12/00/2001 The Anonymous Letter

(Letter sent to Kathleen Savio to inform her of Drew’s affair with Stacy)


NOTE: The following is an "AS IS" transcript of the anonymous letter apparently sent to Kathleen Savio Peterson [Estimated to be around December 2001] to inform her at the time, that her husband Drew Peterson was having an affair with a 17 year old woman, that woman now being the missing 4th wife, Stacy Peterson as of October 28, 2007.

The letter had been talked about in the media, on public message forums as well as talk shows for weeks but it wasn't until December 21, 2007 that the letter was shown on the NBC Dateline show "Deadly suspicion." At that time a partial screen capture was obtained and from that capture the transcript was done and to maintain the integrity of the original document, any and all typing errors and/or incorrect information remained intact.

That Internet poster under the name of "dethead" then shared the "AS IS" transcript on a public message forum. This is ONLY a partial transcript of page 1 of the letter, what could be obtained from the screen capture. At this time it is not known how many pages comprised the complete letter.

NOTE: Kathleen Savio's neighbor, Steve Carcerano stated on the Nancy Grace show on 12/17/2007 "There was a letter stuck in the mailbox. It was typewritten. It was many pages. And it was someone revealing the fact that Drew had a girlfriend, which was Stacy at the time."

Kathleen Letter (Found on the www.findstacypeterson.com forum but was deleted from that forum, reason given was because "DetHead" posted a transcript of a document with known errors)

Transcribed by a poster known as "DetHead."


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Letter received by kS as seen on Dateline NBC:


This letter is being sent to you for your benefit. At this point and time you are probably well aware that your husband is having an affair. The girl's name (and she is just that, a girl) is stacy Yelton born 7/17/1984, resides at Preston Apt-129 Bolingbrook,Il.

You may already have all of this information but if not, you will need it to prevent andy further embarrassment and disgrace to you and your family. This affair has been going on for several months and several people have been aware of this situation. Because of her age (17) and the fact that she is an employee of the village and because of Drew's age and his occupation, he holds a position of authprity over her. drew could be charged criminally for his intimate involvement with this minor.

Village officials (mayor, trustee's) and everyone at the police department have complete knowledge of this situation. It has been an ongoing joke within the department. Teh issue has been discussed and has been decided to conceal his behavior to protect the village and Drew. Because of his political alliance with Roger Claar and ken Each, they are protecting themselves from the embarrasment and the liability. The real victims (being you and your family) should be the ones being protected from the embarrassment.

This is not the first time in the past year that Drew's immoral and unethical behavior has been concealed. This past summer Drew allowed the beating of an arrestee who was handcuffed and defenseless. The past fall Drew was suspected to have planted narcotics (cocaine) on two superate drug raids to obtain a substantial arrest to overshadow his recent behavior and now his illegal intimate relationship with a minor.

Drew has been willing to sacrifice hs integrity for his personal gain with total disregard that his actions will embarress and disrespect his wife and children. BEWARE whom you talk to within the village administration and within the police department.....(remaining portion not visible)"


1 - Stacy's maiden name was not "Stacy Yelton" it was Stacy Cales.

2 - The name "Yelton" is Stacy's brother's FIRST name. (Yelton Cales)

3 - Stacy's birthday is 01/20/1984 and Yelton's is 08/07/1979 (Neither was born July 17th).

4 - "the fact that she is an employee of the village" (Stacy was employed with the village of Bolingbrook for "ONLY 6 WEEKS" between November 5th and December 17th of 2001 which possibly dates the letter during that period).

5 - *IF* the letter was written in the late fall of 2001 then Stacy would have been age 17, which according to Illinois law is not under age.


1 - Roger Claar is the Mayor of Bolingbrook, Illinois.

2 - Ken Each was the former Police Chief of Bolingbrook, Illinois.