11/08/2007 The Big Story with John Gibson, Heather Nauert

“Disappearance and Death of Police Sergeant's Wives



Family and Friends React to Exhumation of Sgt. Peterson's Third Wife

Monday, November 12, 2007

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JOHN GIBSON, CO-HOST: Reaction now to those breaking new developments tonight. With us is now is Drew Peterson's neighbor, Steve Carcerano. He was the very first person to find Kathleen Savio's body in the dry bathtub back in 2004.

So Steve, you know, the — you have — you have been sticking up for Drew. He's a friend of yours. So, what is your reaction to this obvious suspicion of the state's attorney in the death of Kathleen Savio?

STEVE CARCERANO, DREW PETERSON'S NEIGHBOR: Well, I understand everything that's been said in regards to the death of Kathleen Savio that's been brought up again. It is very disturbing that this information wasn't brought up when it happened. I knew Drew. I was there, obviously, the night that I found her, and it's all just mysterious.

GIBSON: Can you tell us what happened that night. Why was that you went in the house and you found the body while Drew stayed outside? That has seemed suspicious to a lot of people.

CARCERANO: Sure. I was coming back from work that evening and I saw Drew in the subdivision. He pulled up to my car and asked me to go to the house in about 10, 15 minutes, he was going to have a locksmith come to the house and her best friend, my neighbor, was also going to be there, and I pulled up in the driveway and went and got her best friend. We went over there. The locksmith opened up the door and her best friend's husband went towards the garage to see if the car was there. Her best friend and I went up the stairs, she checked the bed area. The covers were kind of ruffled over. I went into the closet and then I proceed to go into the bathroom, I noticed an exercise ball or a balloon, and as I walked back towards the back of the bathroom, I found Kathy lying naked...

GIBSON: But, why did Drew stay outside? Why didn't he go into that house?

CARCERANO: Well, I think one of the reasons was they were having — it was kind of a difficult divorce battle, and he knew that she wouldn't want him to be in the house if she was there when we went in, for whatever reason. You know, I have to say that upon me finding her and yelling out for her best friend's name, who was in the bedroom at the time, at that point, she came in and saw Kathy, and she started screaming.

Drew did come up the stairs immediately, came into the bathroom, started screaming right away, and you know, "What am I going to tell my kids, what am I going to tell my kids," very distraught, very emotional. I was the first person. I looked directly into his eyes, and I seen somebody who was very emotional, right away.

GIBSON: Steve at this point, do you think it was a real accident or the — a cop cover-up?

CARCERANO: Well, I think some of the stuff that's been said — I was the first person to find her. I didn't notice any blood in her hair. I keep hearing that there was, you know, blood drenched hair. Some of the other abrasions on her certainly were — they were found. I didn't look in those areas, but, you know...

GIBSON: Steve Carcerano, a neighbor and a friend of Drew Peterson's. Steve, thanks very much, we appreciate it.