From the "Attention Jameson" thread on Websleuths Forum:


10. "Jameson is appalling"
Posted by MaskedMan on 11:25:02 10/30/2000
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Thanks for taking the initiative to post my email to Jameson. Jameson is reviving the bogus charge that the Hoffmann-Pugh family was involved in child pornography. That's an outrageous and ridiculous charge. In the past, I told Jameson that those pictures are NOT of Merv and Ariana, but Jameson continues to spread this nonsense.

Will Jameson have the decency to stop making this malicious, false charge involving Ariana H-P? No, Jameson can't stop. She can never recognize or admit her errors. Jameson (Susan Bennet) is a malicious, misguided trouble-maker.

I've seen Ariana and Merv in person several times. I KNOW that the photos posted on Jameson's forum are definitely NOT photos of Ariana or Merv. Sue Bennet is trying to get people to harass the Hoffmann-Pugh family. How clever of Sue to distance herself. The manipulative Mrs. Bennet is trying to get others to do her dirty work for her.

In the guise of "caring," Sue Bennet ("Jameson") is trying to do something very hurtful to a sixteen-year-old girl, Ariana. Jameson's garbage could cause humiliation to Ariana. How cruel and crazy is Jameson to do that to Ariana? It's awful. Sue Bennet objects to accusations against the Ramseys, while she makes her own wild accusations against innocent people.

Sick, sick, sick. Jameson/Sue Bennet is delusional and malicious. She doesn't care how she hurts other people. I suppose this is Sue's idea of "payback." A couple of years ago, she managed to get the police in Colorado to investigate the Hoffmann-Pughs for alleged kiddie porn. The investigation found nothing. It was a bogus charge. The family was humiliated by Jameson's foolishness.

Now, Sue Bennet is making this false charge again. Incredible. She has no sense. She pretends to care about Ariana, but actually Sue Bennet doesn't care about the pain she could be causing to that girl. Jameson is irresponsible and shameless. I am sickened by what she's doing. It's reprehensible.

It's time for Jameson's own posters to have the guts to stand up to her and say to her:

"Enough! In the name of decency, stop it, Susan!"


13. "M' Wolf, yes"
Posted by MaskedMan on 12:07:56 10/30/2000
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Yes, it's almost criminal what Jameson (Sue Bennet) is trying to do to Ariana H-P, a sixteen-year-old who shouldn't be harassed with Jameson's absurd crap. Jameson is asking for people to get help for and to check on Ariana. This amounts to harassment. Ariana would be humiliated. This is evil. Now, Jameson is saying that she thinks that Ariana may have emailed her! Hahaha. How ridiculous. Is there no end to Jameson's hallucinations? She calls Ariana's father "Merv the perv'." What bullshit. Merv is a weak, frail, sexless old man.

Ariana is a boy-crazy teenage girl who has no interest in or awareness of Jameson. Ariana would never write to Jameson. That's laughable. Jameson is suffering from delusions. Sue Bennet ("Jameson") is an irresponsible nut and a fanatic whose recklessness can cause pain to innocent people. She seems to lack common sense and common decency.


11. "Jameson's arrogance"
Posted by MaskedMan on 11:43:49 10/30/2000
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The queenly Jameson (Sue Bennet) is so arrogant that she expects me to bend down, kiss her ass and beg her to let me post on her forum. Dream on. Sue Bennet is a compulsive liar, by which I mean that she lies automatically. I QUIT her forum. I announced that I was leaving because of her constant lies.

But she writes: "He was banned from this forum for good reasons that are known only to me and him - and he is not welcome back until he "sees the light" and stops acting as he has been..."

What garbage. I stated the reasons on her own forum for why I was quitting. It was no secret, as she claims. Many of her posters immediately emailed me, begging me not to quit.

She lies and lies. What "light" am I supposed to see? What's she talking about? I quit in protest against her campaign of lies, distortions and misrepresentations. She has repeatedly fabricated alleged statements from me that I never made. She hasn't just made a few mistakes. She has deliberately concocted so many lies that they are too numerous and too tedious to list here.


14. "Wolf, actually..."
Posted by MaskedMan on 12:28:49 10/30/2000
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...there's always been friction between Jameson and me. I've often been very critical of her. For instance, look at my article in the Boulder Weekly, Feb. 1999.

I've tried to get along with her and be friendly, but I finally realized that she is an arrogant, compulsive liar that I can't have anything to do with.


16. "pinky, she needs to be stopped"
Posted by MaskedMan on 13:00:06 10/30/2000
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Something should be done to stop Jameson's harassment of Ariana H-P. Jameson (Susan Bennet) is trying to mobiliize people to inquire about Ariana's welfare and to alert the authorities about the family.

In other words, Mrs. Bennet is clevely trying to get other people to harass and humiliate Ariana -- while the manipulative Mrs. Bennet keeps her hands clean. That's how Susan Bennet gets even with Linda H-P.

Susan Bennet never learns. She repeats her errors. She pulls the same bullshit over and over again against that family, just as she did two years ago when she got the police to go after the family.

Jameson/Bennet treads close to libel, but she's careful not to cross the line. She poses her malicious statements in the form innocent-sounding opinions, e.g. that the photo looks like Mervin Pugh. (That's definitely NOT Mervin.) Jameson tries to sound sweetly reasaonable. She's just "concerned" and wants to make sure that Ariana is alright.

How insidious. How evil.

I wonder how Susan Bennet would feel if people started calling her neighbors and her local police department to investigate rumors that Susan's children are being sexually abused by her and her husband? Then, she would find out how dreadful it is to be on the receiving end of her kind of "caring."


30. "Merv is uncouth"
Posted by MaskedMan on 15:26:21 10/31/2000
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Merv "most likely has some couth about it..."

Ha. Actually, the most noticeable thing about Merv is how UNcouth he is. He's very disagreeable and sputters profanity when he's drinking -- and he's usually drinking.

The clueless Jameson (who tries to make Merv into a villain of the case) says that Merv is only a couple of years older than John Ramsey. Yeah, but JR is fairly healthy. Merv looks like "death warmed over." He's a weak, unmotivated person who plops himself into his easy chair, where he drinks, demands his dinner, watches TV and then tends to fall asleep.

Merv fell asleep in his easy chair on the night of Dec. 25, 1996. Linda and Ariana saw him asleep late that night. No, Merv didn't get up in the middle of the night and travel 20 miles (from Ft. Lupton to Boulder) to kill JonBenet for no particular reason. That's a laughable notion. He's virtually illiterate and couldn't possibly have written the ransom note.

Merv is scrawny because he eats only one meal a day. He's an alcoholic. A sad case. He even said of himself: "I'm just a stupid construction worker." He's not interested in pornography or anything except for drinking. Jameson needs to find a new arch-villain.

It's absurd to try to make Merv (a pathetic human wreck) into a bold killer or active sex maniac. Merv doesn't have enough interest in other people to kill them or molest them. The only thing he wants to fondle is a bottle of beer.


36. "Jameson's new LIES"
Posted by MaskedMan on 10:03:57 11/01/2000
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"Texas" brought to my attention that Jameson has posted a reply on her forum. Jameson (Sue Bennet) is telling lies again. She can't stop lying!

Two years ago, at Jameson's instigation, law enforcement in Colorado investigated the Hoffmann-Pugh family for child pornography -- a totally false charge. The police went to the H-P home. The CBI even went through the family's computer. The police and CBI found absolutely nothing to the charge, and it was dropped. The whole episode was an outrage, caused by Jameson's misguided meddling.

Now, Jameson has maliciously revived this bogus porno' charge. Jameson even claims that "the authorities didn't happen to agree" that the charge was bogus. "Neither did other people covering the story."

BULLSHIT! No one has found any substance to this riduculous charge concocted by Jameson.

What "other people covering the story"? No one covered the story. It was never reported. Jameson doesn't name the "people covering the story" who agree with her. Why? Because they don't exist. She's making up things again. As I keep saying, she's a compulsive liar. She lies as easily as she breathes.

Jameson also falsely claims that I am "changing my story" about Ariana. Not so. Jameson accuses me of inconsistency because I described Ariana as quiet and withdrawn, as well as "willful." There's no contradiction in those qualities. If Jameson had any contact with Ariana, Jameson would know that.

That's the danger in what Jameson is doing: she is spreading wild charges about people who she's never met and has no direct knowledge about. Jameson is very reckless. She even thinks that Ariana is emailing her. Jameson is NUTS.

Ariana isn't an abuse victim. The only person abusing Ariana is Jameson! Jameson has spread an outlandish, embarrassing charge involving a teenaged girl. Jameson is a menace. She doesn't have the common sense or the common decency to stop her malicious campaign, which can only result in humiliation for an innocent teenage girl. Shame on you, Jameson. What you've done is reprehensible.


37. "Jameson's viciousness"
Posted by MaskedMan on 10:58:08 11/01/2000
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NOTE: Last edited on 10:58:08, 11/01/2000

Even if the outrageous porno' charge were true, it is highly improper to publicly reveal the name of an abuse victim. It is even more dastardly to reveal the name of a juvenile who has been a sex assault victim. So, why is Jameson publicly spreading the charge that Ariana H-P is a sex assault victim? This is Jameson's "payback" to get even with Ariana's mother.

Obviously, Jameson cares nothing about Ariana. The name of a victimized child should NEVER be published. But Jameson is trying to stigmatize Ariana and her family. Why? Because Jameson is retaliating against Ariana's mother, Linda H-P, for her tabloid stories. How cruel. How vicious of Jameson to do this. Jameson warned that Linda would suffer for going to the tabloids.

While Jameson pulls this evil tactic, she pretends just to be "concerned" about Ariana. Then, why reveal Ariana's name, Jameson?! Why did you even post Ariana's picture along with your charge?! That is so wrong.

Jameson, you are sick, sick, sick. Your reckless charges and your irresponsible actions expose the depths of your maliciousness, your fanaticism and your dishonesty.


40. "Jameson's non-stop LIES"
Posted by MaskedMan on 17:14:44 11/01/2000
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Yes, the shameless Jameson (Sue Bennet) has stupidly linked Ariana to child pornography. What an awful thing for Jameson to do. Jameson even posted Ariana's photo along with a photograph of an abused child who vaguely resembles Ariana, claiming that it seems to be the same person. Utter BALONEY. That is NOT a photo of Ariana.

Apparently, under pressure, Jameson has now removed the pictures she posted on her forum. But she continues the hoax, continues to distort the truth and continues to obsess over Merv -- a man who is irrelevant to the case.

Jameson's latest lie is that I am "putting words" in her mouth when I pointed out that Merv couldn't have killed JonBenet. Again, she lies. I wasn't quoting her or replying to her. I was referring to other people's suspicions about Merv. Yet again, she misstates what I've said. She can't stop lying! Everyday, she proves that she is a compulsive liar.

Referring to my stark observations about the family, Jameson writes of me: "With friends like that they SURE as hell don't need any enemies!" I am NOT their friend. I am not "defending" Merv. I am just stating the truth and correcting Jameson's crazy theories.

I am appalled at Jameson's reckless charges involving an innocent 16-year-old girl. Jameson has no shame. She never admits her errors.

Instead, she tries to cover up her errors and her crazy antics by telling lie after lie. She has lied repeatedly -- not just in this instance, but about many things in the Ramsey case. Lies and crazy theories -- that is the essence of Jameson.