10/31/2007 Greta “OTR” Interview with Anna and Charlie Doman


October 31, 2007 Anna Maria Doman Interview with Greta Van Susteren "On The Record" - (VIDEO) Transcribed by www.acandyrose.com

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: We're alive in Bolingbrook, right in front of Sgt. Peterson and his wife Stacy's home but his wife's not here, she's been missing since Sunday. Stacy is his 4th wife. His 3rd wife Kathleen Savio was found dead in a bathtub in 2004, about three blocks from here. That death has been ruled an accident but since Stacy's disappearance the county prosecutor has reopened that investigation and earlier we spoke with Kathleen's nephew and sister, Anna and Charles Doman.

GRETA: Anna your sister Kitty, Kitty you called her?

ANNA DOMAN (KATHLEEN SAVIO'S SISTER): Kitty, that's what we called her, Kitty.

GRETA: And she was Sgt. Peterson's third wife?

ANNA: Yes.

GRETA: And Charlie, you are Anna's son?


GRETA: Kitty's your Aunt? Obviously this is a very difficult time for you. You brought me a copy of your sister's death certificate?

ANNA: I didn't think they would let me in with all the cops around here, you know.

GRETA: So you brought the death cert...

ANNA: Yeah, I am who I am.

GRETA: You wanted to come here because your sister has two children?

ANNA: Yes, Tommy and Kris.

GRETA: Do you get to see them very often?

ANNA: No, not since she died, not at all.

GRETA: Tell me, when did you first met Sgt. Peterson?

ANNA: Before they got married, ah.. I don't remember...

CHARLIE: He came to the house in Bolingbrook.

ANNA: Yeah we used to live in Bolingbrook. He came to the house in Bolingbrook. We lived in Bolingbrook real close to here, Peppertree sub division and she was dating him and they came over.

GRETA: Do you know how she met him?

ANNA: Though a mutual friend.

GRETA: When you first met him, what did you think?

ANNA: He seemed like a great guy, very nice.

GRETA: Your sister's married to him for about ten years?

ANNA: Yeah.

GRETA: During the course of the ten years at least in the beginning, was it a good marriage?

ANNA: Yeah it was great, she was happy and it was wonderful.

GRETA: Did there ever come a time in those ten years that you thought the marriage was in trouble?

ANNA: Oh yeah, after a few years it started.

GRETA: What did you hear?

ANNA: He was getting abusive, he was pushing her around, when he was leaving, getting phone calls from woman saying it was business, she was getting upset, you know, thinking what's going on, and as time went on, she, my sister, she should have been a reporter because she would call these woman back and she would say who are you.

GRETA: She would?

ANNA: She would say who are you and she found a few and then she was getting anonymous letters from someone.

GRETA: Saying what?

ANNA: Saying that Drew was, well later on that Drew was having an affair and named Stacy, she was 17 at the time, gave her name, her address, everything.

CHARLIE: It also said the Bolingbrook Mayor, the village, the Mayor, trustees all knew about this and it was a big joke in the police department.

GRETA: Big joke in the police department he was having an affair with a 17 year old?

CHARLIE: Exactly, while he's married.

GRETA: Now your sister lived next door to where Sgt. Peterson and Stacy were living as husband and wife, what, where's your sister's home, how far from here?

ANNA: 392 Pheasant Chase

CHARLIE: A Block or two

GRETA: A block and a half from here?

ANNA: Yeah, maybe two

GRETA: So when they divorced or separated he moved a block and a half away, ended up marrying Stacy and set up a marriage there?

ANNA: Right.

GRETA: In the days and weeks leading up to your sisters death was she actually divorced from Sgt. Peterson?

ANNA: She was actually divorced, the reason she was divorced, she felt sorry for Stacy even though she was very upset. Stacy was pregnant and Drew wanted to marry her before the baby was born. She said I will marry you, let you know marry her, I'll divorce you, we'll put off the property settlement until later because that takes a long time, you know, and he wanted to get the actual marriage finalized so he could get remarried so she agreed to it and two weeks before the actual settlement was suppose to take place they found her in the bathtub.

GRETA: What do you know about that, how did you hear about your sister being dead in the bathtub.

ANNA: Drew called me about one in the morning.

GRETA: Saying what?

ANNA: He said Anna you up and I said yeah and he said I got really bad news. He said anybody home and I said yeah my boyfriends home and he said Kitty's dead.

GRETA: And did you say what happened?

ANNA: I dropped the phone. I was so upset and then I picked it up and I was crying and he said she drowned in the bathtub. I had no idea what happened. I called my other siblings and got in a car and went over.

GRETA: According to the death certificate which we have here it says it was an accident. Do you believe that?

ANNA: No. How does a healthy forty year old woman with no drugs in her system, no alcohol, pass out in the bathtub which is a little oval corner bathtub, a whirlpool tub, the bottoms not even big enough to stretch your legs out? And she's taller than me, I'm 5' 3" and she was about 5'5", 5'6". How did she scrunch down under the water?

GRETA: What did they say to you when you ask that?

ANNA: Well, she had to drown because she had water in her nasal cavity but they said she did, was trying to breath because of the way her lungs were, where the air was, I don't really understand that but they said she was trying to breath. I'm wondering if somebody gave her something and she passed out or I can't see how she stayed under the water. The tub is too small.

GRETA: What do you think happened?

ANNA: I think she had some help.

GRETA: By whom?

ANNA: I, I don't know, I don't want to speculate, I don't know but I think Drew knows more than he's saying. I'm not saying he did it but I think he may know more.

(Greta's crew now filming outside Kathleen Savio's home)

GRETA: Anna, I guess we should explain we're a few blocks away from where Sgt. Peterson and Stacy live.

ANNA: Yes just a few blocks.

GRETA: And this house, 392 Pheasant Chase, who lived in 392?

ANNA: Oh my sister Kathleen and Drew and the two boys, Kris and Tommy.

GRETA: Your sister died in that home, when?

ANNA: March 1, 2004.

GRETA: Did she have an insurance policy on her life?

ANNA: She had a one million dollar insurance policy.

GRETA: Who was the beneficiary of that policy?

ANNA: Well everybody thought it was Drew but nobody knew she changed it to her two boys. She did that just prior to her death.

GRETA: Did you know she done that just prior to her death?

ANNA: Oh yeah she told me.

GRETA: Why did she do that?

ANNA: Because she didn't want Drew to get it because she said he was going to kill her.