life gatherings, photos, smiling faces, happy happy. And then there was the Dave Lucas show that I spent hours and hours on to record and encode and upload and provide for you to listen to. I could go on and on and on. What did I get out of it? Nothing . I made no money. It was a free web site on a free host servers. It took me a lot of hours or work, a labor of love. It was a part of me and one small gift that I was personally give of myself.


You know I have sat back and read this thread in amazement. I asked myself over and over where was Chris to set the record straight. She finally arrived hundreds of posting later. My hat goes off to her on her final posting.


You people are complaining and bitching make me sick. You make me ashamed to be part of this subculture. You make me ashamed to be a member of this forum. You have called me a thief, you have suggested that my ACandyRose Subculture Forum is there to plot and plan dastardly deeds. There are members on your own forum who are the masters of that. You are a bunch of the biggest whining cry babies I have ever witnessed on the Internet and in real life. My web site was a history archive file and nothing more. I wanted to be able to tell the world of the talent, of the humor, of the creativity, of the perseverance, of the type of people who fight for justice, that they were "real" people and not just some cyber idiots hanging out on the Internet and yes the bull$hit, that was there too. There were hoaxes and game playing and hacking and the Pro and Anti Ramsey groups and forum wars and poster wars. It was the good, the bad and the ugly. Did you only want to have the good side of the subculture history to be seen?


Kiss my royal cyber a$$ !!


The ACandyRose Internet Subculture web site WILL NOT go away but many of your quality essays will. You do not deserve to be a part of the history files certainly not in the original light I had thought you belonged. I will write the history site myself, I am fully capable to do that. I wanted to be able to use your own words, your own postings to represent YOU as reference but I don’t need them.


Thank you

ACandyRose (aka AuntieBJ)


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ACandyRose Internet Subculture Forum thread titled, “Darby's Rant on JW Threads”


From: ACandyRose 8/28/2000 8:38 pm

To: ALL (1 of 6) 7.1


First I want everybody here to know that I had full permission from Chris Wheeler to use ALL of her JW threads when I created the ACandyRose Subculture TimeLine. I thought was important to show a good balance in the forum posters in issues discussed and she did too. Chris had one major restriction though and that was that I not link the TimeLine with her archive on her forum as she was converned with hits to her host server thus costing her more money. She told me to upload the threads to a server account of my own.


To do that I had to open accounts at several host servers since the volume of JW threads were in the hundreds. Not only did the thread titles have to be changed but on the more recent threads I had to go into the source code of the threads to remove the current JW host link so it would not cost Chris more money.


That was a few months ago. Today Chris sent me e-mail telling me that I no longer have her permission to use the threads. I would assume it has to do with the current rant that both Darby and Mary99 are doing on JW practically as I speak. Of course Chris is not bothering to let either of the posters know that she gave me permission to use the threads and the deal about me uploading to my own server so they are making it sound like I was stealing them. Chris gave me the right to use them and that is why they were used as full threads.


Obviously Paranoia on JW is running pretty high these days after all the Mystery Woman and Fleet White threads. There were some excellent sluething threads in that group too. Anyway because of the massive interest in the Mystery Woman story and with it being discussed on all the major forums I decided to write a "Callie the Mystery Woman" story to help those who were not familiar understand what was going on. As part of that story I decided to consolidate all the related threads together on one host server. The free host servers have a major problem with letting people access files from their server without an index page to point to the files. And I never registered the pages with any search engines beause the host server does that, well at least I know Tripod does.


After I finished my view and opinion of the "Callie the Mystery Woman" story I put the link out on the forums for everybody, on the ACR, WS and JW. I made sure all associated forum threads were part of my host server account to use a reference. Well everything was fine and dandy while they were all talking about the mystery woman and rumors about Fleet White and the sex rings, etc. etc.


Then came the libel charges by Fleet White and somebody discovered that Fleet White was suppose to have handed in tons of documentation and later Mame told the JW posters that the documentation was from the forum threads. Well red lights went off.


I guess they are all worried that Fleet is going to knock on their door tomorrow. So now we have mass paranoia. They are even putting disclaimers on their posts that Fleet better now use their postings.


Where in the hell did they think they were when they were posting on the JW forum? I mean it is a public forum that the entire world can read and copy and paste and print and they are ranting about threads that Chris told me I could use.


Anyway here is the link to the "Callie the Mystery Woman" story that Darby is ranting about. If she took time to read it she would have known what it was. I have removed all of the Justice Watch thread links. The titles of the threads are still there but the actual threads and links are gone. So at the current time it looks like Jameson's forum members are the only ones who did any reseach on the subject and to be honest with you they actually did a pretty good job.


I have added to this site about the current isses regarding the paranoia and the request from Chris to delete all the threads. I hope they don't think that Fleet White probably already has them and probably got them as they were being created right off the JW forum. Hell if I can do it then anybody can do it and other posters do it all the time. Somebody better wake up that crowd and made sure they are not in a "JW Bubble" over there.


Also, evidently due to the situation that occured on the ACR a few days ago with Melissa and Lori, well Chris has deactivated me from the JW Work Out Room. Yesterday I couldn't even get into the JW forum at all and today I am only banned from the JW WOR. I ask Chris about it in my e-mail back to her but she kind of avoided the issue when I specifically mentioned the WOR.


Well that's the's not a pretty one. I still have much work to do to remove all the rest of the JW threads today so I have been pretty busy.