Letter from John Ramsey received by a news organization.

Statement of John Ramsey for the Ramsey Family
In Response to the Resignation of Detective Lou Smit

As you know, our family has not often spoken publicly in the past because so much of what surrounds our tragedy is used to entertain for profit. For my family, the lass of JonBenet was a crushing blow that left us crying out "why did this happen to such a precious child? Why did this happen to a good family?" JonBenet's murder has inflicted the worst pain imaginable on my familiy and it is simply cruel to exploit her death for profit, as much of the media has, so we have been unwilling to provide fodder for their talk shows. We do feel compelled to speak out at this time as a result of Detective Lou Smit's resignation after 16 months of working to find the killer of our daughter and sister JonBenet. While we are grateful for Detective Smit's work to find JonBenet's killer, we are discouraged to lose his official participation in this case. Detective Smit is the only experienced homicide detective who has ever been assigned long term to find the killer of JonBenet.

Our biggest concern as a family has always been that the Boulder Police Department has little experience or training in homicide cases. They had decided they had solved this case on the very first day by reaching the incredible conclusion that because the parents wer4e in the house, they must have done it. Furthermore, the fact that we obtained lawyers to protect ourselves against their abuse or our rights was conclusive to them of our guilt. The law in the hands of the unskilled and the unkowing is a terrifying thing.

Detective Smit was an exception but his help was not welcomed be the police. We have always expressed our eagerness to participate fully in a competent investigation of this horrible crime, but I have been unwilling to submit my familty to what seems to be little more than a lynch mob hiding behind the authority of police badges. It is not true that you can buy justice in this country, but sadly, it does take money to protect your rights against abuse of the law by those charged with its application. My experience has made me wonder how many innocent victims of police misconduct there are who were not able or did not know how to protect their basic rights as citizens. our fight with the Boulder Police started when they refused to release JonBenet's body to us for burial until we complied with their demands. It has continued ever since.

To Governor Romer, I would say we were encouraged that you committed additional resources to this case, but were disappointed that you stopped short by only assigning more attorneys and not the needed qualified investigators. We ask you for only one thing as parents of a precious child who was murdered in your state, and that is for you to additionally commit significant, qualified investigative resources on a long-term basis if necessary to solve this case. Don't do this for us, because no amount of revenge can bring an easing of our pain. Don't do this only for JonBenet, because her future has been lost. But do it for the child this killer will prey upon tomorrow. No child should suffer as I'm afraid JonBenet suffered and no family should suffer as mine has. It will happen again if this killer is not caught. And please don't just listen and react to those who scream the loudes. Commit qualified investigative resources in addition to the prosecutors you have committed to find this killer. We would be grateful and we know the silent majority of Colorado citizens would be grateful. We have and will continue to participate fully in a competent investigation. We stated in writing to the Boulder District Attorney many months ago that we had no confidence in the leadership of this investigation under the Boulder Police but that every member of our family would be willing to meet with the District Atttorneys' investigators anywhere, anytime, for as long as they want with no questions left unanswered and no information left unprovided. We have done this and that commitment still stands. There can be no one who wants to find the killer of JonBenet as much as my family does.

To the fanatic fringe who surround thi scase, making demands, creating sensationalism and calling for officials' heads, I say to you whether you are driven by tabloid money or simply ignorance, you are being cruel and are compromising progress in this case. A child's life has been taken, and the important thing now is that we prevent this from happening again.

To the Boulder Police, I would say we have known that the moment you responded to our cry for help that you began to voice the single theory and Patsy or I or my 9-year-old son Burke must have committed this horrible crime. The killer could never have guessed that he or she would be so lucky as to have the resulting investigation conducted by such closed-minded police. We don't fault you for initially including us under your "umbrella of suspicion," but we will forever hold you accountable for following a theory rather than the evidence. You have wasted almost two years trying to prove your original theory. Meanwhile, my family knows a vicious child killer still walks your streets.

To the killer, I would say that we can and will find you. There is a $100,000 reward for your arrest that still stands. You have the opportunity to do one good thing in your life by turning yourself in to the authorities and confessing. We have been told taht the authorities have your DNA. They will know it is you. If you surrender and are proven to be the killer, the $100,000 will be paid to anyone you choose. Surely you have a mother or spouse or child or friend to whom this money would be significant. Help them and help yourself. You know you will kill again, so do this one good thing in your life. Turn yourself in and ask for God's forgiveness. Your fellow man will be grateful and our family will be grateful.

Finally, to Detective Smit, we would like to say thank you for your dedication and commitment to finding the killer of our daughter and we are thankful for your honesty and candor and what we know is your commitment to the truth.