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 Nov-26-02, 09:23 AM (EST)


"Jameson sold materials to tabloid"


With a heavy heart and a stunned spirit, I make this post.


With written permission from jameson, I may post what I want about this subject.

With written permission from Lin Wood, I post the text of this email which I received yesterday:

November 25, 2002

Dear Friends:

In its November 5, 2002 issue, The National Enquirer published a false story accusing Patsy of being the author of the ransom note found in the home on the morning of December 26. This bogus story was based on confidential handwriting documents that were obtained by the Enquirer from an anonymous source.

In its most recent issue dated December 3, 2002, The National Enquirer has published a series of articles and photographs covering 31 pages, which articles are headlined with accusatory statements about the Ramseys. These false articles are based on videotapes of the police interrogation of the Ramseys in June of 1998 and the transcript of their police interrogation in April of 1997 again obtained by the Enquirer from an anonymous source.

All of the above confidential documents and tapes were provided several months ago to Darnay Hoffman, the lawyer for Chris Wolf and Linda Hoffmann-Pugh, in response to federal court discovery requests directed to the Ramseys in the libel action filed against them by Hoffman on behalf of Chris Wolf. The materials were provided to Hoffman pursuant to a federal court protective order requiring that the receiving party maintain the confidentiality of the materials until further order of the court pursuant to the procedures and terms of the order.

I regret to inform you that I have learned this weekend that the materials and tapes utilized by the Enquirer to continue its war of false accusations for profit against the Ramsey family were sold to the Enquirer for Forty Thousand Dollars ($40,000.00) by Sue Bennett (a/k/a Jameson), an individual who maintains an Internet website about the JonBenet Ramsey case and has been perceived as a long time supporter of the Ramseys and their innocence. Ms. Bennett tells me that she received these materials and tapes anonymously in the mail and does not know who sent them to her. At the same time, Ms. Bennett states that she is honor bound not to reveal her confidential source. I plan to continue to investigate the misuse of these tapes to determine whether legal action is warranted against the involved parties. I have not been persuaded by Ms. Bennett’s efforts to convince me that her purpose in selling these materials to the tabloids was something other than her personal greed.

As you would expect, John and Patsy are deeply hurt by this betrayal for profit by a friend and supporter. However, the Ramseys are not vindictive people by nature and I suspect they will not seek legal redress against Ms. Bennett, whose desire for easy money may have allowed her to be unwittingly used by third parties to further their anti-Ramsey agenda or help the Enquirer earn more millions from the tragic murder of a child and false accusations against her parents. But I do know that John and Patsy will no longer communicate with Ms. Bennett and will not share any information with her. You will have to make your own decision about your future relationship, if any, with Ms. Bennett.

The Ramseys have allowed CBS, NBC and CNN to view the interrogation videotapes in their entirety. Objective reporting on the content of the tapes shows that the tapes evidence the innocence of this family, the level of voluntary cooperation by this family and the harassment of this family by law enforcement officials. CBS, NBC and CNN have objectively reported on the tapes. The National Enquirer, as any one should expect, has not fairly or accurately reported on the tapes or the Ramseys.

In providing the truth of the tapes to CBS, NBC and CNN, the Ramseys did not seek, nor have they received, one thin dime for the use and broadcast of the tapes.

If you have any further questions or comments about this development, please feel to contact me by e-mail or phone.

John and Patsy thank you for continued support, friendship and loyalty.

L. Lin Wood


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