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Can old timers splain THIS bnf thing

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                                        10/24/00 3:15 pm



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 i know so little about this cus du les jail thing, have any of u vets seen this stuff? Where do these threads come from, or are they actually from the old bnf?....etc.....WHAT is THIS...and I hope that link works. perhaps the 10 k part should not be included? for linkage?

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 well, the link SEMI works in that if you hit the hilighted spot on the resulting refresh page you go to a front page where you'll see a link to BOULDER NEWS FRENZY as a workable link.

 Now i see that ACR is recommended at the bottom of the page. Hope I didn't open a can du worms. This is probably old hat, but it looked so bizzare where I found it without the homepage.

 (((;)drinking while using NET, what kind of savage would do that)))))))))):)


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                                   10/27/00 10:02 am

    To: (JTCOLFAX)

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I will try and explain this story to you and welcome any of the old timers as you asked to comment further. For myself not being involved with the "hell days" of the early BNF it is easy for me to be objective but for those who lived that terror it was not too much fun and there are

many bad memories that some will have about the BNF and the PLA. What you are referencing though, "The Boulder News Frenzy" was before your time on the BNF.

On December 3, 1999 I received an e-mail from a man named Brad Carter who was better known as "RBCP" and was known as one of the hackers of the BNF (Boulder News Forum). He started off his e-mail with, "I'm one of the people that was involved in the BNF spamming and hat stealing a long time ago and if you ever want some commentary from the "hacker side" of the whole thing just let me know."

I am never one to turn down a story on the subculture so I wrote him back and told him I had heard more than one version of what went down on that forum so I would welcome his side of the story. How often does one get to hear the "hackers side of the story?" He wrote back to me and said he could write up a condensed version of his experiences for publication on my subculture site which would center mostly around Jameson, Tannest, the PLA attacks a few other things back in the early days.

I more than welcomed his story especially when RBCP commented the following, "By the way, what happened to the BNF? It was working a few months ago but when I went to check it the other day it had disappeared again. Do you know what happened this time? And do you know where the BNF regulars relocated to?"

See the BNF had more than one life and more than one death and was officially closed on May 18, 1999 after it's final hell attack by posters who "appeared" to be from the PLA when it went up in flames. Many back then blamed Matthews for being associated with the PLA and accusations were flying that it was either Matthews and or his PLA buddies who attacked the BNF that got it closed.

I wrote back to RBCP and said, "I guess your saying your not taking credit for that last shut down, eh?" RBCP answered with,

"Nope, I'm definitely not taking credit for this one. I hadn't even been on the BNF for at least a month prior to May 18th and I doubt that it was anyone from "the PLA" who was responsible because I'm sure they would have come bragging to me about it."

He then added, "Lance Matthews may have done it but I also think he would have said something to me. I don't know Lance very well but everyone seems to think he's really close with the PLA, probably just because I put a banner up for his radio show on my site. But I would dothat for just about anyone."

Brad talked about a poster known as "Logicbox" and another under the hat of "Tannest" who later many knew as "Samantha" or "SamKay." J.T. for your own information on associating hat names, you may have recall Matthews talking about a poster known as "CofeGirl" or "SickPup" and those were hat names that Samantha used also on the BNF during what some know as the "War with Matthews on the BNF" and the was in the winter of '98/'99." "Tannest" and "Samantha" were the same poster and I am sure once she get wind of this posting here and now she will come and add her story which is fine.Samantha also used the "Copier" hat but that hat was also a community hat so it was hard to say who was posting under it at any given time during the attacks on Matthews. And Matthews had quite a variety of his own hats to do his attacking on Samantha and others.

Evidently RBCP and Tannest didn't get along so you have to understand that when he is telling his side of the story. Brad Carter aka RBCP is the one responsible for writng the "Boulder News Frenzy" that you are talking about and he explains about it in his story below. I told Brad that I would include his story on the subculture site "as is" so that is what you will be reading below.

By December 12, 1999 I received Brad's story as follows:


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By December 12, 1999 I received Brad's story as follows:

 ----------begin article------

  by Brad Carter, aka RCBP of

  The other day I was browsing through my old bookmarks

  and came across some sites that eventually led me to the

  page called A Candy Rose which was the coolest page I'd

  ever seen regarding the whole JBR subculture. I e-mailed

  the webmaster and offered to tell my side of the story to

  give some of the readers a "hacker's view" of the whole

  thing and she said that'd be great.

  So here's my story. Don't expect a climax or a point to

  the story because there is none, just as there was never

  a point to our BNF adventures.

  The forum terror from my side started with a kid named

  Logicbox and a woman named Tannest. I'm not sure

  exactly when they started bothering the BNF or even

  why. I knew both Tannest (aka cofegirl, SamKay,

  Samantha Stack, etc) and Logicbox only from IRC and

  considered myself to be pretty good friends with them

  both. Logicbox had been inviting me to come to the BNF

  for months during the summer of 1997 and I finally went

  there and browsed around.

  I wasn't that impressed at first and quickly became bored

  with it. I posted a few crazy messages suggesting that

  the Phone Losers of America were somehow involved

  because detectives had found red boxes hidden behind

  the walls and that JonBenet actually committed suicide.

  Then I left. The next day Logicbox messaged me on IRC

  again and told me to check out the replies to my message

  so I did and it was a little funnier this time because

  people either yelled at me for being disrespectful or they

  asked me for more details on the red box theory. So I

  began checking the BNF every couple days and I kept

  posting weird things about the PLA being involved mostly

  so people would come and check out my web site.

  In April of 1997 Logicbox wrote a small article about the

  BNF harassment and sent it to me. That week I released

  PLA's issue #45 which included his article and we all

  thought that more or less marked the end of it. We had

  all grown a little tired of them and I stopped going there

  all together for several months after that. Around July or

  August Tannest e-mailed me and told me she was still

  playing at BNF and mostly just impersonating other

  peoples' hats to start fights between the users. So I

  went there once again and had a look at the mess she

  had created and it was hilarious. So I kind of got into it


  Right around the end of July my wife took her yearly 3

  week vacation to Oregon to see her parents. She took

  our daughter with her and suddenly I was all alone and

  had WAY too much time on my hands. This is when the

  problems at BNF started to get really really bad. I began

  spending more or less all of my free time on BNF

  sometimes even staying up until the early morning just to

  bother them. I tried to keep them all talking about the

  PLA as much as a possibly could and they finally came to

  the conclusion that I must work for John Ramsey who

  must be trying to take away attention from the case.

  This whole time I had been capturing the funniest posts

  and began writing the Boulder News Frenzy which was

  just an archive of all the hilarious posts on BNF. The

  archive is now located at if anyone wants to

  read it. I became so wrapped up in the whole BNF thing

  that I started bringing disks full of posts to my job and

  spent half of my work day going through posts and

  archiving them into my BNF 'zine. Of course my work

  started to suffer but it was a cruddy job so no big loss


  I ate, drank and slept BNF and one day as I was driving

  to work the idea hit me to set up a web page that would

  automatically generate garbage threads to the BNF. It

  seemed like such a good idea at the time that I actually

  turned around, skipped work and went home to set up

  the page. I copied the form used to post a message from

  the BNF page and turned all the forms into hidden

  information that would post the same thing each time and

  in the subject line it would say something like "I have all

  of Jameson's personal information. Go to this URL to get


  When they went to the URL they would be asked to click

  a button to see the information which would post the

  same message again. All I had to do was post the

  message once and then each of the BNF users would go

  to the URL and click. This filled up BNF's page in no time

  and the funniest part was that the BNF regulars were the

  ones unknowingly doing it themselves.

  After they finally figured it out and stopped clicking the

  button, I set up another page that was disguised as a

  "free kiddie porn" page. The page claimed to have the

  largest selection of child pornography and all you had to

  do to look at it was click the "enter" button. Of course

  this just generated another thread to BNF. I set up a bot

  in every IRC porn channel I could find that automatically

  advertised my kiddie porn page to every person who

  joined the channel. This method averaged about one

  garbage thread per minute. The BNF regulars were

  thinking this was completely insane that someone would

  sit there and post threads all day for days at a time, but

  I was actually at work while it was going on. During this

  period the garbage threads were scrolling away the real

  posts so quickly that the BNF became completely

  unusable. I think me and Tannest finally agreed that I

  should stop so we could have fun with them again. So I

  did and we went back to the same old stuff,

  impersonating other users, making up false theories about

  the case and causing as much of a ruckus as we possibly


  The response from the forum regulars was far from

  anything sane. They obsessed over the destruction of

  the PLA and all associated with it. They promised to have

  someone come to my door and rip my limbs off and they

  called up Tannest's work and Logicbox's school trying to

  get them in trouble with their superiors. They claim that

  they even called the mayor of the city I lived in and

  yelled at him about me. But all this did was cause us to

  laugh hysterically and try even harder to create problems.

  Our fun eventually came to an abrupt stop when the

  forum closed it's doors for what we thought would be

  forever. They eventually went back online with new

  software which wasn't as much fun to work with. Tannest

  stayed and caused trouble but me and Logicbox kind of

  got bored with it after that. Eventually Tannest and

  Logicbox broke up their online relationship for reasons

  unknown to me and me and I started being really mean to

  Tannest since I never really liked her that much and

  didn't have any reason to be nice to her anymore.

  More on Brad's story continued........

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  Continued on Brad's story........

  I still checked in from time to time and there was always

  huge fights between the users and I never could tell if

  they were truly arguing with each other or if an imposter

  was responsible. The forum continued to get shut down

  for unknown reasons but always seemed to come back up

  again. Today it appears to be shut down once again but

  who knows how long that will last. I don't really keep up

  with the whole JBR sub-culture anymore but I do hear

  from some of the old users from time to time who drop me

  an e-mail to say "hello" or "fxck you" or whatever and I

  occasionally go through some of my old bookmarked BNF

  sites to see if anything good is happening.

  RBCP can be reached via his homepage at



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I hope that others who are members of this forum will add their comments also and maybe their experiences on the NF during those early days. I personally was on the BNF from August '98 until it closed on May 18, 1999 so I was full witness to just about everything that went on at that period of time and that was during the time when Matthews was doing his promotion of your story, your cause, whatever he called it to bring your daily diaries from jail to the Internet.

When your J.T. Colfax web site first was created by Chris from Justice Watch to help Lance Matthews it was moving at a rapid pace until according to Matthews, Chris could no longer handle the maintenance of the site so that was when Matthews asked me to do it but I was too busy with other things so he ask WiltonJr to do it so Wilton became the webmaster of the site.

Matthews then became involved with the Dave Lucas radio show out of Albany New York and was doing host promoting of your story via that direction. It wasn't until after the first of the year in January 1999 when your web site was hacked that the BNF war began again and this time Matthews had blamed posters for the hacking under the hat of Denver (DIGERATI), "LooLoo" who later used the hat of "Poisnivy" and then became known on this forum as LoriAnn (HAGATHA) and there was "Samantha" who was also attacked as being one of the hackers WiltonJR took the brunt of a lot of the harassment also because he was the webmaster of the web site that was hacked.

Bottom line was there were only three people who had the password to that Tripod account and those being, Chris who created the account, Matthews who took the glory for the account and WiltonJr who was the last webmaster for the account. According to Tripod, the account had not been hacked in the sense of being hacked but accessed via the password and naturally nobody was going to come forward and claim the glory of the hacking.

After your Tripod website was destroyed then Matthews took up with and a person known as "Tara" and from what I understand that is the direction your new web site was created under. RBCP came back into the picture when he put banners on the new J.T.Colfax web site for the PLA and this of course made posters convinced that Matthews was connected with the PLA To what extent the story is true or not true the bottom line is that the move did not help your web site promotion as so many were against any connection to the PLA.

That "Matthews war on the BNF" was and still is a sore spot for a lot of people and unfortunately for you that your name was connected to all of that via Matthews.

The evening that your Tripod web site account was hacked, the following post was put on the BNF:


  "Another One Bytes the Dust"

  dick_t - 10:14pm Jan 3, 1999 MST

  F, middle initial B, ending in I

  Next time, maybe JT Colfax won't send a boy to do a

  man's job.


From that day on it was four months of hell on the BNF until the day it closed in May '99.

This was Matthews posting the next morning:


  matthews - 12:36am Jan 4, 1999 MST (#34 of 38)

  Thank GOD for the First Amendment !!!!

  No someone got in, changed the password and took the

  homepage down. It was a project I have worked on for

  about 5 months now. Only Wilton and Chris had the

  password. Geeeeee..... not hard to figure out which one

  gave that up.

  I find it sad THAT people will truly try to hurt someone

  just because that person chooses to like someone that

  they in turn loathe. And you say you are here for

  justice???? SMD!!!!


I hope some of this puts some of the pieces together for you. Like I said I hope others will comment as well.

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  From: (JTCOLFAX)

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 very innarestin.......thanks a lot auntie........i just don't understand all the babel at the pla thing. But i guess no one does.

 ***(((you MUST go thru the rest of this day with the theme to THREE'S COMPANY in your head))***



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       scoobi (PAXTEAMO)

                                    10/27/00 3:22 pm



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well I was on BNF from the beginning thru the end - loved every minute of it ( but you prolly knew that) - everybody has their own "view" of the BNF cause everything is in the eye of the beholder - yep samantha brought her pla buddies into the forum just to cause havoc - that's OK we had fun with them too - she can't deny/defend herself against us "veterans" cause we knew her for what she is - matthew and flowers were just another foreign faction - howsomever matthews had an agenda for everything he did and said - yes he screwed JT over but good and gsquared helped him every step of the way - but NOBODY hacked matthews forum !!!!! - he took it down himself because it fit HIS agenda at THAT time and of course he said it was hacked cause THAT fit HIS agenda at that time !!!! many people were dipped in acid and their bones picked dry (ask maeven ) BUT as I have said from day one - anybody who brings their feelies to the forums DON"T belong on the forums - the only time I got really angry on that forum was when Texass/Texhat/etc. allowed her hiphopteenybopper kid and friend toparticipate in that kind of forum - NOT because of what they called some of us but just the principle of encouraging 13-14 yr. olds to participate - but really shouldn't be sueprised considering the source - on your mark, get set. ..go !



                                    10/27/00 6:19 pm


       scoobi (PAXTEAMO)

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I never helped matthews screw w/ JT. Matthews did that all on his own and he didn't need my help.






                                    10/27/00 7:19 pm


       scoobi (PAXTEAMO)

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I certainly will not defend most of the stuff that Matthews did to others but I do not believe for one minute that he hacked his own web site. That J.T. Colfax web site and the Dave Lucas show were Matthews tickets and he guarded them with his life.

When I tried to offer to help Matthew figure out how his site got hacked he forwarded the e-mails to me that he sent that night of the hacking to Chris and Wilton and even Jameson and of course Tripod begging anybody to help him. His e-mails rang of desparation.

So then Beanie started accusing Matthews of hacking his own site because Matthews couldn't produce the Tripod logs but that was because Tripod refuse to send Matthews the logs because Matthews was not listed as the owner of the J.T.Colfax web site.

When I confronted Matthews on that he forwarded me the e-mail he sent to Chris literally begging her to contact Tripod and get the logs so he could prove they existed. With Tripod, the birthday you enter and the secret questions and answer is important for anybody to gain access to the account and Matthews did not have that information but Chris did.

In IRC one night when there was a dispute chat about Matthews and those Tripod logs, I told several that the reason was that Chris owned the site and that Tripod wouldn't give Matthews the logs.

Shortly after that I got e-mail from Chris accusing me of spreading rumor mills as she put it. For God sakes I was trying to help Matthews figure out what happen to the Colfax web site and Chris was blocking the whole thing. So I forwarded to her all the e-mails that Matthews had forwarded to me that he sent to her with no response to prove to her that I knew what I was talking about. I was not spreading "rumor mills" and knew exactly what I was talking about. How was I suppose to know it was suppose to be a big secret that she was the owner of the Colfax web site. That is another reason Chris had the password along with Wilton and Matthews and I guess it was a damn good thing that I declined to help Matthews with the site when he asked or I am sure it would have been blamed on me. That seems to be standard procedure around the forums to blame somebody else for things.

After I proved to Chris I had the evidence then she did admit to me in e-mail (which I still have) that she did create the site for Matthews and then she even told me what the damn password was to the site which was something like "Bitches" and how easy in her opinion it would have been for anybody to figure out the password and get in that day and wreck the site.

Like I said I certainly do not defend Matthews on a lot of things he did on the BNF and probably off the BNF but on that issue I knew something about and in my opinion Matthews did not hack his own web site.


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  What I would like to know is who was TacoJr.


  WEBBYCAT is really the Baroness of Transylvania



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We would all like to know that Webby. TacoJr and that Gator person too and that Suebenet hat. Right after I opened the ACR-1 forum in May 1999 it was public and a hat named Suebenet registered and that was the first hat I locked out of the forum :-)



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      Maeven (IMMAEVEN)

                                       10/28/00 12:21 am

   To: (JTCOLFAX) unread


JT, sweetie darling, PLA means Phone Loosers of America. They started out as freakers (ppl who steal other ppl's phone numbers and call tahaiti as often as they can get someone to answer). Run up huge phone bills, yada, yada. Bullshit kiddie things that were kinda OK. I had NO idea that they could be real bad actors, too.

At that point in time, I had nice talks with LogicBox, and others who acted/reacted out of his domain. I knew that he was PLA, but underneath it, he was a really NICE kid. He and his friends and I talked about their plans for school (college), their band competitions, and their local school stuff. I have several nieces and nephews their age, so I kind of understood their POV. Because of my friendship with LogicBox, my name (ConnieToo) was associated with them as an ally. (I.E. you are guilty by association.) I am not now, much less then, a computer whiz, and wouldn't know how to hack something if I wanted to (ask Wiltie about my puter smarts.... that is if he'll be able to get of the floor, dry himself off, and respond. D'oh!!)

There were so many irc side rooms, and I WAS very naive at the time. I really took several of the people into my heart. I didn't realize yet that cyberpeople are not what they seem. I felt especially close to Teri and Helen, and of course, Wendy (Nor'Easter) whose daughter, Danielle became especially precious to me. She was suffering from cancer, and at the time was the sole survivor of the group of kids from her first hospitilization. We spoke on the phone, and I sent Danielle several Barbies for her collection. I was going to go to Danielle's birthday party, but had to work on a bid that was due ASAP.

I was disappointed, but Wendy asked me if I could meet them in Florida for a couple of days and get to know them IRL. Since there was a launch at the Cape coming up that I had to be present for, I accepted, and the company paid the airfare. About two weeks before the vacation, she called and told me to get a hotel room, and that her husband wouldn't allow me, as part of the PLA, to be around the children. I can't tell you how much personal pain that caused me. I was going through hell with husband #1, to the point of craziness, and then someone I'd finally let in as a friend basically said that I would be dangerous to their children??

The reason I ever became involved in this case was JonBenet was 3 months older than my granddaughter. When the results of the autoposy were held up for so long, when the Ramseys wouldn't speak with the police, and when they brought defense lawyers into the case when no

one had charged anyone with anything. If they had gone to the police station for questioning, if they had spoken to the cops, if they had done almost ANYTHING that seemed to fit in with finding the murderer of their daughter, I knew. When they hired private detectives to "look for dirt" where there was none, I decided to see this case through to its conclusion. It's been a long time now. We are coming up on the 4th Christmas, when I have a lit taper in the front window, in memory of JonBenet.

Little did I know that we would see the 4th anniversary of her death with NOTHING done. With a corrupt DA, with money being given privilege again, and letting the murderers walk. When I

saw PR and JR on their New Years tete-a-tete on CNN, I looked at the Patsy, and KNEW she knew who had done it. I assumed the sexual assault was perpetrated by JR, and the Patsy knew

about it or something like that.. mebbe GrandpaPaugh molested her, and left Boulder on Standby on Christmas eve day, and JonBenet was in bed and not feeling well for the day.

At the same time, a couple of the people from the old #jonbenet room on irc decided to turn on me, and began harassing me to the point that I didn't give a rats ass about anyone but Helen, whose pain I could feel every time we spoke. Teri and I could chat for hours, but suddenly it seemed as if I was persona non grata with that crew. They each had told me secrets, and I kept my mouth shut, as I'd promised. I will not break a promise, thus the secrets are still in my brain, somewhere. I was being attacked on BNF, and I didn't have a clue why. I know why now, but again, I won't tell tales out of school, not because I can't, but because I won't because it is too fucking stupid.

As a result, I completely left the fora for a while, in order to take real life by the horns, and divorce ol' painintheass, come to grips with what I was accomplishing, and forget the internet completely. I came back to see if the BNF the forum was still there, and to my surprise, it was, along with many of the original cast of characters.

One day, they mentioned something about a meeting in Boulder. I gave Teri a call, since I was going to be visiting my sister-in-law, who was being knocked down by a rapid progression of her MS. I knew I couldn't sit there and stare at her and watch the siblings have at each other, so I thought, geeze, why don't I attend the party, too. I then called Teri up, and asked her where/when it was going to be. I assumed that she and the others would be as happy to see me as I would have been to see them. Little did I know that Denver/Teri was telling people all over the place that I tried to CRASH the party and bring JAMESON along... BWWAaahahahaaa!! Now you understand friendship and loyalty on the internet. One day, one of your best friends, the next, their worst enemy, not based on any fact at all, merely on a personal decision that was made

 regarding my motives. AZIF I'd scout anything out for the SueWamp Thing. heh.. I defended her right to have a position different that I did, and the rest of the ladies. That made me suspect in their eyes, because, don't you know, you are supposed to hate EVERYONE who doesn't agree with your POV. I learned very early in life that I have friends in one place, friends in another place, and they may or may not get along, but I don't take sides until I have had the time to formulate an opinion.

Needless to say, having just returned to the forums, and reading the absolute craziness out of her (virtual) pen, I couldn't believe how much she had wormed her way into the case. In fact, at one time very early on, she told me she was in communication with LouSmit and Dr. Foster, a professor at Vassar. I called my niece, who had just graduated, and asked about him. She said he was in the forefront of new technologies, and a good guy. OK, fine, I sayz to meself, never considering that jameson was impersonating JAR, and even had her profile on AOL as a 20 year old male. I donno?? I don't care, it's history. Makes me wanna puke, to be honest.

When I came back and found Ma's site again, then found the BNF in shambles, the queens attacking me right and left, I was amazed. I had never done anything that I construed even mildy bad to any of them, in fact, they were acting as if I were the AntiChrist.. and appellation I once gave to Tannest. She was tight with LogicBox, in fact, he told me he wanted to move to WA state to live near her when he graduated from highschool.OK, Fine, I sez to myself, this time, I am not living with ol' painintheass, and will confront them in their own terms.

Suddenly, the people that I'd celebrated their nurses capping with, Denver, et al, even ruthee, (who I have always adored...) were stabbing me in the back, accusing me of posting their children's name on the net.. OK, I sez, I remember her little girl's name, but I sure as SHIT hadn't posted it anywhere.. That is when I decided that I was simply going to stand up for what I believed, and ignore the BS. I got so tired of being accused of everything that had gone wrong over the course of time, and of nefarious deeds where I had no clue what they were even talking about... do ya start to feel the confusion building, here??

Soon, Denver/Teri was threatening my job on line, and telling me that she was going to have her relatives call my work and report me for being online during business hours. Little did she know that in my line of work, there are day and week long valleys, then crunches for weeks working over 80 hours a week. However, it was a blackmail threat, and it was reported, in case she was goofy enough to have her relatives call. I had received phone threats due to my divorce, and to my selection of a candidate for a job that angered the higher ups, as they had hand picked a replacement, and I rejected him, and the like for a while, and these incidents were starting to build up. Our security people were well aware of what was happening, and I am happy to say, Denver never did what she threatened, and I started up a friendship with Puddy again. I had missed her so bad. I do NOT believe she is involved in this silly war that's current here, and is neither the first (ha! far from it!) nor will it be the last where that crew has unfairly jumped to conclusions and hurt someone.

Their current forum is a disgrace, the postings are a pack of lies about the people involved, and once again, they are ready to do battle with the world, simply because they got caught with their bloomers down. *shrug* Oh, well.. yet another calamity on the internet, a veritable tempest in a tiny portion of the teapot called the internet. I have made some good friends this time. I don't get personally involved with many people, since it is not the more the merrier, it is the more deranged and delirious people you find hanging in spots in the internet, unfulfilled by their life away from the internet. When you meet one you feel you can trust, don't assume that's the case. Because, as just a few of my stories illustrate, no one knows what lurks in the hearts and minds of men.......

Maybe more stories later, I'm still recovering from writing this missive, mainly because I have worked very hard to state facts, and not to project judgement on those guilty. There are my opinions, based on what I know to be fact, and that's that. It is beneath my dignity, and not only childish, but churlish, as the ladies at the flamefest forum do now. More BULLSHIT!!!

Maybe I'll tell what I know about some of the things that were going on during the Matthews reign of terror. It was NOT tannest doing the dirty work, it was the KIDS associated with RCBC doing what they called "fun stuff", and enjoying themselves big time doing it. And some of those bitching the loudest about the PLA had a fat lot of nerve, buddy. They were involved with the PLA, and the kids turned on them. And that is the story.

whatev, that's all for now. I am exhausted just thinking about those periods of time... you may not be enemies, but God help you if you just wanted to try to be friends. Hard lesson, but a

 very real and definate one...

My friends know who they are, and I email them off and on. You, sweetie darling were the most innocent of all, and I tried to support you through what had to be a horrible time in your life. You are considered a friend, because you have always been HONEST, painfully so at times, and I respect that through and through. :-)

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts and minds of men???



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                                        10/28/00 4:08 am


      Maeven (IMMAEVEN)

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                                 177.14 in reply to 177.13

 so many memories, so little time.

I knew a little about some of these things....but I've not seen a thread like the one that caused me to start this thread. That pla thing. Thats' what I meant. Can anyone make ANY sense

 out of that babble.

And makes me skitzo, to say so, because I have so much faith in your judgement, but I myself have always had the feeling that Matthewws did do the self-hacking. Didn't the site come back Better,,,,,,and wasn't it some sort of talk FOR the hacking. I FELT that I was being lied to when he described it to me, in jail.

He had me, when he was IN JAIL with me, send some weird babbly letter to his OWN mother's office, to cause her angst and consternation. it was something I did OFTEN from the jail, prewebsite to Business'es in denver/boulder in WHICH, I would POINT out tot them that it was the only letter they'd receive, and that I had no connection to them, picked them out of phone book etc......i was needling Demuth Hunter et al, with THOSE letters, but LANCE had something scary sent to HIS MOTHER, knowing full well, that she didn't OPEN her own mail at her office. In short, he WILL go a LONG way to cause unpleasantness PERSONALLY.

When I think of him calling you, Auntie, from a motel just makes me cringe..........

But how is EGO grew over the website was INCREDIBLE, the site, and the radio show, and a few lines du ink in les weekly du Boulder.

He THOT "we" were an incredible phenomenon and that I would OWE him and do his bidding when out. That bubble was burst within an HOUR of my release. He KNEW NOTHING about navigating Boulder in mY FRIENDS car. So much for his all encompassing Boulderness. And he wanted to rip right into my belongings to give SunnyDay the corpse photos......NEVER had we discussed putting them online.,.......LOOK how much trouble I got in OVER those very photos. No risk for HIM to put them immediately on net. THAT'S WHY SUNNY was there (partially),, andf many other con jobs from Matthews. LIKE I OWED IT, to hand those over. Imagine the civil suits and charges that would be MY responsibility if I did THAT.

He was a USER pure and simple. And THOUGH he INVESTED by spending time and money on the site, he forgot NOT to treat me like a cow that would squirt quirky weirdness out it's udder

 at his bidding.

I have guilt too, about the Matthews thing.......the percieved eelishness in "attacking him" right off the bat after jail. But he turned my release into "THE THOUSAND NOODLE MARCH" there any button I can PUSH on this wretched machine to MAKE YOU shudder like I did?

 '''(there once was a swamp thing from Nantucket)'''



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                                        10/28/00 4:23 am


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                                 177.15 in reply to 177.14

and further more........MAEVEN waskind/brave/generous enuf to let me call her collect from jail. And you can BET that what I asked her about was "what's really going on".....etc.....that sort of thing.

I didn't OUTRIGHT screw Matthews via Maeven, but i definately INDICATED TO HER that there was a trust problem between Matthews and I.

I don't see how SHE can't be anything but trustable in her actions, and she'll tell you the same thing.

MAtthews was a patholigical liar. So many sleepless jail nites he caused me getting me into BULLSHIT TROUBLE with the jail. Calling the Sherriff himself etc. He became a "MOGUL".....he thought "WE" were THAT famous........and it's INCREDIBLE to me to think that Shciller, GREEN,,,,,et al WENT on his radio program........some no listener Albany thing.........

Chuck Green is a VERY lazy little man.

 Journalists are NO BETTER THAN.....say.,....YOU, whoever you are............... oh the things I could TELL you, but someone ELSE will,,,,,,,over was all so sick, and bizarre.

 '''(there once was a swamp thing from Nantucket)'''


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                                   10/28/00 12:49 pm



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You know I woke up early this morning at 5:00am and made my coffee and thought this would be a good time to check out some of the forums with less traffic problems and my browser seems to scoot along so much better in the wee hours of the morning surfing so I logged on to the ACR-2 and managed to get to the end of Connie's post on this thread only to find the message was so long that it had truncated. I quickly did a full copy of the thread and pasted it to a MSWord program then went back to click on the truncated link only to discover that Delphi was down for maintenance right in the middle of my morning ventures and I could go no further.

Thank God I copied the thread at that point so I was able to read J.T.'s two messages following Connies. The Delphi message said to come back around 7:30am and they would be done with their maintenance. So I thought even though I had more of Connie's message to read that I would begin my comments back to both Connie and J.T. in a word program ready to copy and paste to the forum when it got back up. That is what I am doing now.



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                                   10/28/00 12:54 pm


       Maeven (IMMAEVEN)

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                             177.20 in reply to 177.13

Maeven (who I know as Connie) thank you so much for you heart wrenching story. After I came to the BNF and seen how others were treating you I never really knew the story behind that and you have made it so clear now. I remember how you got attacked so horribly when somebody posted LoriAnn's daughter's picture on the BNF and they blamed you for that.

Knowing you since then and then reading your story I can never imagine you using a child that that. I can't imagine anybody using a child like that. The groups on the forums can be extremely cliquish and if you didn't believe what they believed you were considered literally a traitor or at least somebody for them to be suspicious about. They condemn you for not being objective and then condemn you for being objective.

The sideshows of the subculture environment is what always fascinated me as I am a "people watcher" at heart in real life, not in a condemning way but just in amazement on what some people do in different situations, how they act and what their game is and everybody has a game in one aspect or another. I was amazed at some who just seem to come to the forums to control or intimidate or those who want to profile and then there are others who want to get into serious debate and even approach serious arguments on who is right and who is wrong like anything anybody said on the forums really made a difference in the case.

To some it was just a power play and to others it offered the anonymity to play out other games and be somebody other than who they really were. And to some like you who really cared about people and justice for JonBenet Ramsey. It is amazing that we are entering the 4th year anniversary and yet there has been no justice for a little girl who effected the hearts of so many.

It is extremely difficult not to become emotional if you are a person who is caring and add that to coming personally involved and meeting others in real life and sharing very personal stories in what one would think is private e-mail or IRC chat. It amazes me how some people on the forums use those very personal stories as tools later in the game to harass others.

Who would have dreamed that my telling a little story about my light bulb burning out and not having one to replace it would bring several dozen postings generated by those who wanted to harass me. Who would dream that sharing a medical disability with select people who you thought were friends would later be posted on the forums as harassment to make fun of those very disabilities. And God forbid you have a family tragedy and tell somebody who is ultimately logging it to be used against you at a later date.

I guess I was one of the lucky ones who never was involved on the BNF during the PLA days although I sure have heard many a story about it and read a lot of the old archive threads and now including your story. But know I am convinced that everybody is in their own little "forum world" and many have no clue of what really goes on outside that forum and probably just as in their real lives they really don't want to know.

And the Internet is so vast and here we all are in different towns and different states and different walks of life all concentrating on one little community called Boulder, Colorado because of JonBenet Ramsey. Yet many are not concerned what happens outside their own little worlds on the forums. How can some look objectively at the evidence in the murder case if they can't see beyond their own forum?

I am so sorry you were caught in so much. Your posting rings "of the truth" beyond words. And you certainly went to lengths that I don't think I would have even done.


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                                   10/28/00 12:56 pm

    To: (JTCOLFAX)

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                                177.21 in reply to 177.14


J.T., you may very well be right on many of the insights and realities you discovered about Matthews while in jail and during your corresponding relationship after he got out and moved to New York.

Yes, he was a con man and I knew that from day one when I sent him e-mail that same day he logged onto the BNF. For a "newbie" to the net and new to computers that he claimed, he caught on real fast to the forum maneuvering systems and I don't want to take away that he was a very smart man too, certainly more educated in the world of street smarts and con games. No doubt a way of life. I was never taken in by him ever but I was certainly interested and fascinated by his sideshow. I had seen con men in action before and had been taught many tricks of the trade by one of the best so it was kind of fun for me to watch him play out his "new project" via the BNF.

Unfortunately that "project" turned into a eight month forum ride from hell for many posters on the BNF. God did he do a number on WiltonJR and even and Jameson. He was a master on learning what buttons it took to push to get what he wanted or didn't want. It was my opinion that with Gsquared that she played him as much as he played her except he was playing dirty pool and pitting one against the other of rival groups.

Matthews came to the BNF in October '98 like a white tornado with promises of tidbits of information and a time when many posters were looking for something new in the case. His entrance was prime. I am sure that is when Chris got sucked in to help create the J.T. Colfax web site. Matthews never thanked Chris and he never thanked me and I am sure he never thanked WiltonJr for all of the work that all of us done in one aspect or another that ultimately furthered his goal. The man was a master at delegating his manipulating of others.

He was doing a pretty good job of sucking Beanie (aka Dimwit/Robin) in using Beanie's ego as a tool and then Beanie caught on to the game. And then there were those who were not even interested in playing the game. See there is a difference between being sucked in and playing the game and playing the player of the game. And on the Internet it is mind games and in my perspective it was more than fascinating to watch him in action. Early on, he sucked DianneE into his game plan along with Jan but DianneE caught on to him pretty quick and although that ended he still kept them at arms length and used them to gain more tools against their enemies. By the time he was done he had everybody hating him and hating each other except Jameson who today I believe still thinks Matthews was one of the greatest people on earth. He brought her out of the damn closet for God sakes and he used her and she used him and they were a team for many months.

The forum keeps eating my posts so hopefully this one will take!




                                   10/28/00 12:57 pm



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                                177.22 in reply to 177.21

On the Colfax web site hacking.......... Yes the web site did come back big and better and he lucked into that because somebody else was doing it for him and that person just happened to create a new design for the site away from the Tripod web design guidelines. Matthews was up for anything free and that included web space as well as help on web design and especially work to be done. Matthews was not the worker, he was the manipulative con man delegating the work to be done and whatever that took, stoking, poking or soaking. Matthews was a sweet talker. If somebody could get Lisa Flowers back here I am sure she could add quite a bit to her experiences during that whole fiasco.

There is no doubt in my mind that Matthews was desperate when the Colfax site was hacked. The URL address of the Tripod site was his key in his promotional game on the Dave Lucas show and the site was hacked too quickly after his January 1st show with more shows to come. He couldn't afford not to have that site up and running for him to continue his game plan via the radio show so no I don't believe he hacked his own site. That would be like him cutting off his right arm and even though he had switched his program agenda to add Jameson and more on the Ramsey players, you J.T. was still his ticket to ride and he was going to protect whatever it took to do that.

And don't get me wrong, he probably deserve to have it hacked or at least be bitch slapped. He was treading pretty heavy on some queen dominant soil on the forums on those who opposed Jameson and that was his downfall. And he took up with Gsquared and that was another of his downfalls because she was fighting the queens opposition. He might as well have said he loved Adolph Hitler on a Jewish survivors message forum. Basically he phucked with the wrong crowd(s) and he was trying to play too many sides against each other.

On the motel....... I never really did figure his game on that but probably because I didn't play into his game. It was a totally useless call. He sent me e-mail on November 26, 1998 with this mysterious "you got to call me tonight" at this number at a Marriot Inn, suite #255. So I called and he was registered under some woman name Stephanie Scales and he had Lisa Flowers at the motel with him. He must have had a laptop as he was online at the same time posting on the BNF. His e-mail promised some information on the Vennie Scott Thompson situation where he wrote to him in jail and got a response. Shortly after I got on the telephone with him he suddenly had to go have a cigarette and so he put Lisa on the phone to chat with me while he was away, this was all at my expense for the call.

The only purpose I could find for the call was to introduce me to Lisa Flowers because on the morning of November 29th I got an e-mail from Lance asking if I would give Lisa a reference so she could get an apartment in New York. Hell I didn't even know the girl much less to give her a reference which of course meant that I would have to provide all my personal information for the application. NOT. So at this point I am going to guess that was the game plan.



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                                    10/30/00 8:14 am

    To: (JTCOLFAX)

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                                177.23 in reply to 177.14

  Were the autopsy photos published anywhere?






                                    10/30/00 8:29 am


       Maeven (IMMAEVEN)

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                                177.24 in reply to 177.13

Your heart is so obviously pure, I cannot understand how anyone could be confused about that.

In a way, the internet is like life in the small in-bred mountain community where I live. There is no respect for truth. Instead, rumor is generally accepted as truth. A commissioner was just recalled here because the two other commissioners invented a bunch of charges, got enough people and a judge to believe the invented charges, and ran their mouths to get enough votes for a recall. The commissioner who was run out of office was later proven innocent and the local judge's ruling overturned, but by that time a new commissioner, one more easily controlled by the other two, had been elected. Either the ends justify the means, or they don't. As ACR says, "Integrity, either you have it or you don't". You have it. IMO BJ2





                                           10:18 pm



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                                177.25 in reply to 177.20

  To A Candy Rose, colfax, and maeven,

I had questions on justice Watch about the people who are attacking the new webmaster, Dunvegan, and somebody sent me over here to look at the "history".

This Denver/teri--she is Digerati who runs Flamesleuths? She has been doing this nasty stuff for a long time now. That's really awful what she did to maeven.

Now I understand who is behind bringing down JW. They do this sort of thing for fun. They are the lowest of the low.

What surprises me is that this Chris who passed JW on to Dunvegan was involved in a lot of this underhanded secretive mean stuff.

Thanks ACR for keeping this history here. Yoiu never know when it will come in handy!