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If God Will Send His Angels
(by U2)

Nobody else here baby
No one here to blame
No one to point the finger
It's just you and me and the rain

It's the blind leading the blond
It's the stuff, it's the stuff of country songs
If God will send his angels
And if God will send a sign
And if God will send his visions
Would everything be alright

God has got his phone off the hook, babe
Would he even pick up if he could
It's been a while since we saw that child
Hanging 'round this neighborhood
You see his mother dealing in a doorway
See Father Christmas with a begging bowl
Jesus sister's eyes are a blister
The High Street never looked so low

It's the blind, leading the blond
It's the cops collecting for the cons
If God will send his angels
And if God will send a sign
And if God will send his visions

Where do we go
Where do we go
Jesus never let me down
You know Jesus used to show me the score
Then they put Jesus in show business
Now it's hard to get in the door
It's the stuff, it's the stuff of country songs

But I guess it was something to go on
So where is the hope and where is the faith
And the love...what's that you say to me
Does love...light up your Christmas Tree
The next minute your blowing a fuse
And the cartoon network turns into the news

If God will send his angels
I sure could use them here right now
Well if God would send his angels

Where do we go
I don't need to lie
I don't need to know
And I don't want to promise
And I don't want to lie
I just want to feel the song

In Memory of JonBenet Ramsey
Sixth Anniversary
December 25, 2002

A special visit from an Internet poster from the JonBenet Ramsey forum community to the cemetery at St. James Episcopal Church Cemetery, Marietta, Georgia

I went to JonBenet's grave at long last, last Saturday, the 16th of November. It was a rainy, very gray day. They do have a lovely small area beside their graves with the bench, angel tree, some azaleas, some lovely ivy growing up the tree, some other plants, like a hosta I noticed, were still green. It was nice.

The picture of the monuments all in a row, old ones, is on the right as you drive up the hill of the short road to the end of the cemetary, where JonBenet's grave is. The road is so narrow only one car can drive it one way. I had to back out and let another car leave when I was first entering the gate. Some of these large old monuments are from the 19th century. These are at the crest of the hill of the short entrance road. There is only one other short road off of this one to the right, leading out of the cemetery. Its gate was locked that day.

This picture is at the end of the entrance road, where there is a cul-de-sac turnaround, a very small one that requires some backing up even when deserted. That's where JonBenet's grave is, on the right. You can see part of the drive on the bottom of the picture. Nedra's headstone is in the foreground, the large one on the right.

Here are a couple of shots of JonBenet's grave next to the tree and garden area.

JonBenet's and Beth's gravestones.

This photo on the left shows all three graves of JonBenet Ramsey (August 6, 1990-December 25, 1996), her sister, Beth Ramsey (July 15, 1969-January 08, 1992) and their grandmother, Nedra E. Paugh (nee Rymer July 5, 1932-March 2, 2001). The photo at the right shows a tiny little angel that had fallen on JonBenet's marble stone covering, and it little wings had broken off and are lying there, too. So sad, in a symbolic way.

These are angels and various items hanging on the Dogwood tree directly above the bench next to the graves. The photo on the right is a close-up of Nedra's gravestone, Nedra E. Paugh (nee Rymer July 5, 1932--March 2, 2001.)

The next two are from the point of view of JonBenet's grave, looking out toward the front of the cemetery. It gives some perspective of how small this graveyard is. Her grave is at the end with the fence behind the garden area. Facing the front of the cemetery while standing by her grave, the picture on the left shows the view to the left of the viewer, but coming into the cemetery, this would be to your right.

The right picture is a shot to the viewer's right from the same position by JonBenet's grave. (The white form in the top of the right picture is one of the angels hanging down from a tree branch that got into my shot.) These two pictures laid side by side are similar to a panoramic view. Notice the building in the distance in the picture on the left. This is the intersection of the road at the left border (from this viewpoint) and the road in front of the cemetery. The graveyard's right fence (from this viewpoint) is the tree/bush line you can follow in the picture. The final border is the fence behind the garden by JonBenet's grave.

I couldn't resist taking these of this mother and her twins. This monument was so eerie. It was close to lifesize. If those eyes had moved to look at me, I wouldn't have been surprised. And those twins the mom is holding--boys, buried there, too. She had them in 1892, then died in 1898. One twin died in 1908, at 16, the other in 1913, at age 21. The huge cross in the lower right of the left picture is the father's. It is lying parallel to the ground, raised about 3 feet in such a way that it looks like it is floating there, thick marble with gorgeous carvings of roses in its center.

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