04/24/2002 Kathleen Savio "SPECIFIC" Power of Attorney

(Notarized by: Drew W. Peterson, Prepared by Jeffery Ortinau)


April 24, 2002 Kathleen Savio "SPECIFIC" Power of Attorney

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At the top of the 04/24/2002 Savio Power of Attorney is the following:

Apr.24.2002 2:52PM - RESULTS ONE MORTGAGE - NO.727 P.2/2


I, Kathleen Peterson (Grantor) hereby appoint JEFFERY ORTINAU as my agent to exercise the poWers described in this instrument in my name and on my behalf.

My agent is authorized to represent my interests at the real estate closing to be held on, APRIL 25, 2002 in connection with the purchase of real estate located at 6 PHESANT CHASE BOLINGBROOK and legally described as follows. Lot 118 IN PHEASANT CHASE UNIT 3, BEING A SUBDIVISION OF THE PART OF THE SOUTH 1/2 OF SECTION 18, TOWNSHIP 37 NORTH, RANGE 10, EAST OF THE THIRD PRINCIPAL MERIDIAN, ACCORDING TO THE PLAT THEREOF RECORDED OCTOBER 15, 1996 AS DOCUMENT NO 296-92632, IN WILL COUNTY, ILLINOIS.

Permanent Index No: 02-18-401-037

My agent is authorized to sign on my behalf mortgage, note and other documents from Aegis Mortgage Corporation (New America Financial Inc.) and such closing statements settlement statements, title insurance forms and other documents necessary to complete the closing on said property.

This power of attorney shall become effective on APRIL 24, 2002 and shall terminate upon the completion of the closing on the property located at 6 PHESANT CHASE COURT BOILINGBROOK, IL 60440.

I have executed this instrument on APRIL 24, 2002 ________________


(Signature of Grantor)

The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me on this 24th day of April 2002 who is personally known to me to be the same person who name is subcribed to the foregoing instrument.

Drew W. Peterson

Notary Public

Prepared by Jeffery Ortinau

Attorney at Law

430 W. Boughton Rd

Bolingbrook, Il 60440

Mail To:

Jeffery Ortinau

430 W. Boughton Rd

Bolingbrook, Il 60440

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