11/10/2007 (www.myfoxchicago.com) Michelle Gielan Reporting”

“One of Drew's Closest Friends Says He's Now Afraid


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One of Drew's Closest Friends Says He's Now Afraid


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Bolingbrook, IL. -- Bolingbrook Police Sgt. Drew Peterson breaks his silence and tells his side of the story to a Fox reporter. Tera Williams begins our Fox News team coverage with Peterson's comments. Michelle Gielan reports on why one of Drew Peterson's closest friends is now afraid, and America's Most Wanted investigators are also looking for leads on the case. Click on the attach videos to watch those stories.

(VIDEO transcribed by www.acandyrose.com)

Drew refer to reporters as pigs

Drew: the reason I'm letting you in my house is because you're a celebrity

Geraldo: He kind of cast himself in the role of rescuer to woman from very disfunctional backgrounds. The tone the entire conversation was drew peterson victim and again denying any criminal wrong doing.

Geraldo said Drew said: He said you know how it gets in a bitter divorce. Her 18 police reports are her ... cupping me

Kathleen's neice; Just the not knowing factor scares me. It's about time, in my opinion way to late but it's about time

Kathleen's nephew: "They're looking at nothing new. This is everything they've had for four years now."

Richard Mims: "There's a lot of strange things going on with the case and the more I find out about the details I'm scared for what might happen to me. He called me and told me so you switched sides on me eh? It was a brief phone call but I got a really errie feeling from it. I think anybody he feels is a threat to him should be concerned."