11/14/2007 (www.msnbc.com) Dan Abrams Live

“Discussion on Peterson on NBC Today Show”


PLEASE NOTE: This is a RECAP transcript done by an Internet poster known as “Snicker.” (Note: Double spacing added by www.acandyrose.com)

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MSNBC/Dan Abrams Update:

Showed tape of DP's interview with ML

Discussed by Clint Van Zandt, Jeffrey Feiger, and Pam Bondi:

CVZ: This guy comes off as so unbelievable! If you think your wife ran off with someone else, why wouldn't you know for sure, especially since you stalked her , tapped her cell phone, put gps on her car, etc.

JF: He should be afraid of the media, because everything he has said can be used against him at trial.

PB: I agree with JF--the prosecutors will be utilizing this interview in their case in chief.

PB: Its so incredibly offensive that he blames his wife's menstrual cycles for his marital problems. He's clearly a psychopath. And wouldn't you, if you had a national forum, be begging for your wife to come home at least for the sake of your children.

JF: If SP is found dead, his snide remark "come home" with a laugh will be all the jury needs to send him to the death chamber.

CVZ: The only thing this COP has to say is that he can't participate in the search for his missing wife because of the publicity!? Most people would want all the publicity they could get to keep the search going!

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