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Thread Titled, "Stacy Peterson TV Transcripts"

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This is a transcript of the PC that the officials in the investigation gave.

Here's a copy/paste of my LONG transcription......

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I'm going to try to relay what was said at the presser today for the benefit of those who can't watch it.


Charles Pelke- Dir Public affairs for Will Co S.A. James Glasgow's office

There will be 2 speakers today: Glasgow and Cpt Carl Dobrich of ISP.

2 detectives are there with the S. A.'s office COMPUTER CRIMES unit.

James Glasgow:

The ISP and S.A.s office working around the clock to find SP. In missing persons case, they follow homicide protocol. You can't go back and reconstruct evidence. Using the highest level of investigative techniques in this investigation. ISP has done everything asked of them. They are formally reopening investigation into the death of Kathleen.

All resources have been going toward finding SP, so looking into Kathleen has taken longer than expected. Glasgow has been doing this since 1978 and has never been involved in an exhumation. They handed out petition for exhumation today. None of his colleagues have either. extraordinary measure. They've done the filings to do the exhumation. Petition is based on new evidence they have obtained in SP's investigation. Analysis of autopsy protocol, facts collected at time of investigation- gash to the back of her head not sufficient to render her unconscious. hopes the exhumation will help with that. Wound would have produced profuse bleeding. blood evidence in tub area not consistent with water leaking slowly out of the tub and leaving a residue. abrasions on her left buttock and elbow are not the type of injuries that would occur on a slick surface as those in the tub area. Hoping to find cause of unconsiousness, no one drowns in a tub unless they are unconsious. Looking for trace evidence and Xrays will be taken. Microscopic examination of tissue looking for evidence of choking and other injuries. Independent medical examiner will do the additional autopsy. The defendent cannot admit into evidence that the jury inquest had ruled it an accident. They were successful in bringing the peterson kids to the child advocacy center to be interviewed. they were able to get consent this week. they tried to minimize the trauma to the children. Neutral nonsuggestive atmosphere.

Now, Glasgow turns it over to Carl Dobridge, Commander of investigations of ISP.

Dobridge: Just wants to summarize from beginning to where they are at today. ISP received info from Cassandra cales and family who reported SP missing to ISP district 5 in lockport around 4 am on Oct 29th. Passed along to investigations that morning. Called BB PD that morning to inquire about progress, and offered their assitance. At that time, BBPD initially told ISP that they WOULD handle the investigation. A short time after that BBPD decided that they would turn it over to ISP. That afternoon a team of investigators went to BBPD and talked to BBPD investigators. THen to DP home and talked to him. AT THAT TIME, he was cooperative and allowed them to do a limited consentual search of residence, nothing was found. Both vehicles were there. they were allowed access to the denali, but not the pontiac grand prix. The ISP then left, put out informational bulletins- entered SP into missing persons database. Since that time, 15- 20 ISP officers (supported by BBPD officers) have conducted numerous interviews of family, friends, known associates, classmates, BBP officers, of both drew and stacy. they have also conducted quite detailed telephone analysis of calls of SP and DP cell phones. Those cell phone calls have been plotted on a map, and given the best estimates that we can, we have tried to superimpose them on a map of where searches should take place. Will county and Grunde (sp?) county have taken place for the last week.... based upon info learned from beginning to date. Lists search equipment, mentions equusearch. Searching waterways in the area.

The investigation this week, as you know, we conducted 2 separate search warrants. One on the home, vehicles and a trailer of the P residence on pheasant chase. Subsequent to that we went back and served another seach warrant based upon things we learned thru interviews after the first SW. We thought we might find evidence of a crime at the residence or vehicles and supportive evidence in computers that were taken from the residence.

We have deployed a huge amount of assets to search in this area.

During SP's investigation, they decided to reopen the Savio investigation. Ready for questions.

(Hard to hear the questions, I'll do my best to just give most vivid points of interest)

*DP was person of interest in the first 24 hours. Now has gone to Suspect.

*DP limited areas to search in consentual search.

*We are searching all the areas that we think we could find her.

*No comment on whether they think he had help disposing of SP's body.

*Wont comment on the phone call at 9 PM Sunday night.

*Any use of Credit cards? Not going to get into that.

*The case has shifted from Missing Person to potential homicide case.

*Last time he was cooperative? The last cooperation from DP was the night of the first search warrant.

*When will the exhumation happen? Can't answer that- still in discussion stages.

*"SUSPECT" only applies to SP case so far.

*Was grand Prix the vehicle they thought was the one used to move the body? No Comment.

*Do you believe that Savio was murdered? Strong indications that show it was a homicide. tests were not done during the first autopsy. Crime scene photos are not consistent with an accident.


*Is DP a suspect for Savio? My office does not declare people as suspects.

*Why are computer crimes detectives here? John Conner is head of computer crimes unit. Dave Margliano is highly skilled in computer forensics. Computers are now a real issue, everyone has them. There is always valuable info in computers. Can't comment on what evidence is on computers, but computer crimes detectives have been very busy in this case.

*Has DP being a police officer helped or hurt the investigation? In looking at the death of Savio, twice in 2002 she was charged with battery, and was found innocent at trial in both cases. WHen she sought to have DP charged with crimes against her, there was no report even taken. very unusual. WOn't comment on whether people covered things up for him.

*Wants to appeal to the public. If anyone in the public has info- call anonymously if you need to- but please keep calling in tips.

*BBPD Chief has been outstanding in the support of the ISP. "Super supportive" want a resolution, can't say enough about them.

*This S.A. said that he was not in office when Savio tried to get help from the ISP.

*The S.A.'s office did not want to interview the boys at the time of Savio's death as to "not put undue stress" on them."

*Do you have any reason to believe that SP might have had anything to do with the death of Kathleen Savio? I am not going to answer that.

*The inquest was held when the primary officer was on vacation.

*Has the media helped or hurt this investigation? The media has been a great asset to us as far as searching for stacy. Got the message out. Lots of people offering assistance. All searches are now being done by Equusearch.

*SA says, with 29 years of experience, there is no doubt in my mind that Savio's death was NOT an accident. Pat ONeil is an exemplary coroner, and SA doesn't know what happened here.

*****END OF PRESSER*****