11/11/2007 (www.foxnews.com) Geraldo At Large (VIDEO):

Drew Peterson’s statement to Geraldo “The Celebrity”

“Also Interviews w/Ric Mims, Cassandra Cales, Steve Carcerano”


2007-11-11-NEWS-Geraldo at Large

Transcribed from VIDEO by www.acandyrose.com

Reporter talking to Drew Peterson in his garage: Do you have anything to do with Kathleen's death?

Drew Peterson: What do you get when you cross the media with a pig? What do you get? You get nothing.

GERALDO: I just spent 15, 20 minutes with Sgt. Drew Peterson. He gave me an exclusive statement that a, I want to read for you. "I feel I've been misquoted by the press and the media has done nothing but harass my family and terrorize my children, he goes on, this entire ordeal has been the most traumatic experience of my life as a result of this nightmare I've lost over 25 pounds. The damage done by the media, again he's blaming the media, I'm going to have to live with this long after this is over."

Geraldo talking to Ric Mims:

GERALDO: Are you afraid that Drew Peterson is going to hurt you?

RIC MIMS: With his strange behavior, you draw your own conclusions and best that I just separate myself from him. I think anybody he feels is a threat to him should be concerned.

Geraldo talking to Stacy’s sisters, Cassandra and Debbie:

GERALDO: In your heart of hearts, your step sister, is she still on this planet?

DEBBIE FORGUE: Our sister; I'm hoping. I don't know, I don't know how to answer that. I'm hoping.

GERALDO: Were you surprised when he was named a suspect in her disappearance?



CASSANDRA: She wouldn't disappear, she wouldn't leave those kids.

Geraldo talking to Steve Carcerano:

GERALDO: Are you covering for Drew in any way shape or form?

CARCERANO: Absolutely not, absolutely not, I'm telling the truth, nothing but the truth.

GERALDO: And the fact that your account does not jive with the autopsy report, I'm not accusing you of anything, I'm just curious.

CARCERANO: If we go back to the autopsy report, what still baffles me through all the media and everything that's been said, why wasn't any of this brought up back then?

GERALDO: Good Question.