10/31/2007 (www.myfoxchicago.com) Craig Wall Reporting (VIDEO):

“Family of Missing Bolingbrook Woman Suspects Foul Play”



Family of Missing Bolingbrook Woman Suspects Foul Play

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Chicago -- The family of a missing Bolingbrook woman fears the worst. Stacy Peterson was last seen on Sunday. Now, her father is speaking out about her disappearance. Craig Wall reports from Bolingbrook on what he had to say.

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VIDEO: Craig Wall (www.myfoxchicago.com) reports from Bolingbrook: Stacy Peterson’s father tells me the last time he talked to his daughter was on Saturday. Tonight he is worried sick but he said he and the family are not waiting around for police to figure out what happened.

WALL: Can I talk to you about the situation? I mean I know this has got to be tearing you up.

ANTHONY CALES: It's been four days and I'm totally totally stressed out.

WALL: Anthony Cales doesn't know what happened to his 23 year old daughter Stacy and it's tearing him up inside.

CALES: She's my baby and I can't hardly even ......

WALL: Stacy Peterson was last seen Sunday by her husband, 53 year old Drew Peterson, a Sgt. with the Bolingbrook police. Sources tell me she had recently told him she wanted a divorce.

WALL: Would she just run away, just take off?

CALES: "Never, Never."

WALL: So you feel that foul play is involved here?

CALES: Today I do, after four days. We've been looking for four days, absolutely"

WALL: Police say Drew Peterson is cooperating and is not a suspect, he remains in seclusion. He tells Fox News he'll take a lie detector test if his attorney approved. Peterson says his wife is where she wants to be and he believe she may have left to escape the pressure of being the mother of four kids at age 23.

WALL: Earlier today investigators canvassed a Yorkville home where Peterson supposedly was going with a friend on Sunday to help paint inside.

WALL: Sources say investigators have also executed a search warrant for a Romeoville storage facility that Drew Peterson owns.

Stacy's family are doing their own searching.

CALES: My daughter is out with a private investigator and they're looking at the quarries and we're looking at everything within fifteen minutes of their house.