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History of Webbsleuths (Jameson and Murphy):

-- When Jameson (aka Susan Bennett) began following this case it was on the old AOL Court TV forums (same place I started, and Ashley started there too) and she later branched off to the Geraldo forums and a half a dozen others but her beginning subculture history started on the Boulder News Forum in Feb '97.

-- From "day one" Jameson was convinced the Ramseys were innocent (she claimed she had a shower vision) and she was always posting cryptic messages regarding evidence that made others think she was an insider with the Ramsey family and thus was accused of just that. It wasn't unusual for her to reference John Ramsey as "Dad" when countering some attack on JAR. (ie: He was probably with Dad and Patsy.)

-- She also pretended she was a male, which in itself was no biggie, except other posters on the BNF were catching her in one lie after another. She later claimed they forced her to lie. She was also a pushy individual on the forums and posted non-stop for days, weeks, months constantly correcting others regarding the case. I think the highest count was like 60 posts she did in one day. She wasn't making any major friends. Even though Jameson constantly claimed others hated her because she defended the Ramseys, that wasn't the case, they hated her because they said she was always lying, and a pushy know it all.

-- Professor Donald Foster wasn't the only one who thought Jameson was not only a male but was probably John Andrew Ramsey and if not then perhaps was even the killer or hiding the killer. Bottom line is that Jameson was posting stuff that even the BPD were scratching their heads at wondering who she was and how she was getting all her inside information. She was not about to give up all of her contacts she made early in the game.

-- Finally on Mother's day '97 in an IRC Chatroom, twenty some posters outted her lies and her gender confussion. Jameson basically got called on the carpet. Jameson got upset and claimed she wasn't coming back to the Internet. That is when Murphy (a real person) entered Jameson's life.

-- By July '97 a reporter contacted Jameson that the BPD wanted to talk with her and guess who she called? None other than Lou Smit.

-- In the fall of '97 Jameson wrote the Ramseys a letter asking to meet with them.

-- In the meantime, Murphy felt sorry for Jameson and took her under her wings. Murphy was good at building web pages/doing graphics and she put up a forum they called "Webbsleuths Mountain Forum." It was public for a while then they went private. The dispute on the "Webbsleuths" name comes at this point. Jameson claims Murphy suggested "Websleuths" and Jameson claims she liked the name but wanted it with two "bb's". Either way, they settled on "Webbsleuths" and Murphy made up a nice little banner for the trademark name.

-- Although we didn't know it at the time but it was May 1998 when Jameson had her little coffee meeting with John and Patsy Ramsey in Atlanta, Ga. that they wrote about in DOI. John Ramsey also mentioned this in both the Milss vs Ramey deposition where he claimed it was Susan Stine who told them about Jameson and he mention Bennett in the Atlanta 2000 transcript. John Ramsey said originally he thought she was a cousin named Suzie Bennett.

-- In the meantime Jameson started writing a "pro-ramsey" timeline (which was more like her personal diary) on the case but since she didn't know how to get it on the net, Murphy stepped up to the plate and opened a Tripod account, created the web pages and assisted Jameson to get her timeline words up for others to read.

-- Jameson also wanted to put up information on the Ramsey family so Murphy again created another Tripod account called "thearing" and assisted Jameson to put her Ramsey quotes, photos, etc. on the net. When I say "assisted" I mean that Murphy did all the work to put it on the net but the words from both the Thearing and Timeline account were Jameson's words.

-- Then in the summer of '98 several of the various forums were closing for one reason or another and Murphy had to put up a bigger forum and "Webbsleuths Community of Forums" was created in August '98. It consisted of about six major forums, they had the "JonBenet Forum," (of which Jameson was the moderator.) They had the "Jury Room" (Texas1 was the mod) and they had the "Missing Children Forum" (LadyBug was the mod). They also had a "Nightshift Forum" and a couple more that I don't remember at this time. The point was this was a whole community of forums that Murphy built for all their members and Jameson was only the moderator of the "JonBenet Forum" section period.

-- The domain name Murphy was using when they first started was "" and it was owned by a friend of Murphy's who let them use it to put the forum there.

-- Webbsleuth's rival forum back then was Justice Watch. The two were in constant fights and both forums used the Boulder News Forum as their battleground. I was an active member of both the BNF and JW at that time and was right in the middle of the whole thing. So we had three major forums all fighting on the Boulder News Forum at the same time. Murphy used the screen name of "Muni" on the BNF and was constantly defending Jameson to the point that some hated her as much as they hated Jameson.

-- Then around the fall of '98 the chit hit the fan when somebody from Webbsleuths copied one of Panico's Peter Boyles transcript from Justice Watch and posted it on Webbsleuths. As a result "" got reported and thus told Murphy she would have to move the forum. In a panic to stay online, Murphy moved the forum to her husband's work domain, ""

-- In retaliation, when one of the Justice Watch members (Gsquared) posted Jameson's full name on the JW *private* forum, Jameson reported them to the JW server and we almost lost Justice Watch in the process.

-- So for the whole fall '98 Murphy was holding down the fort, paying all the bills, keeping the forum running while Jameson was off flitting around with Michael Tracey in Boulder setting up the plan to target Donald Foster in what Jameson thought was going to be one of Tracey's documentaries. But her story got shoved to CBS 48 Hours in April '99.

-- By the spring of '99 Jameson was in full swing. She was working with Tracey, planning her CBS 48 Hour stint, and at the same time demanding to be seen by the Ramsey Grand Jury (because she wanted to tell them directly about Donald Foster).

-- Then May '99 came around and Murphy was getting tons of e-mails about Jameson posting real names of posters putting their families at risk. She confronted Jameson to either stop it or resign from the "JonBenet Forum" at Webbsleuths. According to Murphy, Jameson said, "okay, I resign."

-- Murphy said that Jameson told her that she was starting her own forum and that she was calling it, "The JonBenet Forum." A few days later Murphy discovered that Jameson had reserved the domain name of "" as well as "" and then the Webbsleuths war began. Murphy let it all out of the bag and told us all within postings on "original" Webbsleuths that Jameson not only had been selling stuff to the tabs all along but that she was arranging for all kinds of media events.

-- Murphy's downfall was that through all of this she trusted Jameson and she never actually registered the '" domain name even though she had the Webbsleuths name shown as a trademark name. But even then Jameson promised Murphy she wouldn't use it.

-- Jameson did use it and Murphy accused her of stealing it. Because of what Jameson did, Murphy said it was an "eye for an eye" and that she really owned both of the Tripod accounts where Jameson's Timeline and the Thearing site were. So taking that "eye for an eye" Murphy had both accounts cancelled and deleted all of Jameson's material that was online at that time. Of course then Jameson went on a pity party with her members claiming "Murphy destroyed the Timeline" and "Murphy destroyed her JonBenet Thearing" site. What I could tell, I believe it was Lovely Pigeon who helped Jameson get it all back online.

-- So the Webbsleuths war went on from May '99 into the summer of 2000. Murphy kept the Webbsleuths trademark name on her forum and Jameson new members would reference Murphy's place as "Murphy's Webbsleuths" and Jameson's as "Jameson's Webbsleuths." It was so confusing and Murphy was so P-i-s-s-e-d.

-- Finally a poster named Ruthee bought the "" (with one "b") domain name and she donated it to Murphy hoping everybody could get on with their lives. Murphy never did get over it. At one point in the fall Murphy decided to sell the forum and even got a bid from none other than Darnay Hoffman but something happened and that deal never went through. Then Murphy sold the forum to River under the new domain that Ruthee gave her, the "" name.

-- Murphy's point was that she didn't just have one forum called the "JonBenet Forum" that Jameson was moderator. Murphy had a whole group of forums called the "Webbsleuths Community of Forums." About 30 of the original members left and followed Jameson to her new forum. Jameson also took the Webbsleuths IRC chat room with her. She claimed it was hers because it was registered as a chat room for Murphy's Webbsleuths while she was still moderator there.


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