11/18/2007 (www.amw.com) “AMW Takes to the Air}

AMW Jon Leiberman and Richard Mims air search


AMW Takes To The Air


“On November 18, 2007, AMW's Jon Leiberman took the search for Stacy Peterson to a whole new level, going airborne to scour the woods and waterways near Bolingbrook. Jon, alongside Drew Peterson's close friend Ric Mims, looked down from above the flat Illinois landscape. Ric told Jon his friend was smart, but a man that, "you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley."

Ric said Peterson is a gun collector and a martial arts enthusiast. The mission shed new light on areas that need to be searched and on suspect Drew Peterson. "No one is really looking for Stacy by air," Jon said, "and we need to do what we can to bring her home." Ric told AMW that his friend Drew is an adrenaline junkie; loved working on the police department's SWAT team; loved the excitement of running a bar and, Ric adds, "...chasing the ladies. He loved chasing the ladies."

Ric told AMW that he is having a harder and harder time believing Peterson, a man he has known for nearly 30 years. Ric held nothing back during the flight, even pointing out an abandoned roadway that Peterson allegedly parked with one of his former girlfriends for make-out sessions.

Ric told Jon that if Drew Peterson had stashed a body anywhere below, he would put it "someplace it wouldn't be found." He reminded AMW that Stacy is only 5'2" and 100 lbs. -- not very big. He added that he hopes Stacy is found, saying, "I'm praying that she will be." Ric told AMW that he has stopped communicating with his old friend and said, "My gut feeling is that something horrible has happened."

Ric dropped this bombshell as well: that when Drew Peterson's third wife, Kathleen Savio, was found dead in a bathtub in 2004, Drew told cops he had an alibi-- his fourth wife. Ric says, "He mentioned to me that he was with the kids and Stacy was his alibi. I told him 'it sucks to be you now, because Stacy is gone and they are re-opening the case."

Also, a neighbor recently told AMW that a chlorine barrel was missing from the Peterson's home. As AMW first reported, cops asked searchers to be on the lookout for a large blue barrel that could hold a human body.

State Police are on the hunt for a container in any color that could hold a human body. What's more, police confirm to AMW they are investigating the theory that Drew Peterson had help disposing of Stacy's body, and they don't believe Drew's timeline of events in Stacy's disappearance. Police have spoken to someone they believe could have helped Drew move a container out of his home, but that person has not testified in front of the sitting Grand Jury.

In December, authorities actively searched a very specific body of water in the Peterson investigation. The Illinois State Police and the United States Coast Guard were at the Calumet- Saginaw Channel in Romeoville pulling objects from the area which police describe as a "known dumping ground." Cops have returned to the site on several occasions.

ISP investigators told AMW that the extreme searches are a result of "information that has been developed over time." They say they are pulling up vehicles, containers and any debris from the canal that looks like it may be relevant to the investigation into the disappearance of missing mom, 23-year-old Stacy Peterson.

Police are discounting earlier stories that on October 29, 2007, around 3:30 a.m., two men approached two truck drivers at a truck stop in Bolingbrook, Illinois. Illinois State Police detectives say that the trucker's story is "unfounded." They say they are continuing to investigate additional accounts from people who came forward because of the first story. But, so far, cops have not been able to confirm any ties between Drew Peterson and the Bolingbrook Truck Stop.”