Who is John Knowlman?

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Who is John Knowlman?

wiltonjr - 01:25pm Nov 14, 1998 MST

Goethe2/Seal posts anon threads and denies it

(This could be worse than Atlas Shrugged)

Many months ago I received an email from a JFJBR@aol.com that stated something along the lines of this:

"Jameson is a man by the name of Knowlman who lives in our around Morganton which is close to XXXXXXX. He uses equipment for the deaf to communicate. He tells XXX XXXXXXX what to post. He is the brains behind the operation."

I was intrigued with this bit of information and shared it with several in chat one night. I considered posting it on the forums but decided against that and forwarded it to Jameson instead. This was actually the catalyst that began many hours of conversation between the two of us. During the time that Jameson and I were conversing, she told me that same screen name from AOL had sent her a death threat and she had that account cancelled. Not true. That account still existed (even though it dissapeared for a short time) when I left AOL.

A short time after the mmm, break down in communication betweeen Jameson and I, I was reminded of that tidbit of information and emailed Jameson to ask her once again if there was any truth to the matter. Jameson emailed me back with something along the lines of

"I told you I wouldn't discuss John when we were friends and I won't now."

That struck me as odd because the name John was never mentioned. So I assume this person in question is named John Knowlman. Are these two people in cahoots to hinder discussion of the Ramsey's possible guilt? Are they being paid to do so? I'm wondering more now than ever what the story is to John Knowlman and his connection with Jameson.

lazarus - 01:42pm Nov 14, 1998 MST (#3 of 9)

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Wilton, this is very interesting. Do you remember any other details? I am confused what you meant about taking the aol site down. Could you explain that a little more?

wiltonjr - 01:46pm Nov 14, 1998 MST (#7 of 9)

Goethe2/Seal posts anon threads and denies it

Lazarus, It wasn't a site, it was the AOL screen name. I said account and should have worded it differently. On AOL you can have as many as five screen names to your account and you have the ability to delete these extra screen names and then reinstate them later. So you could have AOL and have a multiple of screen names (sic email addresses). This particular name had a profile that was something like

Name: Justice for JonBenet Ramsey

Location: Boulder County Justice Center