11/14/2002 Kathleen Savio Letter to Illinois ASA Elizbeth Fragale

(“and his next step is to take my children away Or Kill me instead”)


Kathleen Savio's November 14, 2002 Letter to Illinois Assistant State Attorney (.PDF 3.38mg)

Transcribed by www.acandyrose.com

November 14, 2002

Elizbeth Fragale

Assistant States Attorney

States Attorney

121 N. Chicago Street

Joliet, Illinois 60432

Ms. Fragle,

On three different occasions I have tried to reach you over the phone regarding charges I have filed agains Drew Peterson, on the date of July 5, 2002.

Note, I did contact the police department, and talked to assistant Chief Mike Calcagno, in reference to Drew Break in that same weekend. I than filed a report in regards to my safety, from Drew by two officer that arrive at my residents 392 Pheasant Chase, Bolingbrook, Il 60490.

When I found out that Mr. Peterson was having an affair with a minor at the police department, he began to get very violent. By striking me with his hand and chasing me though the house with a police stick. At that time on record, I had to get an order of protection from him.

Their has been several times throughout my marriage to this man where I ended up in the emergency room in Bolingbrook for injuries, and I have reported this only to have the police leave my home wthout filing any reports.

On July 5th, Mr. Peterson got into my home with a garage door opener he programmed for himself, while I was out of town with my son's. I was unaware of his presents, and was very afraid for my live. This man pop out from our living room while I was walking down stair, with a basket of laundry. I was shocked and dropped all the cloths, and stood their, asking him to get out. Drew was in uniform (Swat Uniform), with his police radio in his ear. He yelled, for me to sit down and be quiet I refused and he pushed me on the stairs. He told me to move down to the third step and not to move or speak. He was very angry that in our divorce the judge ruled that he would have to pay me child support. He told me that he didn't want to pay me anything. (He left my Boys, 8 And 9 and I With many bills, up to 2,000.00 and with an 11,000.00 income tax bill as well as a 6800.00 property tax bill for us to pay. Needless to say we are without money or any credit) He kept me in position for very long length of time, while trying to convince me how horrible I am, and I just need to die. He asked me several times if I was afraid, I started to panic! He pulled out his knife, that he kept tied around his leg and brought it to my neck. I thought I'd never see my boys again. I told him to just end this craziness and for some reason pulled back. I didn't tell the police because I know they can't protect me from him. I know he will be back; he's now attempting to try to make me look like the bad guy, with untrue charges of Battery against him, and his 17 yr. old Girlfriend. The sick thing is I really think they're enjoying this. Over the summer they went out of their way to rollerblade right in front of my home, drive by and stop for long lengths of time in front of the house. Childish things like his girl friend flipping me off if I was out in the front with the kids while driving by.

At present time my children have been in a program at school called rainbows, in efforts to repair some of the damage Drew and his girlfriend has created. One of which Drew falsely arrested me in front of my children with my face in the grass, and calling me a criminal for hitting his girlfriend, which didn't happen. Instead she called me a bounce of innapropriate name in front of my children, so I felt it necessary to get them back in the house away from this. When I ran to the truck, it being very high up I notices Stacy his girlfriend taping me, with stolen camera Drew took from our home. I attempted to take the camera and my next goal was to return to my home with my children. But I was thrown to the ground and treated like an outlaw, and booked and arrested for no reason. My wrist was sprained, when I was being thrown to the ground and held down by Drew, who was not on duty at the time. While this was happening my children were being held against their own will by Stacy Cales, while she told them to sit down and be quiet. My son's phyc is working with them but states "she can't fix what continue to happen on a on going basis". My eight year old come home from spending one hour with his Dad, because he really is never there, and pushes his sons and girlfriend on my son all the time, and expressed to me that he was confused! It seems that Drews live in girl friend showed both my sons her wedding dress and ring, and told them that she was going to marry their father. Of course that's ok for Adults, but when my boys come home with tears in their eyes, still hoping for mom and dad to get back together again, it becomes heart breaking and very confusing for them. They don't understand how dad can get married if he's still married to their mommy. The list goes on, and I understand its just part of it, but it needs to stop. My sons and I would like to move away from this area, for our safety and our sanctity. I am a full time Nursing Student and Drew left me while in the middle of the program. I don't want my career or my sons to suffer this nightmare anymore.

He knows how to manipulate the system, and his next step is to take my children away Or Kill me instead.

I would really like to know why this man wasn't charged with unlawful entry, and attempt on my life. I am willing to take any test you want me to take to prove my innocents of charges against me, and also any lie detector test, on the my statement I filed against him. I really feel, Drew is a loose cannon, he is out on the streets of Bolingbrook patrolling, and just taking the law into his own hands. I haven't received help from the Police here in Bolingbrook, and am asking for your help now. Before it's too late. I really hope that by filing this charge it might stop him from trying to hurt us.

Please return my call, or write with answers to my questions.


Sincerely, Kathleen Peterson

cc: Walter Jacobson