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”Kathleen's WILL, Steve Cesare, Comments by Kathleen's Family”


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Geraldo At Large Update:

Possible cash motive for the death of KS

DP was already involved with SP when KS died

In March 2005 a handwritten will was filed, it was dated March of 1997 and gave all assets to the spouse should one of them die

Assets DP received after KS died:

$533,000+ in life insurance

$1 million life insurance police for kids that DP controls

Businesses - value unknown, but both were sold

House sold for $288,000

Grand Total is well over $2million

Given the history of DV and the suspicious nature of her death DP should have been looked at much more closely at the time of the coroner's jury into KS's death.

Henry, KS's father, says he believes that DP had something to do with KS's death, but "you have to prove it."

Glad that Baden proved that KS was killed and did not accidentally drown.

Father thinks she was beat up and then drown as Baden said

DP is scheduled to be back on the Today show tomorrow morning

What question would you like to be asked of DP?

Father says he doesn't want to talk to him - can't look at him.

Nick would like to know why?

Savio family never saw a dime of the money DP received after KS died.

Craig Rivera interviewed Steve Cesare

SC dated Tina years ago

When he heard SP was gone, he was very concerned because of the email he had received from her recently that said DP was controlling, manipulative, and somewhat abusive.

When Tina was in the hospital more than 2 hours away, SC offered to take SP to the hospital to visit Tina, but DP said she was not allowed to go.

Tina told SC that she was very cautious of DP because she believed that DP killed KS.

SC looked right at the camera and spoke to DP: "Drew, you were lying through your teeth! These are real (hand on emails) and I'm real! You need to tell us what you did with her (SP)!"

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