11/15/2007 (video.nbc5.com) Alex Perez Reporting (VIDEO):

“What does one man have to say about Stacy Peterson?”


Social worker John Lamantia recalled meeting Stacy in April. He said she struck his car in a coffee shop parking lot, and was so concerned her husband would be upset, she urged him to let her fix the car without contacting an insurance company. Lamantia said Stacy Peterson was distraught about her marriage and revealed her husband had physically threatened her that day.


Thursday Night's Headlines (Nov. 15, 2007)

What does one man have to say about Stacy Peterson?

Alex Perez (www.nbc5.com) reporting (VIDEO):

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PEREZ: "Now among those who watched Drew Peterson's interview on the TODAY show yesterday was one man who had a very brief but emotional meeting with Stacy."

JOHN LAMANTIA: "Very nervous, very fearful, very timid."

PEREZ: "That's how John Lamantia remembers Stacy Peterson when he met Stacy Peterson April 13th, he noted it in his calendar. It was a day Stacy Peterson accidently crashed into his parked car [in a coffee shop parking lot]."

LAMANTIA: "She didn't want to go through insurance."

PEREZ: "So the two made arrangements to fix the car on the roe. Lamantia works as a social worker and counsler. He says Stacy opened up to him about her marriage, said it was troubled and that she was physically abused."

LAMANTIA: "She went into the story of telling me basically she had to leave her house because she was fighting with her husband and the arguement got heated."