11/09/2007 Illinois State Police Press Conference


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Very interesting:

Went back and found the original news conference held by ISP on November 9, 2007 at 3:47pm:


SA Jim Glasgow and ISP Capt. Carl Dobrich spoke.

Here are some of the highlights that stood out to me:

--New evidence that was revealed during the investigation of SP's disappearance is what prompted the reopening of KS's death investigation.

--The decision of the Coroner's Jury is not binding on the SA regarding prosecution. Coroner's Jury decision is used only to give a label to the Death Certificate. A defense attorney may not have the Coroner's Jury's previous decision admitted into evidence should a criminal prosecution regarding the death occur.

--KS's neighborhood was canvassed at the time of her death to ask neighbors for any information they may have.

--DP was successful in obtaining two charges of domestic battery against KS (both cases were dismissed), but KS was never successful in obtaining any charges of domestic battery against DP.

--KS's boys (who were 8 and 11 at the time) did not meet and talk with a child advocacy expert following KS's death.

--BPD officer who was present at the scene the night KS's body was found in the bathtub was on vacation at the time the Coroner's Jury met, so Special Agent Hardy stepped in for him.

--Glasgow said that after reading the entire file on KS, he had no doubt that her death was not an accident.

--Following the disappearance of SP, CC notified ISP of SP's disappearance, ISP contacted BPD to offer their assistance in the investigation. BPD Chief McGury contacted SA Glasgow to discuss the case and Glasgow advised him to have an independent agency investigate the case, so BPD turned the entire investigation over to ISP. BPD has assisted with interviews, etc.

--At that time, 15-20 ISP and BPD officers had conducted interviews of Peterson family and friends, neighbors, classmates, BPD officers, and associates of SP and DP.

--At that time extensive analysis of telephone exchanges involving SP and DP's cell phones had been done and the locations of those calls plotted on a map.

--Areas of Will and Grundy counties had been searched, including waterways.

--KS's boys (who were 11 and 14 in 2007) did meet and talk with a child advocacy expert following SP's disappearance.

--At the time of the news conference, three searches had been done--consentual search on 10/29/07 in the afternoon (DP only wanted certain officers in the house at that time and he limited the areas they could search; also, DP allowed them to search the Denali, but denied them access to the Grand Prix); first search warrant covering the home, trailer, and two vehicles was executed; subsequent search warrant based on additional information from witnesses was executed and that warrant included computers.

--Initially SP's disappearance was listed on state-wide missing persons database and LEEDS/NCIC database, but the case has clearly shifted from a missing person's case to a potential homocide case and DP has shifted from being a "person of interest" to a "suspect."

--Computer crimes unit, specialists in computer forensics, "has been very busy on this investigation."

--Glasgow made a plea for tips from the public regarding anything they may know.

--BPD Chief McGury commended by both Glasgow and Dobrich as being very cooperative and helpful in both investigations.

--Dobrich said the media has helped a lot with the search for SP and helped to bring Texas EquuSearch to the search for SP. TES helped by bringing an army of volunteers to search for SP early on in cooperation with and at the direction of ISP.


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