07/18/2002 Bolingbrook Police Incident Report

(Criminal Trespassing, Unlawful Restraint and Domestic Battery)


July 18, 2002 Bolingbrook Police Incident Report filed by Kathleen Savio Of the July 5, 2002 "Criminal Trespassing," "Unlawful Restraint" and "Domestic Battery" charges filed against Drew Peterson

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(July 18, 2002 Bolingbrook Police Incident Report CR02-24541 Page 1)

Officers at Scene: Sgt. Briley (sp?) #988 and Lt. Malloy #971

Location: 392 Pheasant Chase, Bolingbrook, Illinois (Will County)

July 18, 2002 Bolingbrook Police Incident Report CR02-24541 Page 2

On above date at approximately 1130 hrs. I was advised in summary of Ofc. Muhammand that Kathleen Peterson had called advising that on 07-05-02 her husband, Drew Peterson had broken into her home in a swat uniform and kept her there from 1130 until 1330 hrs. Drew Peterson is a Bolingbrook Sergeant. I subsequently responded to 392 Pheasant Chase along with Lt. Malloy. We spoke with Kathleen, the following is in summation and not verbatim of the verbal and written statements that she made.


Kathleen advised that on Friday, 07-05-02 she had taken her two young sons to camp. She returned home and was doing laundry. She came down the stairs carrying a basket of laundry and without warning observed Drew come out of the living room into the foyer at the bottom of the stairs. He was wearing his police black swat outfit and had leather gloves on. He pushed her backwards, causing her to sit on the stairway. He told her not to move and when she tried to get up he pushed her back down. He told her that she was a mean bitch and that she never talked to him. He said that he wanted to talk to her and she would have to listen. He asked her if she was afraid and she told him she was. She finally told him to go or do what he came for, kill her. He said, ok, where do you want it. She told him in the head. He took out his knife but then said that he could not hurt her.

Kathleen advised that she again told him to go, he said that he would go when he wanted and then he looked out the window. He thew one of her garage door openers down and he left the residence. She then called her attorney Harris Smith, her friend Steve Maniaci, her sister Susie Lizak and her neighbor Mary Ponterilli. She advised that her attorney advised her to file a report but she was afraid to file because she believed Drew was unstable and had warned her that if she called anyone he would deny it. During the time of the incident Kathleen advised that three times the telephone rang but Drew would not allow her to answer it. Those calls she later learned were from her sister Susan Lizak, the next door neighbor child, 12-year-old Nicki and her friend Steve Maniaci.

Kathleen advised that she did not speak with Drew prior to this incident and mutually agree that he come over so the two of them could talk. Kathleen advised that she did not want Drew arrested. She did wish to seek an order of protection and have it served by the Illinois State Police to him. She did not want him to loose his job. She mentioned that he had filed complaints against her for two battery charges and both were pending. She feared she would loose her children and wanted him to quit filing charges against her. She has a job opportunity at a hospital but feels that due to her battery arrest, had lost the opportunity. She advised that she wanted Drew to give her a divorce and that she wanted to move.

Kathleen also mentioned a previously unreported incident where Drew cut a hole in the drywall in the garage to gain entry into the family room. Also, a time where he was

July 18, 2002 Bolingbrook Police Incident Report CR02-24541 Page 3

living in the basement and while she was gone cut a hole in her bedroom door to gain entry and removed jewelry and money. I observed the drywall and door. She advised that Drew later gave her back the pair of earrings when he came to the house with another unidentified police officer to have her sign a legal document, at which time he returned the earrings to her. She advised that she did not file police reports on either of these incidents but did advise her attorney. She also mentioned that she had given Drew's tuxedo to her neighbor, Tom, to hold for her and that Drew had threatened Tom with a search warrant if he did not return his tuxedo, at which time Tom gave Drew the tuxedo back.

Initially when I requested Kathleen to provide me with a written statement it did not include that Drew took his knife out, which she had originally mentioned verbally to me. She then added the knife information to the report, however, later she scratched it out.

She requested to not have the report filed but I advised her that it would be filed and subsequently reviewed by the Will County States Attorneys Office who would make the final determination.

I provided Kathleen with the Notice of 72-hour Intervention, along with Domestic Violence Information and referrals. I recommended that if her allegations were true she obtain an order of protection on today's date according to the Notice of 72-hour Intervention instructions. I also contacted and notified Nicole of Groundwork, Joliet location.

Later this date I spoke with Drew Peterson at the Bolingbrook Police Department. The following is in summation of the verbal and written statements that he made.


Drew advised that on Wednesday, 07-03-02, while working he received several calls from Kathleen during the early evening hours, wanting him to work with her to resolve the divorce and visitation issues. They both agreed that he would come over to her home Friday, 07-05-02, during the morning and they would talk. On Friday, 07-05-02 in the morning he walked over and used the garage door opener that he still had to get inside. He called out her name as he walked into the house. They met on the stairway and sat on the stairs while they talked. They discussed the divorce, the children, what had gone wrong, etc. for approximately three hours. They cried, hugged and Kathleen tried to kiss him, but he did not kiss her. She exposed her breast and pubic area to him and asked if he missed this at all. The conversation turned towards his girlfriend, Stacy. Kathleen told him that he controlled Stacy and that he should get Stacy to drop the battery charges. He recommended that she apologize to Stacy at which time she became angry and said she was not going to apologize. She told him to

July 18, 2002 Bolingbrook Police Incident Report CR02-24541 Page 4

do the right thing or she would make him sorry. Drew advised that he told Kathleen he was already sorry. They both got up and Kathleen opened the door. They both walked outside, he went home and she got her mail.

Drew advised that he was wearing a black sweatshirt, blue jeans, black sneakers, a pants belt with cell phone (with attached earpiece in his ear) and pager. He advised that he did not push Kathleen but did share a hug with her. He also advised that he did not have a knife or gun with him.

Drew further advised that on today's date at approximately 11:20 a.m. he received a telephone call from Kathleen (630/759-3562) and that she sounded angry, yelling and asking what is this battery charge that she had just been served with by the State Police. She complained that she would have to go to court again. She then said that she was going to press charges and hung up. At approximately 11:40 hrs. she recalled and told him that she was going to see him loose his job today. She then hung up.

Drew advised that Kathleen was served with papers today by the Will County Sheriff for Domestic Battery and Unlawful Visitation Interference.

Later this date I spoke with Steven P. Maniaci, m/w (BLACKED OUT AREA). The following is a summary of that conversation.


Steven advised that on Friday, 07-05-02, he received a telephone call from Kathleen at approximately 12:15 or 12:30 p.m. He was on a motorcycle ride. She was upset and wanted him to come over. She told him that Drew got into the house by using a garage door opener. He popped out of a room as she was coming down the stairs with laundry. He wouldn't let her leave. He grabbed her a few times and made her sit down. She told him if you are going to kill me just do it. He pulled a knife and asked her where she wanted it. He was wearing a swat uniform. She did not mention if he had a gun.

Steven went and saw Kathleen later that day. She told him that she did not want Drew arrested or reprimanded. He also advised that he was aware that previously Drew cut a hole in the garage drywall to gain entry into the family room.

Later this date I spoke with Mary A. Pontarelli (BLACKED OUT AREA) She advised the following summary. (BLACKED OUT AREA)


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