11/10/2007 (www.foxnews.com) Jamie Colby Blog:

Drew Peterson’s Mom Speaks Out in Fox Exclusive



Drew Peterson’s Mom Speaks Out in a Fox Exclusive

Saturday, November 10th, 2007


JAMIE COLBY: The police Sgt in Illinois, Drew Peterson who is being looked at now, in two investigations, the disappearance of his wife Stacy, wife number four and the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. He isn't talking we are told on the ground but his mom is and she's with us now, Betty Morphey is on the phone, thanks Betty for joining us. Can you hear me Betty?.


JAMIE: Betty, from the very beginning you've spoken out in your son's defense, what are your thoughts today?

BETTY: I still say he's innocent and he's been a wonderful son.

JAMIE: He's been a police officer for a very long time, to, we hear he is cooperating with the authorities but he's been named a suspect. What has he told you about that?

BETTY: He told me he's innocent.

JAMIE: And what can you tell us about his relationship with Stacy the last time you saw them together.

BETTY: They were fine, I was out to lunch with them.

JAMIE: Okay, I had a chance to go into their house, I spend time with your son over a period of day and he told me that they have been having issues, he said that Stacy felt that the marriage wasn't working. Do you think you had an accurate picture?

BETTY: I didn't know that it wasn't.

JAMIE: Okay, so now that the police came and executed a search warrant on the house, a, what did he tell you about that?

BETTY: They didn't find anything because he didn't do anything.

JAMIE: The police officer said yesterday, the Illinois State Police Betty, that your son didn't allow them to search the entire house.

BETTY: Would you want people going through your house?

JAMIE: Well I was surprised your son actually took me from the bedrooms to the basement in every closet and bathroom and allowed me to walk through the house.

BETTY: He's innocent.

JAMIE: He continues to proclaim his innocence.

BETTY: Right

JAMIE: So what is your reaction to the media and to the public that says how can it be that his third wife died mysteriously and his forth wife hasn't been heard from in almost two weeks?

BETTY: I don't know, she left the home. She was fine when she saw me for lunch. I was out to lunch with her, she was just fine.

JAMIE: Do you think your son should be helping in the search for Stacy?

BETTY: No, he was told not to do anything.

JAMIE: Why not?

BETTY: Stay out of the way. Well, he would just get in their way, wouldn't he? He doesn't know where to look.

JAMIE: On the other hand he's a police officer that some people feel knows the area very well, knows Stacy very well.

BETTY: Well, all the others in the police department do and the police chief does. None of them have been very much help to him.

JAMIE: Do you know the people who have been around your son since then, I'm speaking specifically of Ric Mims, a friend who was staying at the house.

BETTY: He's a very nice young man, I don't know him.

JAMIE: He was caring for the children as well, what about the children now spending time with Steve, a, Drew's son who is a police officer as well.

BETTY: They're very happy with Steve and as they would with my other son.

JAMIE: Have you had a chance, your other son, what is his name, the oldest ...

BETTY: I don't want to, no, he's the younger son.

JAMIE: Younger son

BETTY: Right

JAMIE: Have you seen the children?

BETTY: No I haven't seen the children, I haven't been out, my husband had a heart attack this year.

JAMIE: I'm so sorry to hear that.

BETTY: I'm just trying to keep him out of the way of all this because at we, our age we don't need this. My son knows we're by his side and we're with him and we know he's innocent. And that's why Drew has a lot of support because he knows his mother thinks he's innocent and knows he's innocent.

JAMIE: We appreciate you coming on and talking to us, a, Betty, what do you want the, I guess first, the Peterson or Stacy's family to know and the Savios as well.

BETTY: I think Stacy's family knows that Drew was very good to them.

JAMIE: In what way?

BETTY: Well he did, he got the brother out of jail and he's been good to all, the father, to everybody and there's no reason for him not to be and he still will continue to be.

JAMIE: What about the Savio family?

BETTY: I didn't know the family, I knew Kathy and I met the family once or twice.

JAMIE: You're aware that Kathleen Savio, Drew's third wife had filed for a protective order?

BETTY: No, I didn't know that.

JAMIE: Okay, and when she died back in 2004 in that bathtub, did your son tell you anything about it? As he explained it to me Betty, he went to the house with the kids to return them after a weekend visit.

BETTY: He went by the house, he didn't have a key to the house and he wasn't in the house

JAMIE: Right and then neighbors he sent into the house found Kathleen in that bathtub.

BETTY: Right, it wasn't Drew.

JAMIE: What was your reaction when you found out what happened to her?

BETTY: Well, wouldn't you feel terrible?

JAMIE: Absolutely, I think we all do feel terrible

BETTY: Well, we do, we feel terrible about everything that's going on and we hate to see my son going through this.

JAMIE: What do you...

BETTY: I want them to find Kathy so it's all straighten out.

JAMIE: Ah, Stacy...

BETTY: Her mother disappeared the same as she's doing.

JAMIE: Yeah, a

BETTY: And they never found the mother.

JAMIE: Drew told me that when I sat and talked with him, almost immediately he wanted me to know that Stacy's mother had run off as well, there's a number of other things he shared with me, out of respect for Stacy I'm not going to share. I want to ask you though what you think will happen to Drew now that he's been named a suspect?

BETTY: Well, I hope nothing until they know what's going on. He's got children to take care of

JAMIE: Is he taking care of the kids right now?

BETTY: Right

JAMIE: So the kids are with him?

BETTY: Right

JAMIE: All of the kids?

BETTY: The little ones are with him, right.

JAMIE: Before I let you go Betty, do you think any of those children know what happened to Stacy?

BETTY: I don't know how they would know any more than Drew knows.

JAMIE: Okay, Betty Morphey, Drew Peterson's mom, the Sgt in Illinois who is now suspended without pay.

BETTY: That wasn't very nice either, he's been a policeman all these years and then they turn their back on him, I think I'm glad that (??) I didn't have a boss like that.

JAMIE: I found them to be very respectful including the Illinois Police officers that went in but Betty, thanks for sharing your view point as well.

BETTY: Thank you