What started off as a posting on Jameson's forum by the "MaskedMan" and his opinion of the person known as "Boot Man" not being considered a realistic suspect in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey turned into an all out fight between Jameson and MaskedMan and he literally got "booted" from her forum.


"Boot Man, not a good suspect"
Posted by MaskedMan on Sep-07-00 at 11:29 PM (EST)

After talking with the family of the so-called Boot Man, I don't consider him a realistic suspect in the murder of JonBenet. It's also questionable whether he killed himself. His death may have been a murder, not a suicide.

The man had no connection whatsoever with the Ramseys. He lived far from their home, and his path never seems to have crossed theirs. He wasn't in their social circle or economic class. He never worked for them. He appears to have had no way of knowing of JonBenet's existence before the murder. He never expressed any knowledge of the Ramseys, he never showed any interest in JonBenet's murder and he wasn't anxious about the case. It's doubtful that he killed himself because of Alex Hunter's press conference.

The man has no criminal record. He wasn't depressed before his death, and he had no history of suicide attempts. He was a collector of weapons and military paraphenalia. The stun gun was part of his collection.

A family member told me that the attempt to link his death to the Ramsey case is "absolutely ludicrous." Based on what I've learned, I think this man is a very unlikely suspect in the Ramsey case. His DNA reportedly doesn't match the foreign DNA in the case. I don't think he killed JonBenet.


2 . "no guardians"
Posted by MaskedMan on Sep-07-00 at 11:58 PM (EST)

He didn't really have any "guardians," even though that word was used in the obituary. He was living in a house with relatives at the time of his death. They wanted to be mentioned in the obituary, so they were called "guardians," for some reason.

He was starting his own business at the time he died. He didn't appear to be depressed or concerned with the Ramsey case in any way. His family suspects foul play in his death.

I can't see any link between this man and the Ramseys. I can't see how he would have known of JonBenet before her death.


4 . "murder or suicide?"
Posted by MaskedMan on Sep-08-00 at 00:19 AM (EST)

The man was shot at a strange angle through his chest. It isn't the normal way to shoot oneself during a suicide. The shooting seems unlikely for a suicide. So, he may have been shot by someone else (or, maybe it was an accidental shooting, for all I know).

The theory that he killed himself as a result of Hunter's press conference is far-fetched. There's no evidence for that notion. It's even questionable that he committed suicide. I don't see any reason to suspect him. His DNA has been ruled out as a match to the foreign DNA. This lead doesn't seem to be going anywhere.


8 . "Guppy"
Posted by MaskedMan on Sep-08-00 at 00:57 AM (EST)

He was shot with his own gun. I don't know whether his death was a murder, suicide or accident. But I don't see any good reason to consider him a suspect in the murder of JonBenet, especially since his DNA has been ruled out.

No, I'm not going to pursue it anymore. I don't see anything here.


12 . "MM"
Posted by jams on Sep-08-00 at 07:46 AM (EST)

I am glad that you got to talk to the family. Did they tell you why they think anyone would have murdered him? I mean, there would have to be some motive, right?

Or why would he have killed himself? Either act requires motivation.

Odd - the newspapers didn't have one word about this suspicious death, don't you think? Lorraine Lawrence and now this one - - seems Boulder doesn't like to think homicide.

OK - back to case.

If this man is totally innocent, if his handwriting and DNA is actually checked and comes back a no match - - if the boots and stun gun can't be linked to the crime - - then I hope the BPD actually clears him as they did John Brewer Eustace (the NC pedophile)

Until then, some of us still think he is someone who needs to be investigated. The fact that you spoke to the family and they said he didn't do this doesn't clear him in my book.

There is some stuff there that DEMANDS he be considered. I hope that the BPD does a real investigation here and determines if he is, in fact, a possible suspect.

Sorry, but I am not going to clear him on your say so any more than I would Mervin Pugh or Joe Barnhill. While I wouldn't accuse them of anything - - I still want to know that they and their kids and others have been checked.

If the cops did this right 3 1/2 years ago, we wouldn't be sitting here now - - I believe that. It is time they really did a FULL investigation. Check all the neighbors, their kids... check all the suicides.... follow those leads that came in long ago.

You don't like him as a suspect. But you can't clear him for cause. Your "gut feeling" after talking to his family isn't enough.

OH - and I apologize - I was wrong when I said his parents were not named int he obituary - - they were - in the first part. When I went back to see the guardian thing they are not listed in that paragraph - - my bad.


17 . "MM"
Posted by jams on Sep-08-00 at 08:42 AM (EST)

I KNOW MM - and I know how he is....

Did he really expect the family to offer him up as the killer? Boots is dead - they live. They lost a loved one and probably wonder what they might have done different to have changed the outcome. The Ramsey case is a hot case - high profile. Maybe they don't want to deal with any of this.

(Remember Lucy's father closed that investigation down because it was uncomfortable - - what makes you think this is any different?)

I really am amazed here - - for nearly 4 years we have heard tht John would cover for Patsy, or Patsy for John, or both of them for Burke, or Fleet, Or GPP.... THAT is acceptable.

But no one else in the world would cover for their loved one? Give me a break!

I would also point out that the Ramseys lost THEIR baby - THEIR daughter - the child who smiled at them and drew them pictures and cheered them up. Why would anyone thing they would deny her and cover for someone - betray her - but people who never met her would have a conscience. Some do and some don't.

Now - I am not saying the family is covering for this guy - - they may not have a CLUE about why he is dead. They may not know anything - they may not be able to accept the possibility.

But the posters here can NOT just say - nope, family says he was a nice guy and wouldn't do this. No way!


35 . "Jameson"
Posted by MaskedMan on Sep-08-00 at 01:21 PM (EST)
LAST EDITED ON Sep-08-00 AT 01:25 PM (EST)

"I KNOW MM - and I know how he is...."

What the hell do you mean by that crack? If you know me, you know that I stick to the facts. I try to be very accurate and logical. Unlike you, I don't twist reality to suit myself.

You missed my point -- apparently, so you could belittle it.

Excuuuuuse me for providing some information.


21 . "Don Bradley has it right"
Posted by jams on Sep-08-00 at 09:24 AM (EST)

We don't know if this guy knew the Ramseys


..if he was interested in cars could he have noticed the jaguar in town? Not many of those, I bet.

He won awards for drafting and John's business dealt in CAD (computer assisted drafting) materials - - I believe they made the programs and printers that drafters use - - could be a link.

Did he know Melinda? We just don't know - - but they were about the same age...

Did he see JBR in the parade? The Ramseys think that is where she was seen and targeted - - just a theory.

He was interested in cars and drafting - - and there is an airport in town - - might he have spent time at the airport studying designs there? Is that a possible link?

Did he take any classes at CU? Did he know John Andrew?

Did he eat at Pasta Jay's?

Was he close friends with someone who knew the Ramseys? Did he ever date someone who knew them? Quite frankly, we don't know. THAT is why investigations are done - to uncover things that people don't know.


25 . "Go LP"
Posted by jameson on Sep-08-00 at 10:33 AM (EST)

The name Valmont Auto Parts is in the obituary - he worked there - if there is a link between his employer and the Ramsey business, why not share?

We are giving simply sharing public articles.

I think it is interesting as well that the articles appeared in the Boulder Business paper and we know someone who wrote for them... I wonder if Chris Wolf knew this person.

Forgive the question - but just how old is Chris Wolf? (I don't know!)

Just wondering.


31 . "little reason for suspicion"
Posted by MaskedMan on Sep-08-00 at 12:07 PM (EST)

Lovely Pigeon,
I'm not privy to the police's reasoning, but since Boot Man was being mentioned as a possible suspect, the police were willing to check him out (perhaps only to satisfy suspicions). Since his DNA doesn't match, this man doesn't even meet the Ramseys' standards for a feasible suspect. So, why should the police pursue him further?

The BPD deserves credit for checking out leads brought to them. Last month, the BPD also compared palmprints from another case. I'm glad the police are being responsive and making some effort.

I didn't say the man lived "too far away." Of course, anyone can drive across town. He lived and worked on Valmont, on the gritty northeast edge of town, in a poorer area, far from the Ramseys. If the man had lived or worked near the Ramseys' neighborhood (where he might have encountered JonBenet), I would consider him a more feasible suspect. I'm just pointing out the lack of connection.

I don't think there is any link between this man and the Ramseys. The Ramseys' investigators have evidently found no link. Sure, as you say, predatory pedophiles may grab a child that they see on the street, but there's no evidence that Boot Man would do that. And that's not what happened to JonBenet. The perpetrator appears to have had some knowledge of the Ramseys.

I don't think Boot Man had any contact or knowledge of the Ramseys. That's an important element in evaluating a possible suspect. Plus, his DNA doesn't match. And I don't think Hunter's press conference would have pushed anyone to commit suicide. His stun gun is irrelevant because I doubt that one was used on JonBenet. So, what does that leave to make him a good suspect? Not much.


40 . "Jameson, get serious"
Posted by MaskedMan on Sep-08-00 at 01:50 PM (EST)

Boot Man was an auto mechanic at a junk yard. He didn't attend the University. He didn't design computer software. He didn't have anything to do with Access Graphics. I seriously doubt that he hung out with Melinda Ramsey. Get serious!

Yes, the Ramseys owned a car and this man was interested in cars. So? Where did you get the notion he was interested in airplanes? You're fantasizing again. Did he eat at Pasta Jays? Who know and who cares. You're really stretching it. If the Ramseys' investigators can't find any connection between the Ramseys and this junk yard mechanic, what does that tell you? There's probably nothing there.


42 . "violet, why suspect in the first place?"
Posted by MaskedMan on Sep-08-00 at 02:04 PM (EST)

There needs to be something called "evidence" in order to consider someone a real suspect.

There was never any evidence against Chris Wolf, except for the ranting of his deranged former girl friend. No one has ever made a case against him, so my comments about him have stood up.

You ask: What does it take for someone to be cleared? Well, for one thing: Boot Man's DNA doesn't match. Does that matter to you?

The question is: Why consider someone a suspect in the first place?

There has to be evidence. Since neither Boot Man's family nor the Ramseys' investigators know of any connection between him and the Ramseys, the chance that he was even aware of JonBenet's existence is very low.


53 . "violet and Gates"
Posted by MaskedMan on Sep-08-00 at 06:26 PM (EST)

Mark Beckner said the DNA was compared. There's no reason to doubt what he says. He's "fair and objective," as Lin Wood said. Beckner has integrity. He's not a liar -- despite Jameson's careless insinuations that he is. I'm sorry to see Jameson lapsing back into reckless charges against Beckner. I was hoping she would follow the examples of Lin Wood and John Ramsey, who both respect Beckner.

Chris Wolf was never connected to the crime by any "known evidence in the murder." The Boulder Business Journal photo has nothing to do with Chris Wolf, and there's no reason to connect the photo to the crime. I don't trust anything his nutty former girl-friend says. She's a mental case. I've known Chris Wolf since before the murder. I don't find anything suspicious about his behavior.

The stun gun theory is just a theory, not a fact. DA Alex Hunter said that investigators have rejected it. I've explained why it's unlikely that a stun gun was used on JonBenet. Boot Man's ownership of a stun gun doesn't prove anything.

No, I'm not doubting Boot Man because I prefer a different theory or suspect. I just don't see any case against the man. He owned a pair of Hi Tec boots. So what? Is everyone a suspect who owns Hi Tecs? Those boots don't make him a genuine suspect. His DNA doesn't match. His actions and sphere of activity don't match. I don't consider anyone a suspect just because that label has been pinned on someone.


60 . "sorry MM"
Posted by jameson on Sep-08-00 at 11:54 PM (EST)

Boulder is a puddle of buildings in a sea of parks and open spaces. It is other-worldly. You are THERE and don't see how warped it is.

I don't make love with my husband in the grocery store, but I watched two women making out - - petting - - in a line at a grocery store in Boulder.

Your cops screwed up and I think you are trying so hard to make them feel good that you have lost perspective.

They screwed up - - big time. They didn't follow leads - they focused on the wrong people.

You defended so many people here - - Judith Phillips, Linda Hoffmann-Pugh, Chris wolf - - hell, I remember you defending Peter BOYLES a long time ago. How about Tom Miller and the Seraph guy - - yes, I remember. Hell, you are even defending the stun gun people - - you don't want us insisting she WAS hit with a stun gun and you are actually calling AIR TASER and telling them that we are talking about THEIR PRODUCT on the forums!

And now you don't want us looking into the suspicious death of this man because his family said he wasn't the one.

Grow up, MM. There was a killer in Boulder that Christmas night. If no person is investigated, we will NEVER find the truth. If the evidence is ignored, there will be no justice.

YOU go talk to his family.... ask about the cap with SBTC on it. Ask about the planes the family owned - did this guy like to go to the airport/ Ask about his friends - what kind of people did he hang out with? What did they do for a living? Ask why he may have killed himself - - or been murdered.

You remind me of the cop who went up to a murder suspect and said, "You didn't do this, did you?"

You can't stop the discussion - - PLEASE don't be naive.


61 . "Oh and MM"
Posted by jameson on Sep-09-00 at 00:39 AM (EST)

..... I have as many contacts as you do - - and, unfortunately, the phone bill to prove it. Living in Boulder does give you a bit of an advantage, but it doesn't mean you have all the answers.

I can't say that this guy knew the Ramseys, but I can see some possibilities. If you can't.... well, that's not MY problem.

The sheriff didn't ask the BPD to look into this because there was no smoke there - - the boots and stun gun are possible links - - and there are other things that prompted the request - - like a phoned in tip.

He supposedly owned a cap with SBTC on it -- he had some interests and problems that -- - well, they are interesting to investigators.

His grandfather owned planes - - he had to eat, and in Boulder, people eat in restaurants a LOT. He may have seen the parade - or noticed John's car parked downtown - - You have no idea if he was aware of the Ramseys.

Now, I am not about to say this is our guy - - I don't know. But I do know that if everyone had YOUR attitude, investigations would go nowhere and no crime would ever be solved.

I know you have the ability to bite - you sure have gone for me a few times - and that's fine - you have the right to your opinion - - but I wonder where that bite goes when it comes to finding justice for JonBenét.

You attacked me viciously for something you HEARD happened (remember that newspaper article you wrote?) And you don't know what happened there. But we can't look for information that might expose a murderer?

You confuse me, MM - - do you really care that there is a killer loose? If Boots is innocent - the boot won't match, there won't be any mold in the treads, his handwriting won't match and his DNA won't match. He doesn't need you to defend him.


62 . "I'm shocked by these LIES"
Posted by MaskedMan on Sep-09-00 at 00:55 AM (EST)

You are engaging in wholesale distortion -- to the point of lying. I never called the Air Taser people and told "them that we are talking about THEIR PRODUCT on the forums!"

I've NEVER mentioned the Internet forums to the Air Taser people. Why are you telling this lie?

More lies: I NEVER defended Peter Boyles. I have been very critical of him for a long time. Remember what I said to him on the Leeza show in May 1999?

I didn't "defend" Chris Wolf or Linda H-P -- except to say that they had absolutely nothing to do with the murder (or with kiddie porn, as you mistakenly believed). Patsy Ramsey herself praised Linda H-P. Patsy wrote a glowing letter to Linda in March 1997. Shall I quote Patsy's letter to Linda? Are you going to criticize Patsy, too?

I'm not trying to defend the cops or make them "feel good." That's bullshit. I wish you would stop distorting what I'm saying. I NEVER defended Tom Miller or the "Seraph guy." You are hallucinating. Get back to reality. You make up stuff, such as accusing Beckner of lying about checking the DNA. Jameson, do you have any regard for the truth anymore?

I didn't say "not to investigate." I'm not "stopping the discussion." I'm adding a dose of reality to the discussion. I'm explaining why the Boot Man isn't a good suspect (his DNA doesn't match, he has no link to the Ramseys, no real evidence against him). I didn't say that I "don't want us looking into the suspicious death of this man because his family said he wasn't the one." That's a distortion of what I said. What's wrong with you, Jameson?

Investigate and believe what you want -- but stop lying about me. Jameson, I'm starting to think you just make up whatever you want to believe. You play with reality and play with the facts. Your last post is shocking for its misrepresentations. As for women kissing in public in Boulder, I've never seen that here. I can't account for the things you see (e.g. rectangular marks where there aren't any, etc.).


63 . "As for defending, Linda H-P..."
Posted by MaskedMan on Sep-09-00 at 01:05 AM (EST)

John Ramsey on Linda Hoffmann-Pugh:
"...nice woman, no reason to believe that she could have done it, John said."
-- Denver Rocky Mountain News, March 19, 2000.

Patsy Ramsey on Linda Hoffmann-Pugh:
"...she is a good, sweet person...."
-- Death of Innocence, p. 20.

"Dear Linda,
Thanks so much for your honesty, truthfulness and loyalty... Thanks for all your help...."
-- Patsy's letter to Linda H-P, March 1997.


69 . "Foster"
Posted by MaskedMan on Sep-09-00 at 02:57 AM (EST)

What is your problem? You are compulsively obnoxious -- and untruthful. No link has been established between Boot Man and Access Graphics. He was an auto mechanic at a greasy junk yard on the east side of town. He had no known connection to the Ramseys. Foster, take a hike.


72 . "MM"
Posted by jameson on Sep-09-00 at 08:35 AM (EST)

You said, " No link has been established between Boot Man and Access Graphics."

How do YOU know?

You are not inside the DA's office, the BPD, the Sheriff's office, the CBI or in the rooms where private investigators are discussing this.

YOU don't want this man investigated - - did you know him? What is YOUR reason to protect THIS one?

If MY son was being looked at, and this man IS being looked at if his boots are being tested by the CBI, I would want him to be thoroughly investigated so his name could be cleared. if the handwriting and DNA don't match. If the boots don't match. If whatever other information about him that was reported is untrue - - then clear him. But, damn it, MM, it needs to be checked.

Don Bradly was right when he pointed out that you expect the answers to just "appear". Well, don't hold your breath. It will take aggressive investigation. And some of us are going to make sure the BPD does it - - or looks pretty bad for refusing.

Again - - what if it was YOUR kid who was lying dead?

The Ramseys and Boots' family should both want the answers to the mysteries surrounding the deaths of their children.

To be honest - - I have a question - - why haven't BOOTS family members sought more answers. Boots' death got NO story, No investigation. That looks bad to me. Didn't they want to know what happened? They said nothing, didn't push for answers?

I think maybe they didn't want the answers - - just a theory, but I think that is weird.


71 . "sorry"
Posted by jameson on Sep-09-00 at 08:19 AM (EST)

I work Saturdays - have to go soon - - BUT - -

There are plenty of things that need to be looked into here - and the cops didn't do it.

MM - well, exactly where did you say the stun gun was being held up as THE weapon? You are not denying calling Air Taser and telling them that, are you? Since it isn't in print anywhere, maybe I jumped the gun and incorrectly it was the forums you were talking about. Just where did you tell Steve his product was being maligned?

You defended Boyles until the day of the LEEZA show - - it was YOUR handwwriting analysis he was waving around after the documentary aired in the dummor of 1998. You aren't his friend now, but there was a time you defended him - - and to me.

You called me - contacted me - - the first time to defend Judith Phillips - - you have changed your mind about her

You fought long and hard to defend sweet LHP - - she ain't So sweet anymore - - she is out for a buck, dancing on a baby's grave and you won't defend her now.

You started out judging ME as a paid for "Ramsey apologist" - - you accused me of all kinds of stuff through your friend SeaShell. I remember. You were wrong there too - but in reverse - - you started out attacking me - big time.

Don't play games, MM. You have some sources - - and you have some who simply suck. Believe what you want - I willread your stuff and judge it for myself - - and be glad you aren't in charge of the investigation - - hell, don't you know LOTS of criminals have families who will tell you they are really nice guys!

Let's look at the evidence and figure out if he is innocent or worth investigating.

Apparently we disagree.

That's OK.

But get out of the way, MM. Because you are not going to simply say "stop it" and see this disappear.

The BPD didn't investigate. The family thinks their blood was murdered. Someone called in a tip and thought he might have been involved in Ramsey.

The investigation needs to happen.

You can lead, follow.... or get out of the way. You can't stop it.


77 . "Foster"
Posted by MaskedMan on Sep-09-00 at 12:16 PM (EST)

Your comments are straight out of fantasyland. Obviously, you don't understand the geography of Boulder. You've confused the locales and muddled facts, desperately trying to concoct some kind of motive for Boot Man.

Furtheromre Boot Man and his family had no knowledge or interest in the Ramseys. They had no grievance against Access Graphics or John Ramsey.


75 . "I'm sick of the LIES"
Posted by MaskedMan on Sep-09-00 at 12:01 PM (EST)
LAST EDITED ON Sep-09-00 AT 12:19 PM (EST)

I'm tired of your lies. I think it's time for me to exit this forum.

Jameson, you lie: I didn't call the Air Taser company and tell them that their product was being "maligned." I called the company to get information. Period.

Now, you ADMIT that you made up the lie about me calling the company and telling them that their product was being discussed on your forum. Why did you tell that lie, Jameson? Why do you make up things? I can't believe anything you say.

I never defended Peter Boyles. That's another lie. I recall being attacked on Justice Watch back in 1998 for "trashing Boyles" because I was so critical of him -- long before I appeared on the Leeza show. Jameson, you're not telling the truth -- again.

You've never met Linda H-P, so you don't know much about her -- although you tried to smear her even while she was still defending the Ramseys.

Like the Ramseys, I considered Linda to be a sweet, good-hearted lady. I am disappointed with her now, but my earlier opinion of her was no different than the Ramseys' opinion of her. Why don't you criticize them, too?

You say I'm passive. WRONG. I have been very active in digging up information, more than you know. I dug up the story on the 1997 intruder. I have continued to follow up on other leads whenever I can find them. I haven't been passive at all. I've gone out and found new information. I don't need your uninformed crap being thrown at me.

For you to belittle me because you claim that Boot Man has been connected to Access Graphics and to John Ramsey is ridiculous nonsense. No such connection has been established -- and I doubt that it can be established. The man worked in a junk yard from age 15 until his death. I don't appreciate your belittling, condescending attitude, especially based on your totally misinformed notions.

I'm tired of plowing through all the lies here. I've had it. This forum is no place for careful, accurate discussion. Jameson has stepped up her campaign of distortions, lies and fantasies to such a degree that I think it's futile for me to contend with the garbage on this forum. I am only interested in accurate, truthful discussion, not answering lies.

Jameson, I expect even more lies from you because you are evidently a compulsive liar. I see no point in trying to deal with all this bullshit. I leave you to your fantasies.


79 . "Masked Man is no longer with us"
Posted by jameson on Sep-09-00 at 12:30 PM (EST)

I called Frank this morning - to give him some information, to ask him to be check what I told him and rethink his position.

He wouldn't listen, just went off on a hissy fit. Said innocent people are being hurt by my lies It was rather a lot like his post here but louder.

Doesn't matter - not anymore. He said he wants off the forum and I agree - it is probably the best thing for all of us.

MM has a suspect - - apparently he thinks that is the only one anyone is supposed to look at. I have tried to help him on his quest - have gotten him information on HIS guy and that's OK.... but no one else is to be considered? How stupid.

Sorry - that isn't how life works.

I really tried to give Frank a lot of freedom, but his connections with Beckner and Air Taser and others seem to play into his decisions. He seems to want to protect them from us - - I shouldn't say I think Beckner was being an idiot when he didn't know if he would go to Atlanta. I shouldn't say that the stun gun marks are what they are or that I am convinced an Air Taser could have caused the marks. Well, like I said - - he is NOT going to stop or alter the course of our thoughts or discussions. He came - he fought - he failed. Now he wants to say he is going home with his ball. I heard that before - - but this time I closed the door behind him.

Sorry if anyone disagrees with the decision - - it is final.



80 . "MORE LIES"
Posted by MaskedMan on Sep-09-00 at 12:41 PM (EST)

Yes, Jameson called me this morning. I accused her of lying about me, but I did NOT say to her that "innocent people are being hurt by my [Jameson's] lies."

I never said that! Evidently, Jameson CANNOT tell the truth.

Jameson is also lying by claiming that:

"MM has a suspect - - apparently he thinks that is the only one anyone is supposed to look at."


Jameson has convinced me that she is incapable of telling the truth. I won't be replying to her endless stream of lies and misquotation. I've rarely seen such blatant dishonesty in another person. If anyone wants to know the truth about what she's saying about me, please contact me directly.