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What is Drew Peterson Thankful this Thanksgiving?”


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Peterson Insist He is Not to Blame For Wife's Disappearance


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Bolingbrook, IL. -- Drew Peterson claims he is the victim and wants his wife, Stacy, to show herself and clear everything up. Peterson, appeared on two network shows this morning and spoke publicly about his feelings for Stacy accompanied by his new lawyer. He also spoke with our Anita Padilla and told her about the things he is grateful for this coming Thanksgiving Day

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ANITA PADILLA: That's right, he's been a busy man doing two national television interviews earlier today and then around 9:30 or so and then coming home to this. This is Drew Peterson on a video shoot, or on a photo shoot on the deck of the back of his home. This is for People magazine because this case has garnered so much national attention and just before he went outside to do this I got him to talk to us and this is what he said in his own words.

DREW PETERSON: "Who am I, I'm Drew Peterson and three weeks ago I was a Bolingbrook where I was a policeman all my life and now I have this."

PADILLA: Some poeole say your antics are ???

PETERSON: I'm not typical the person, I am, I'm normally a lot more human ?

PADILLA: So people shouldn't mistake that for you making light of all of this?

PETERSON: No, it's just who I am.

PADILLA: I was just wondering, you say the media is bothering you and it's harrassment but don't you think we're helping in the search for Stacy?

PETERSON: "Well go out and search. You know they been through my house a few times and it's not here."

PADILLA: What is it like for you Drew sitting here wondering, is there going to be an indictment, are there going to be charges, what's that like for you? In your daily life. What goes through your mind?

PETERSON: It's mind boggling, you know it's like people are looking at me under a magnify glass and it's very upsetting.

PADILLA: It was stated in the Tribune that you had told her that you could kill her and make it look like an accident. That's pretty strong.

PETERSON: I've never said anything like that and never even thought anything like that so I don't know what's going through her head, I thought we had a good relationship, thought we were fiends but for her to say something like that I don't know if it's driven by the media or whatever, who knows.

PADILLA: You know Thanksgiving is coming up in a couple of days, what is Drew Peterson thankful for?

PETERSON: I'm thankful I don't have enough turkey for all you guys, you just have to deal with it . I'm thankful my kids are happy and healthy.

PADILLA: Those are his own words, Drew Peterson officilaly named a suspect by illinois state police but investigators have not charged with anything and saying he says he's retired now and wishes he could go about doing what retired people do and not dealing with the media.