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“Statement From Sgt. Drew Peterson’s Lawyer + Comments”


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November 18th, 2007 9:48 PM Eastern

Statement from Sgt. Drew Peterson’s Lawyer

by Greta Van Susteren

UPDATE - See below. I want to make sure you have the chance to read all the documents and releases that we receive. There are two important points to keep in mind in reading the statement of Sgt. Drew Peterson’s lawyer below:

1/ What did the state’s medical examiner who did the autopsy the day before Dr. Baden conclude? (that is not yet released….) Does he agree or disagree with Dr. Baden’s finding of homicide?

2/ Dr. Baden did NOT say Drew Peterson killed wife #3. He merely said her death was a homicide. In fact, he specifically said on ON THE RECORD on Friday night that he could not tell from the autopsy — he could only tell the manner of death (not who did it.) No one has named Peterson a suspect in her death — and an investigation should be commenced that is wide open and not focused on one person. Good investigators don’t have their suspect first and then collect evidence to prove it — they do the reverse: they gather evidence to see who their suspect is.

Peterson statement:

We are the attorneys for Drew Peterson. We have seen Dr. Baden’s T.V. interviews regarding his autopsy of the remains of Kathleen Savio, which originally appeared on the FOX New Channel which we note is part of the FOX Entertainment Group. The results of Dr. Baden’s autopsy on Ms. Savio do not surprise us, not because we believe they are accurate, but only because Dr. Baden had indicated over a week before he had performed the autopsy that he believed Kathleen’s death was not an accident. While Dr. Baden is an eminent and renowned pathologist, we do not know his motivation for donating his services, and the nature of his arrangement with the FOX Entertainment Group. It has been reported that FOX paid for Dr. Baden’s trip to perform the autopsy, and his first interviews were on the FOX Entertainment owned FOX News Channel. All we wish to say is that Kathleen’s death should not be a source of entertainment.

We are also compelled to respond to one of Dr. Baden’s statements regarding his autopsy of Kathleen Savio. Dr. Baden is quoted as saying that ANormal healthy people don’t die accidently in bathtubs@. We are troubled by this statement. Even assuming that Ms. Savio was a Anormal healthy@ person, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that in 2006 alone there were 126,563 bathtub/shower related injuries in the U.S. based on 3,147 reported incidents, including 4 reported deaths, for people between the ages of 21 and 65. A great many of these reported injuries included lacerations, contusions and abrasions from falls in bathtubs. Also, of the 6 bathtub/shower related deaths reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission in 2006, 2 included deaths by drowning.

We are concerned that there may be a rush to judgment in the Savio and Peterson investigations fueled by the media attention. Our hope is that the authorities are not swayed by what may prove to be inaccurate statements, or by media created pressure, and will only be influenced by confirmed facts and hard evidence.

Once again, for the sake of Mr. Peterson’s children who are caught up in this affair, we ask that the media exercise restraint. Mr. Peterson will comment through our office when such comment is appropriate. Otherwise, there will be no comment.

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