11/08/2007 (cbs2chicago.com) Mike Puccinelli Reporting (VIDEO):

“Coroner Reviews Study of Cop’s 3rd Wife’s Death”



11/08/2007 Mike Puccinelli (cbs2chicago.com) Reporting (VIDEO):

"Coroner reviews study of Cop's 3rd Wife's Death"

(VIDEO Transcribed by www.acandyrose.com)

Drew Peterson is hold up in the house you see behind me at this hour, that after searchers wrapped up a tenth day of looking for his wife, Stacy Peterson to no avail. Now there calling for volunteers to show up here tomorrow morning to help for an eleventh day of searching, that after today officials released a document relating to the death of his 3rd wife. It’s 28 page transcript of an inquest where Kathleen Savio's family believes Drew Peterson got away with murder.

ANNA DOMAN (Kathleen Savio's sister): "Oh we always believed she was murdered. There is no way my sister was not murdered."


PUCCINELLI: But a six- member coroner's jury ruled that Kathleen Savio death in this bathtub was an accidental drowning. In the autopsy report the pathologist noted that 'the hair is soaked with blood' due to a cut on the back of Savio's head. Also determined 'the laceration could have been related to a fall.' But DuPage County Chief Deputy Coroner [Charlie Dastych] reviewed the report at our request and isn't so sure.

CHARLIE DASTYCH (DuPage County Chief Deputy Coroner): "The injuries that are noted in the autopsy report definitely indicate there is evidence of suspicion that could be looked at at a different level, evidence of a possible struggle, yes."

PUCCINELLI: But in a room like this one the coroner asked the only police officer called to testify that day about that possibility, saying quote, CORONER: "Any signs of a struggle noted at the scene?" or defense wounds?" POLICE OFFICER: ""No, there was not" CORONER: "Any signs of a struggle or defense wounds?" POLICE OFFICER: "No, there was not."

PUCCINELLI: But the report also notes that the police officer was never at the death scene and was not present for the autopsy where eight separate injuries were noted on Savio's body.

CHARLIE DASTYCH (DuPage County Chief Deputy Coroner): "It would be difficult to say a fall in the shower would dictate these injuries. Will County Coroner said yesterday that he believed the six jurors who declared Kathleen Savio's death an accident made a mistake and they should have at the very least listed the cause of death of the mother of two as undetermined. Experts say even if a jury makes an error it doesn't have to stand."

PUCCINELLI: If the coroner's jury says it's an accident and the pathologist who performed the autopsy says it's not an accident, the State's Attorney has every right to forget and disregard what the coroner's jury has to say.

PUCCINELLI: Now the States Attorney in office at the time [2004] chose not to file charges. I spoke with two jury members this evening and neither one wanted to go on camera, but one told me, quote, "I don't think Drew had anything to do with Kathleen's death or Stacy's disappearance. I think Stacy is a kid who ran away." end quote. Drew Peterson has not been declared a suspect in the disappearance of Stacy Peterson or in the death of Kathleen Savio.