Jameson (aka "Susan Bennett" nasty letter to Colorado Governor Owens 11/16/1999

"My letter to Governo Owens"

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"My letter to Governo Owens"

Posted by jams on Nov-16-99 at 08:54 AM (EST)


Governor Owens,

I do hope you will take the time to read this letter. I am sending it to you and to many others, posting it on the internet.

Governor Owens is a jerk. He is again requesting the Ramseys "cooperate". I am sending him this letter and publishing it on the net as well. I have to wonder if the man knows anything about the Ramsey case or if he is just spewing his venom to appease the public lynch mob who put him in office.

Governor Owens,

The Ramseys spoke to the police in the early days. They spoke through their lawyers later. They gave all the samples requested of them right away (hair, blood handwriting). They allowed the children to be interviewed and went in for interviews on several occasions - including one marathon 3 day interrogation session that is unprecedented in similar circumstances.

I have quotes from the authorities where they said they CHOSE not to interview the Ramseys early on because of the situation - Patsy medicated, John distraught. Later they actually said that they didn't WANT to interview the Ramseys - the time for that to be helpful had passed (early 1997 - see the "Haddon letter"). Remember too that in April 1997, the AUTHORITIES cancelled scheduled interviews.

Beckner was asked for an audience - he refused to meet the Ramseys. The Grand Jury didn't ask to speak to them. YOU refused to meet with them and admitted that you thought they were guilty from the get-go, didn't want to talk to the prime suspects. (why? afraid they might bend your mind SO easily??)

Now you want them to go back to Boulder. FOR WHAT??? Just who do you think they will talk to? The detectives working on the case are working on other things now. The files are packed up and in storage. Persecutor Kane is in Pennsylvania. Would they be allowed to speak to Hofstrom, DeMuth and Keenan? (I doubt THAT would be encouraged.)

Are you suggesting that the Ramseys could go back and expect help in their search for the SickPuppy INTRUDER who stole the life of their cherished daughter? Will the authorities be just a BIT more eager to check suspects like McElroy this time? (It only took 11 months for them to take HIM as a serious suspect - or are you unaware of THAT story ?!)

Get real. If the authorities want to help the Ramseys find the murderer of JonBenét Ramsey, they will clear up the misinformation that has been put out for public consumption and they will make the evidence available to the investigators working for the Ramseys. The parents of this murdered baby have more at stake than YOU do, Mr. Owens. They want to see the killer caught and punished.

YOU just want the public to think you care. But you obviously do NOT. You don't know the basic facts of this case.

You, sir, are a jerk.